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GTA 3 Loads black screen on startup


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Hello. I just got GTA 3 and unfourtanatly, there is a problem. When I run GTA3.exe, it loads a black screen with my mouse loading icon. I really need to fix this! sad.gif Im at Windows 7. Please provide a solution. I'm pretty sure I can run gta 3 on my pc




OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit


Processor: Intel Pentuim 4 3.4GHz


RAM: 3.25 gb


Display Adapter: Intel 82945g Express Chipset Family



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Are you using any mods? Have you tried removing the gta3.set file located in the GTA3 User Files folder? What about trying to run the game as administrator? You could also try to do a re-install of the game.


You might actually be having this problem, so maybe the following quote helps.



Problem #11:

GTAIII will not run after installation - instead, when clicking the icon to start, the Play CD spins and the pointer icon turns into a spinning-CD symbol, but the game never starts. (And the pointer may not go back to normal until restarting Windows.)


Solution: End all running non-essential processes - whether it be an anti-virus, Window Blinds, whatever. This fix has also been reported to work by closing [email protected] and a startup program called "BigFix".


Alternatively: If you notice a new piece of hardware called "secdrv" attempting to install itself, Windows may be mistaking some software for hardware. Go to Device Manager and look for a big yellow question mark (indicating hardware with no driver). If one stands next to "secdrv", delete it.


Alternatively: Set the compatibility mode of the executable file to 'Windows 98'. Do so by: right-clicking gta3.exe (default: C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTAIII\gta3.exe) -> Properties -> Compatibility tab -> check 'Run this program in compatibility mode for:', and select 'Windows 98 / Windows Me' from the drop-down menu. Apply, OK. And as pictures speak a thousand words, click here.


Alternatively: Instead of the original EXE, use a no CD crack. Note that providing links to any such cracks is strictly prohibited here at GTAForums.com.


Good luck. icon14.gif

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Yes I modded it and tried running it, it worked for about a week but now running as admin doesn't work ether. Re installed but still on the black screen. I removed the .set file and still sad.gif

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I suggest you get rid of the mods then. Most probably those are causing it. Try to completely delete them, then remove the gta3.set file and in case it still doesn't work, completely un-install GTA III and re-install it. Mods can cause all kind of strange bugs.

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