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Beyond Good & Evil 2.

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Beyond Good & Evil 2 was first announced for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in May 2008. Since then, the game’s been largely silent, with publisher Ubisoft hinting that current-gen hardware isn’t enough for the Michel Ancel-led sequel.


That silence shouldn’t last much longer.


“I don’t give comments anymore on Beyond Good & Evil 2,” Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot told Kotaku during a post-PlayStation Meeting interview, “because I think … the next time next time we communicate we have to have something new.”


He added: “It’s coming.”


Will Beyond Good & Evil 2 finally return at E3 2013?


Some old gameplay that was proven to be real.



An old next gen picture.


Edited by theomenofficial

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Beyond Good & Evil was one of my favourite games of the last generation, it's a shame that its' sequel never lived to see the light of day on the current generation but meh, what are you going to do. Though that may be the case there's of course no saying that it won't be revealed properly at this years Electronic Entertainment Expo, it's just very, very unlikely considering the fact that they originally peddeled it towards the PlayStation 3 and the XBOX 360 when the consoles seem to be what the Electronic Entertainment Expo's going to focus on.


Whatever the case may be, if it's still in development (and I'm hoping that it is) then it's being made for the next generation of consoles, such as the PlayStation 4. It's mouth watering to even think what might be possible on the PlayStation 4 and the rest of the next generation when it gets announced, so hopefully we'll see Beyond Good & Evil 2 given the treatment it deserves as a next generation launch title.


The more I think about what I've said above the more it sounds like the pipe dreams of a mad man, but if I couldn't dream about something that awesome happening that Ubisoft might as well bury the franchise now. The only thing that I can think of is how could they make a second game work story wise ? They've got the possibility that Pey'j has some kind of DomZ plant growing on his hand and that's about it. That to me, isn't really a substantial enough reason for a sequel, and since Jade's story kind of finished itself nicely it wouldn't really make sense to see her in a second game, well at least as the protagonist.


My overall thoughts on Beyond Good & Evil 2 are as follows: the game sounds like a great idea and Ubisoft could in theory come up with a brilliant story again to match what we already experienced in the first game but the actual chances of it ever being released are so slim I just can't bring myself to get excited over it again.

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Wasn't beyond good and evil an arcade title? (Downloadable)

Is it any good?

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Yes, it was downloadable as HD version. Game is still great, but unfortunately it's quite short and last around 10 to 11 hours, which is still good result if you compare it with today's games, and the graphics are of course very PS2ish. Apart from that game is still worth it.


Sequel of BG&E is definitely worth waiting for, especially with Ancel working on it. I wonder what will happen to Pey'j though.

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Reveal at E3?


user posted image

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This has been on my wish list for ages. Hope they get it right, and I did my part with a GOG and two Steam copies of the first one Shifty41s_beerhatsmilie2.gif

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I'm a huge fan of the original, would love to see this live on in the next gen. It's a shame an installment never released this gen tbh.

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