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GIMS IV Material Editor

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Hello dear people of gtaforums. I am not the kind of person to post all my problems on these forums (i made an account in 2009 and its the first time im using it biggrin.gif ), but this thing, the GIMS IV Material editor thingy is killing me... Tons of search did no good... Well let me tell you about my problem. All of my models in-game have these "streched out" textures, heres an example : (Ignore the black box on top of every picture, its a toshiba laptop quick access menu and i cannot print screen without turning it on)


user posted image


It seems like it stretches the little 256x256 texture across the whole model


I just created these little models for testing, because i dont want to rage quit after i model something big and this texture bug happens...


user posted image


A subaru playground for someones cool model (dont know who made it though)


user posted image


It may be my problem, because i clearly see that "These coordinates will not be stored in the model. Dont forget to: RESET" in the material editor, but still anywhere i scale the texture, no matter how cool it looks in 3ds max, its still bad in game confused.gif

I tried to UV coordinate my textures in GIMS IV material editor (no luck)

I tried texturing my model using standart materials, positioned it properly, then convert it to GTA IV material (no luck)

I tried variety of tests... none of them work

Bump maps dont work either confused.gif


Any advice on how to texture properly would be gladly appreciated.



P.S if anyone helps me to sort this out, i promise some bigger map mods in the future smile.gif (well its true because i have loads of free time and no internet access at work biggrin.gif)

Edited by Oggysimo

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Use UVW unwrap, as usual.

IV material editor's UV tile/offset's for preview only.

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Umm... didnt try that. Gonna try it right now


EDIT: My god, i feel so embarrased right now blush.gif Yeah, uvw unwrap helped, a cookie for you 3Doomer cookie.gif


user posted image


(The bushes on the road are my fault, theres grass patch beneath the asphalt, plus i understood that my pc isnt powerful enough to enjoy the beauty i made *sarcasm* )

Edited by Oggysimo

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