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Grand Theft Auto IV: All In The Game

Recommended Posts


Grand Theft Auto IV: All In The Game

please note; graphics current being produced


Authors Note - I'd like to state that any critism is of course welcome, but will not be acted on. I say this, because when you read a book or watch a film from start to finish, you can complain about a scene or an event; but nothing will get done. I hope this can be an enjoyable read but I'd like to retierate the fact that once a mission has been posted, the only edits I make will be spelling, grammar or if there is something glaringly wrong. Thank you.


The Introduction


3.26pm, Altona Avenue, Northern Gardens, Bohan


“Uh, huh. Hands up my man. How do Tyrell? Ain’t seen ya’ll ass in a long time.” Devar Walker held his pistol to the stash house guard’s head as he and his crew, consisting of himself, close friend Bailey Johnson and Bailey’s girl, Lolita West. Baily and Lolita both held pistols to the other stash guards, whom were against the wall with weapons taken from them.

“T, gonna show us where the stash be honey or are we gonna have to blast a few of your friends, need a little encouragement?” Lolita asked is a sedate manner, as if she was oblivious to the fact she could be shot down any second.

“Ain’t a ho like yourself meant to be chilling at Carlito’s tonight?” One of the gangsters against the wall chuckled and received a swift shot to the back of the right leg from Lolita’s nine.

“A’ight…a’ight. It’s upstairs, first room under the mattress.” Tyrell gave up the stash.

“Relly you stupid ass punk, bitch you shoulda blasted his nigga ass instead of mine!” The shot thug, whom also ran the stash house, had propped himself against the wall in agony next to his brothers.

“Man, get yo ass upstairs and cop the sh*t. We got this.” Devar told Bailey, who ran upstairs and returned with two black sacks full of drugs.

“Damn! Fiends gonna be all up on us!” Bailey said excitedly about the score.

“Let’s book. Come on girl.” Devar led the way out of the stash house as Lolita and Bailey covered him. “Don’t force us into busting a cap next time, T.” Devar laughed on his way out.


5.56pm, Alcatraz Avenue, Little Bay, Bohan


“Afrim, we can’t keep cutting it so heavily. I know money is money but we are spending more and more on rat poison when this could be used for real purpose. Not just one arm of business.” Saban Dostri, head of the Albanian crew based in Little Bay told his top Lieutenant, Afrim Raco as they sat in the basement of their Grocery Store front, both smoking heavily and drinking domestic beer.

“But we earn so much back from it, the llum zezak do not know any better. They’d sell pure baking soda if we gave it to them pre-packaged.” Raco retorted, attempting to argue his point.

“Let us not underestimate our allies. These are the same people who at the blink of an eye could turn on us.”

“This beer tastes like dre pshurr, shall I go get some strong Russian?” Afrim steered the conversation in a different direction and got up and headed to the stock room as Saban sat back and rolled his eyes. “Qig budalla nënë.” He uttered beneath his breath.


7.48pm, San Quentin Avenue, Fortside, Bohan


“I’d like to thank ya’ll for taking time out from blasting each other’s heads off and coming to this meeting.” A murmured laugh rose from the crowd before Ashley “Saint” Lucas, whom was sat at the head of the table in Whiskers strip clubs private function room. Down his left flank sat Elizabeta Torres and her guard Jorge, representing her independent drug ring. Next to her was Dante “Fireball” Mitchell and his guard, showing face for the Northwood Heights Destroyers. Sat next to him was Playboy X, Dante’s mentor who allowed him independence to run the East side of Northwood. Playboy meanwhile ran the West side with his crew, the North Holland Hustlers. Sat across from Playboy was Willy Valerio and his aid, representing for the Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers. Next to Valerio was Clarence Little, a relatively young head of the East Holland Hurricanes, one of the fastest growing drug crews. Finally Fernando Delgado, who was the chief of the Spanish Lords set in Bohan, the South Bohan Butchers, was sat nearest to Ashley “Saint” Lucas.

“I’d also like to say thank you to my good man Fernando for allowing our use of the function room and supplying with some fine titty to look at too.” Ashley couldn’t help but notice to scantily clad waitress serving drinks to the gang reps. “We’ve got an issue…seems to be that some misguided soul and his cohorts enjoy taking what isn’t theirs. Namely what is ours. Product. We’ve been getting a sweet deal for a long time, Joe Corrola hasn’t faulted us once, purest coke and junk people of our disposition is going to see. I suggest you tell every one of your dealers on the street to keep their eyes open for a suited motherf*cker rolling with some nigga dressed almost as fresh as Playboy and…”

“Ain’t nobody touching my style, money!” Playboy X joked with the table.

“…and a girl as fierce as Liz over here. If they got pieces they best get popping off some shots, warn these nigga’s that nobody will be stealing from us. Once last thing, some small time outfit from Chase Point going by the name of Vice Squad want in, willing to buy into the connect. I presume we’re all good with this, so long as they money’s good, right? Alright, meeting adjourned.”


8.17, corner of Switch and Joliet Street, Fortside, Bohan


“You heard homie? Delgado’s put a hit out on those pendejo’s who hit up our stash last week.” One corner boy said to his superior.

“Alright holmes, you got a pistola? I want all of you ready.”


8.21, Caterpillar Street, Northern Gardens, Bohan


“Yeaaah, that’s the good sh*t right there.” Lenny “Patch” Hibbett took in a big toke from the joint he has just rolled and passed it around the group.

“Ted do know how to grow the good stuff.” Vargas “Roadtrain” Echeverria added after his toke.

“How it do boys?” Nathan “Nay Nay” Newport approached Patch, Roadtrain and Papi.

“Sup Nay, you want a hit on this?” Patch offered the joint.

“Well…” Nay Nay started, before taking his toke. “That’s good…yeah. Any of ya’ll see the stick up crew that hit us earlier, blast the fools. No questions asked. Roadtrain, I trust that you gonna come when I call, I want you to bust it on these nigga’s if we pick up their scent. Got people on them as we speak, word is the Co Op is looking for ‘em, icing one could be our ticket in.”

“Always Nay.” Roadtrain pledged him allegiance to his mentor.

“A’ight, see ya’ll around young ‘uns.” With that, Nay Nay left the younger gang members to smoke and deal in peace.


8.32pm, Alcatraz Avenue, Little Bay, Bohan


“I’ve heard the Greeks are bringing in another shipment in a few days’ time. Fresh girls, clean drugs and more muscle.” Saban broke the silence and put down his fork.

“That is good, but there is no such thing as “clean” drugs. Drugs are dirty from the day they are produced.” Afrim told Saban in a somewhat moody tone

“It is clean, the port workers have been paid off, and even port authority is turning a blind eye for this shift. As far as they know the ship is importing cars, other menial goods.

“I best be leaving, I told my crew I shall meet with them at a quarter to nine.” Afrim told his boss, whom simply nodded before returning to his plates of what looked like grey matter, but was apparently good enough food for him to continue eating.


Afrim left and hit the mean streets of Bohan, stepping out into cool evening breeze. Albanian thugs dropped their head out of respect for Afrim, lending to his ego. He crossed Bronco Street and carried on down to Flanger Street, where he took a left down an alley and into the meeting place, the communal gardens behind the boarded up houses.


8.41pm, Leavenworth Avenue, Bohan Industrial


“We scored good today Dev!” Bailey Johnson said ecstatically and gave Devar a nudge on the shoulder. “And baby you done nice with that piece.” Bailey congratulated Lolita on her skills with a weapon. “I’m gonna head out and get some smokes, ya’ll want anything?”

“Bring me back some beer.” Devar meticulously counted each vial of product.

Bailey left their vacant house and checked his waist. His nine was tucked into his jeans and secured by his belt and his bullet proof vest sat snuggly beneath his jacket.


8.42pm, Caterpillar Street, Northern Gardens, Bohan


“A’ight then.” Nay Nay briefed his crew as he smoked a blunt. “Peanut, you stay at the wheel, Roadtrain, pop out with me and snatch up the nigga up then get him back at the ride. We’ll take him down the coast and light his ass up.” Nay Nay led his crew to his Presidente and threw Peanut the keys. “Don’t scratch her up, paid good money for my girl.”


8.55pm, Alcatraz Avenue, Little Bay, Bohan


Bailey Johnson left the Grocery Store on Alcatraz Avenue with cigarettes and a few beers to celebrate the score. He couldn’t help but noticed the Presidente cruising the area, but shook it off as he lit up a cigarette and carried on walking.


“There he is, let’s go.” Nay Nay pointed out their target, who puffed on a cigarette and carried some animal-piss tasting beer. Peanut slowed down to allow Nay Nay and Roadtrain to get out before drawing level with the target. Roadtrain used his brute strength to collar the target and launch him in the back of the car and got in, allowing them to speed off.


9.01pm, Downrock Loop, Little Bay, Bohan


Roadtrain shoved Bailey out of the sedan and held him for Nay Nay to speak to.

“Get yo hands offa me, fat man!” Bailey struggled but faced Nay Nay after being forced to do so.

“Word is; you part of the crew who jacked us up earlier, took a week’s supply of product.” Bailey wasn’t as focused on what Nay Nay was saying as much as he noticed Peanut organising weapons in the trunk of the car. “You listening to me?” Nay Nay grabbed Bailey by his cheeks with one hand. “We would tell you to tell your crew but we’ve got a different way. Peanut, throw me my fo’ five.” Road train let go of Bailey long enough for Nay Nay to empty a magazine into Bailey’s vest.

“Nigga’s still breathing! You two, finish the job while I get ready for the getaway.” Nay Nay left a wounded Bailey and Roadtrain and Peanut’s mercy, Peanut emptying a 9mm whilst Roadtrain used his two .357 Revolvers to top off Bailey, whose vest was useless under the pressure.


The crew escaped just as Bohan was engulfed in the evening dark. Just another day.


Grand Theft Auto IV: All In The Game is the story of Dominic "Papi" Garza's, a big fish in a small open air drug market of a pond. Inspired by The Wire, The Warriors and other classic gang media, All In The Game aims bring an element realism but still retaining the gun fights and car chase that have become a staple in the Grand Theft Auto series.



Dominic "Papi" Garza

The protagonist. His name originates from him being one of the oldest crew chiefs at 26; most chiefs have moved up, moved on or taken a bullet by that age. Papi also indicates that he's a father figure to his men, every time anyone in his crew got beaten down, burnt by a woman or arrested, Papi would be there with the help they need. Papi begins down the road that most males in the hood take at a younger age, he rises up through the ranks in his gang, the Northern Gardens Street Family, and suffers great loss on his way to the top.


Lenny "Patch" Hibbett

African American arms dealer and heavy weed smoker. Patch gets him name from his trademarkpatchwork jacket. He represents the hypocrisy in the drug trade with his Pacifist attitude, citing that "weapons are tools, I'm simply a tool dealer." Despite being a key character and member of Papi's crew, he cannot be called up for back up, though he can pay Papi a visit in his silver Esperanto, loaded up with the tools of the trade.


Vargas "Roadtrain" Echeverria

Heavy set Hispanic Enforcer with enough ink on him to print a broadsheet; Roadtrain gets his name from the gargantuan semi-truck in San Andreas. Vargas is the only character in the game capable of dual wielding pistols and submachine guns and does so with accuracy and style. Usually seen carrying two .357 Revolvers. Roadtrain is another member of Papi's crew and shares Papi's enthusiasm with rising through the ranks, unlike Patch and Ted, whom are happy where they are. Roadtrain can be called up as one man backup.


Theodore "Ted" Campbell

African American weed grow house owner and part time dealer. Another member of Papi's crew who keeps himself to himself and runs his own grow house. Ted will occasionally deal on Papi's behalf but mainly sticks to his growing and protecting the stash house.


Nathan "Nay Nay" Newport

Nay Nay is the African American Lieutenant of Papi's gang who primarily runs the muscle side of the business. As such he is also a mentor to Roadtrain and the older, street wise brother to a lot of the younger members, but considers Papi an equal despite the game starting them with different ranks. Nathan has grown up surrounded by violence and considers it to be the only option in most scenarios.


Reginald “Reggie W” Washington

Recently released from a long term prison sentence, Reggie gets back into the game as soon as his feet touch Bohan soil. Reggie serves as muscle but eventually succumbs to addiction later in the game, another casualty of the open air drug market.


Jordan "Peanut" Wright

Peanut is an associate and understudy to Nay Nay. He serves mainly as an errand boy as he isn’t as competent as Roadtrain. He inherited the nickname from his older brother who used to work next to Nay Nay; who got the name from his cousin who ran with the gang back in its heyday.


Lorenzo "L-L" Lozano

Papi's vicious machete-wielding Lieutenant, who runs the narcotics side of the NGSF's business. L-L carries a machete on his back at all times and isn't afraid to use it. He operates out of The Triangle Club, wherein he regulates drug distribution in co-operation with the Trunchez brothers.


Louis "LB" Banstead

Main drug runner for Papi's gang and organizes drop offs and re-ups. LB is named after Ryder's elusive homie in San Andreas and acts as an advisor to Papi during his rise and becomes close friends with Papi over the course of the game.


Carlito Lopez

Carlito is the official name on the Triangle Club until he is killed during one of Papi's promotion celebrations being hosted at said club. He is close friends with Papi and ties into the bad coke sub story. before his death.


The Trunchez Brothers

Though rarely seen in story, Jose is the brains behind the situation whilst Javier and Jesus have tagged along for the drugs and sex appeal. All three are later killed by a hitman working for a rival gang. They have links to Playboy X, which explains why there isn’t full blown drug was as the Triangle Club is often used for drug gangs to meet and discuss business in a less-tense atmosphere


Cameron "Cammie" D'Costa

Street Boss of African-Italian descent. Cammie does a lot of Angelo's work on the streets to keep his boss insulated and as a symbol to the streets; if Angelo himself comes down, you know something's gone wrong.


Angelo Pina-Valadez

Head of the ethnically diverse "Northern Gardens Street Family". Angelo takes a shine to Papi early on and sees him through a string of promotions. Known to be on good terms with LCPD Street Crime Unit Lieutenant Keith Williams.


LCPD Lieutenant Keith Williams

The corrupt Lieutenant of the Northern Gardens precinct's Street Crime Unit, who frequently observes the goings-on of Angelo and keeps him in check in exchange for a low crime rate. Papi has the pleasure of dealing with Lieutenant Williams on various occasions.


LCPD Detective Ken Hartman

Detective Hartman serves as a background antagonist, working against the grain in spite of Lieutenant Williams demanding him to straighten up. Father to Kay Hartman, Papi's on/off girlfriend.


LCPD Police Office Steve Brown

Close friend to Lieutenant Williams and Bohan native, Williams uses him as a go-to man and driver.


Percy “Buddy” Buford

Former heroin addict, now a cigarette vendor and local fount of knowledge in Broker. Known for his charisma and moral code, everyone looks after Buddy in spite of his run ins with the law. Papi interacts with Buddy during one mission and is provided with insight on what the street life can really look like beyond the fast cars, hot women and loaded guns.


Kay Hartman

Kay Hartman, also known as the "Unnamed Asian Woman" from The Lost and Damned and Ballard of Gay Tony, Papi ends up in an on/off relationship with Kay, whom he meets one night at Carlito's. She leads to his downfall, Papi goes to visit her after picking up a bag of coke for a fun night, as it happens Kay was being used as a honey trap.


Saban Dostri

Elderly head of the Albanian organization based in Bohan. Saban is fed up with the younger generations reaching for the gun before reasoning and this isn't helped by his number one Lieutenant being as inept as most street scum. Saban knows when it's time to give up in the face of defeat, a trait that no other character holds.


Afrim Raco

Middle aged "young upstart" in the eyes of Dostri, Raco is Dostri's second in command and street boss who never backs down from a fight, as long as he knows the fight is rigged. Afrim leads them to war with Papi's crew and winds up dead as a result, leading Saban to give up on the war and hand over the connection.


Boris Yakolev

Russian muscle and go-between for Yannis Andreadis's smuggling organization. Boris is often the face of the Greek's in the same way Cammie D'Costa is the face for Angelo. Boris also appears in The Lost and Damned as the Russian kidnap coordinator.


Yannis Andreadis

The top of the Greek's food chain and is a liaison for any business that can’t go through Boris. He ill rarely meet business partners directly but is always present at their meetings is some way or another.


Ashley "Saint" Lucas

Prominent independent Bohan drug dealer with an eye for ways to get ahead. Saint forms the Uptown Cooperative as a method of levelling the playing field, but once bodies start dropping, Ashley backs himself into a dark corner and waits for lead to stop flying. Whilst he comes across as charismatic, in reality he is just as scared of a gun as any other soldier, hence why he's never had to use one. He becomes a mentor to Papi in the middle of the game.


Dante Mitchell

Dante is the new-school head of the Northwood Heights Destroyers, a sect of the North Holland Hustlers. He was trained by Trey "Playboy X" Stewart and left to run some of Dwayne Forge's old corners for total dominance of North Uptown between him and Playboy. Dante forms an alliance with Papi and assists him on various missions.


Fernando Delgado

The top man in the Spanish Lords set, the South Bohan Butchers. Fernando is an old school operator who relies on threats rather than actual violence to gain what he wants. He sparks a war between Papi's gang and the Butchers by insulting Papi's crew’s capabilities and accusing him of setting up Liz Torres to fall, on top of thinking Papi iced the Vice Squad head soley to take their place, with no other motives.


William "Fresh" Hampton

Young leader of the recently formed Vice Squad, a crew of dealers who operate in Chase Point, Bohan. Fresh narrowly escapes death in "Escuela Of The Streets" but suffers heavy losses and subsequently becomes a recluse in his car shop with the remnants of his gang.

He and Reggie W also have history.


Leon "Pinky" Harrison

African American dealer from Northwood and formerly a big name in the Vice Squad, hence the moniker. Pinky is found wounded at the Vice Squad warehouse that Papi and his crew raid and is taken under Papi's wing as a sign of remorse. Pinky watched some of his Vice Squad brothers get gunned down and is still in the shock mind state, although pulls through and becomes top muscle for the NGSF.


Devar Walker

Devar a well-known rip-and-run thief, was something of an urban legend but his true colours have shown him to be nothing more than a man fearing for his life. He eventually loses his crew and resorts to going after the bigger scores and trying to play those in the Uptown Cooperative against each other, but fails.


Bailey “BJ” Johnson

Happy go lucky, well-dressed associate and right hand man of Devar with two hearts; one of gold for his crew and one of ice for his victims. Meets his fate at the hands of Nay Nay, Roadtrain and Peanut and set's up Devar's downfall into addiction. Baily is also the boyfriend of partner in crime Lolita.


Lolita West

Lolita is said to be as fierce as Liz Torres, a claim that Lolita lives up to. She works closely with Devar and Bailey but meets her fate in an unsuccessful attempt at ripping off three heavily armed bikers. This doesn't help Devar's decline, especially with rumours going around that she killed Bailey so she could have Devar.



In addition to Grand Theft Auto IV's weapons, the following are available from Patch:



The Machete is a large bladed weapon capable of slicing enemies in one fatal hit.



.38 Snub

The .38 Snub, with a capacity of six rounds is the most basic handgun in the game. Low power and not extremly accurate either, but it'll always be there when you need it the most.


.45 Pistol

Classic and reliable, this hard hitter carries eight rounds of .45 caliber and is capable of two shot kills for a fair range.


.357 Revolver

The manstopper. Removes all traces of there every being life in your enemies carcass. One shot kill guaranteed but watch your shots, with just a six round capacity, you'll be reloading frequently if your shots aren't on point.


Automatic 9mm

Pretty it aint, but the definition of spray and pray comes with a high rate of fire and a twenty round magazine.



Sawn-Off Shotgun

Returning from The Lost and Damned, this ultra-concealable shotgun packs a hell of punch at close range, and even two shots can finish an enemy from a bit further away, just mind the low two round capacity.


Assault Shotgun

Another returning weapon, this time it features a twelve round capacity and a semi automatic rate of fire.


Pump Action Shotgun(reskin)

A reskin of the original Pump Action Shotgun in Grand Theft Auto IV, this one is no more accurate thanks to the full length barrel and full stock, while retaining the 8 round capacity and pump action rate of fire.


Submachine Guns

.45 SMG

Holding thirty rounds per magazine and an impressive rate of fire along side higher damage than the Micro SMG makes this submachine gun attractive to the thugs of Liberty City.



The standard SMG has been redone to better resemble the MP5A3. It still retains the same capacity and damage but it slightly more stable due to the stock, which adds more weight to the overall package.



Automatic Rifle

Despite holding only twenty rounds, the Automatic Rifle hits harder than the Assault Rifle and it more accurate than the Carbine Rifle.


Machine Gun

A cruder version of Ballad of Gay Tony's Advanced MG, this Machine Gun can chew through the scenery and kick like a mule. It holds a respectable one hundred rounds per belt, and is about as powerful as the Automatic Rifle.


Credit goes to EduardKoeleJuck for his awesome weapon icon sheet, some of which have been used in this concept.

I'd also like to credit Akaviri, Pedochu and Money Over Bullsh*t for their inspiration and ongoing support for this project.

A thank you goes out to anyone who gives this concept thread a few minutes of thier time. I've been working at this for quite a while now and would like to know my time hasnt been wasted. I hope you can find enjoyment in this concept, happy reading!

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Say No to Drugs


“Roadtrain…come on man, get up, its 11am!” Papi nudged a half asleep Roadtrain.

“A’ight, a’ight…I’m up…” Roadtrain replied, still in a deep sleep.

“I’m gonna go outside a get my ride, meet me outside in five?” Papi headed for the door.



Once outside, head into the alley and get in your custom Feroci, a slick dark blue sedan. Drive around the front and let Roadtrain get in.


Papi: Where was it they said Wee Man was selling?

Roadtrain: Altona and Flanger.

Papi: First I gotta check my spot, that cool?

Roadtrain: Yeah man.


Head over to the courts down on Caterpillar Street first. When you arrive, Papi and Roadtrain will walk up to Patch.


“How you doing Patch?” Papi asks.

“Yeah bro, it’s all good. Local fiends be snapping up our sh*t, gonna need a re-up soon.” Patch replied shiftily.

“I’ll call LB, be back round the way soon bro, got something to fix up first.”

“A’ight ‘Paps, catch you later.”


Back in the car, drive to Flanger Street.


Roadtrain: What we doing man?

Papi: Gotta bust a nigga’s head, been stealing.

Roadtrain: So we charge in there and beat him for all he’s worth?

Papi: Not all he’s worth, just ‘til he’s repaid what he owes.

Roadtrain: Want me to distract his boys while you talk to him?

Papi: Even better, smash up his ride while I smash up his skull.

Roadtrain: f*ck yeah!


Pull into the marker to trigger the cutscene.


“There he is.” Papi pointed out a short dealer in a long sports vest, nearly reaching his knees. “I’ll go talk to him, you get out and start laying into his Cavalcade while I talk?”

“Yeah, sounding like a plan.”


Approach Wee Man to trigger some dialogue.


Wee Man: Yo Papi, aint you got a spot to running?

Papi: Same as you got debts to be paying, hermano.

Wee Man: Hermano? Who you calling brother, nigga? Suggest you step off…what you doing to my wheels?!


Roadtrain will start smashing the Cavalcade’s windows so use this to your advantage and start beating on Wee Man. Once his health is down to one or two bars lay off and another cutscene will play.


“The money is in the car…” Wee Man coughs and points to his smashed up SUV.

“You heard him Roadtrain.” Papi steps on Wee Man’s ankle to stop him getting up.

“It aint in here, Gringo’s lying!” Roadtrain advances on Wee Man, who reaches frantically for his pockets.

“Alright…sh*t…I have it here…all of it from the last week!” Wee Man throws the wad of cash and Papi picks it up, before leaning into Wee Man’s face.

“You do it again, and I’ll finish the job.” Papi threatens and leaves.


Back in the car, you’ll be instructed to call LB.


LB: Papi, man. What you need?

Papi: We nearly out down at the courts, could do with a top-up to see us through the next delivery.

LB: Meet you there in ten?

Papi: Ok man.


Head back to your spot and wait for LB to turn up.


After waiting for a small while, LB will arrive in his blacked out Landstalker and hand over a black sack of drugs.

“You cool LB?” Papi leant in the SUV.

“Yeah bro…bit of a rush driving around with this much sh*t. Doing the real drop offs is when it hits you. I gotta jet, catch up with y’all soon brother.” LB drives off and leaves Papi on the courts.

“Just had a call from Nay, he wants to see me. See ya later man.” Roadtrain says, knuckle-touching Papi and heading off.


Drives back to the Triangle Club to see L-L and Cammie.


“I got that money you was after, turns out Wee Man down on Flanger was cutting in on it.” Papi reported to his lieutenant.

“Nice work ‘Paps, might finally get you some recognition around here.” L-L complimented Papi.

“Here kid, take your cut.” Cammie hands Papi some money.

“There’s gotta be what, $500 here?”

“Yo, you earned it; go get yourself some nice smoke or a blowjob or something.” L-L added.

“Girls out back give a damn good dance. Come back here sometime, always got work if you’re looking to get somewhere?”

“A’ight Cam, I will. Laters.”

“See ya around bro.” L-L shakes Papi’s hand.


Mission Passed



L-L will call.


L-L: ‘Paps? Could do with you dropping back round the club, had a ‘mergency.

Papi: I’ll be right over bro.


A double L icon will appear back at the Triangle Club.

Edited by Claude4Catalina

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Money Over Bullshit

Glad to see this is finally up. There are a few minor spelling mistakes but other than that it's really good so far.. really looking forward to seeing more soon icon14.gif

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Yet another DLC from you, C4C. I'll read it when I'll have time. Good luck. icon14.gif

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@MOB thanks man, I've been getting so lazy with spelling, starting to rely on automatic spell check and iPhone autocorrect too much, aha!


@SatournFan I'll admit this is gonna be a bit long winded, tallying up at 44 missions. hope you get the chance to give it a read.


Ditch the Dope


Papi walks into the Triangle Club to see the two doormen standing near the ATM.

“We closed tonight; go get some pussy some other place.”

Just as Papi turns to walk away, L-L comes out the door.

“No you f*cking idiots, this is the guy I told you to let in!” He shouts, evidently worried about something. “Papi, follow me.” L-L leads Papi silently into the club to see one of the girls collapsed down the side of the stage.

“Charlotte…come one girl, wake up! Damn, f*ck!” Carlito was anxiously screaming and clutching the lifeless body with small daubs of white around her nostrils.

“Bad trip?” Papi asked from the background.

“Trip? Stupid bitch speedballed on that Albanian sh*t! Those motherf*ckers!” L-L angrily said at the top of his voice. “’Paps, I’ve got a whole van of the sh*t around the back, we can’t pedal this to anyone, they been stepping on it. Heavy.”

“Where you want me to dump it? In the sea? I know a spot I could take it…” Papi suggested.

“Nah…we gonna keep it someplace and sell that sh*t on…can’t let good product go to waste neither.”

“A’ight LT, I’ll call you when it’s done.”


Head outside and get in the Speedo. Once you’re in, take it to the lockup on Butterfly Street, just across Bohan. Let the shutter open in the concrete structure and park up. You’ll find yourself outside and automatically call L-L.


Papi: Yo L, it’s done.

L-L: A’ight, I’ll get us hooked up with a buyer and let you know…can you put word out to your crew that we’re looking to get rid of it?

Papi: Yeah, mos def.

L-L: That’s good looking out bro, come back here, we gotta focus on these Albanians. Angelo want’s to speak to me, you and Cammie about it.

Papi: I’ll be over soon man.


Mission Passed



I've always felt these kind of missions build up to the bigger picture, as boring as they may get. gonna post another mission in a seperate post...mods forgive me in advance.

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Peace, War and Other Modern Commodities


Papi once again walks into the Triangle Club, this time the doormen allow him in. Heading to the bar he picks up a whiskey, leaves it on the tab and heads to the far side of the club near the jukebox and main stage, where L-L, Cammie and Angelo Pina-Valadez, the head of the gang, were all sitting.

“Papi, how you doing hermano?” L-L asks.

“’Paps, what’s good brother? Take a seat.” Cammie also asks, offering the seat directly opposite Angelo.

“I’m good, how you doing Boss?” Papi asks, taking a seat and sparking up a cigarette.

“I see you’re becoming big…I’m going to offer you a promoción, a conditional offer as such.” Angelo joined Papi, lighting up a cigar.

“Of course…what’s the condition?” Papi, in a polite manner, asked.

“You take over the Albanian territory. I’ll put you with, who was it you said Cammie?”

“LB, Louis Banstead.” Cammie said in an almost sheepish tone.

“Make me a runner? That’s…great. Yeah. I’m down.” Papi said happily, returning the handshake that Angelo offered.

“Also ‘Paps, I spoke to Nay Nay, he said call him up if you ever need a few guys sent over, he’s behind you on this.” Cammie added.

“One more thing man; can you ask your people if they can get with any buyers, link us up for the sh*t I got?” L-L said, referencing to the bad coke and dope.

“Yeah, I’ll ask around bro.” Papi replied as he got up, finished his drink and went to leave.

“Papi?” Angelo called. “Don’t forget about your spot though, they are the people who’ll stick by you, for life.”

“For life, Angelo.” Papi said loyally.


Once outside, you’ll call Nay Nay.


Papi: Yo hermano, think you could throw some of your boys my way? Big A’s got me hitting up corners and I need some boys behind me to look tough.

Nay Nay: Yo I heard about this, I’ll send three soldiers to the club, but remember; they aint my best so watch they back and they’ll watch yours.

Papi: A’ight Nay, catch you around.


Whilst you wait for the backup to arrive, you’ll also call Patch.


Papi: Patch my brother, you aint too faded are ya?

Patch: Nah bro, just waking up…I think. What you need?

Papi: Think you could hook me up with a buyer? We got some bad-ass coke and dope and we need to get it gone.

Patch: Yeah…Rasta dude I know in Schottler, he got all the hook-ups, you know? Come down the spot and I’ll take you to him.

Papi: I’m on a job right now, swing by later.

Patch: A’ight, I’ll be waiting.


After the phone call, your backup will arrive in a Merit, in the form of three 9mm toting gangsters.


Papi: You must be Nay’s boys?

Rico: Yeah, I’m Rico, that’s Screwball…

Screwball: Yo man.

Rico: ...and that’s West.

West: Cool to meet ya bro.

Papi: Ready to stir some sh*t up for the Albo’s?

Rico: Born ready baby!


Get in the Merit and head into Albanian territory, namely the two small blocks of Little Bay.


Papi: Call me if you see any Albo scum.


Cruise to the corner of Sing Sing Avenue and Flanger Street where you’ll spot an Albanian crew.


Rico: There they be!

Papi: I hope you boys is strapped, I’ll do one pass and then we all hop out and finish ‘em!


Drive up Sing Sing and let your crew open fire on the corner crew. They’ll fire back so stop and get out when your crew does. Start gunning down the three Albanians until a cutscene plays.


Four more Albanians come running down Flanger Street, so start popping shots off at them until they drop. They’ll kick out the windows of the two vacant buildings to your right and fire Micro SMG’s and start coming from the alleys, so take cover against the parked cars until all ten enemies are dropped, one in each window and three each from both alley exits.


Papi: This corner belongs to us now, scumbags!

Screwball: Yeah motherf*ckers!

West: Yo ‘Paps, there’s gotta be more, we gonna cap ‘em?

Papi: Damn right.


Get back in the car and head to the Northern Expressway, just around the corner. Walk to the entrance of the L-shaped alley and start gunning down the Albanian street thugs. When you reach the end of the alley, a cutscene will trigger, you’ve found the Crew Chief.


“Please, I beg of you! Don’t kill me!” The Chief will plead.

“If I don’t, who’s to say you won’t put a bullet in me when I walk away? This spot is mine. And so is this whole block!” Papi puts his gun to the Chief’s head.

“Afrim will kill you for this…” Are the Chief’s last words before Papi pulls the trigger.


Walk out of the alley and two Hakumai’s will arrive, loaded with Albanian’s. Kill all eight thugs to end the mission.


“Good working with you Papi, I’ll let Nay know you didn’t let us get dropped.” Rico laughs before he and the other two depart.


Mission Passed


Corner Wars unlocked

Patch Mission Strand unlocked


Corner Wars. The backbone of the drug game. A hunting ground for rip and runners.

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Only had time to read through the first couple instances, but damn you really made this come together! My only criticism is that it could use a lot more visual effect. The first time I skimmed through I knew I was gonna need a good chunk of time to dissect it all. If you add some pictures, or at least picture links, for the characters it would help break it up to be easier on the eyes. Maybe even an overview synopsis of what is going on, because I know anyone who didn't catch wind of this project beforehand probably doesn't know what it is.


You've got a great set of writing content, you just gotta match it with some fine effects and make it very presentable. Respect icon14.gif

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Only had time to read through the first couple instances, but damn you really made this come together! My only criticism is that it could use a lot more visual effect. The first time I skimmed through I knew I was gonna need a good chunk of time to dissect it all. If you add some pictures, or at least picture links, for the characters it would help break it up to be easier on the eyes. Maybe even an overview synopsis of what is going on, because I know anyone who didn't catch wind of this project beforehand probably doesn't know what it is.


You've got a great set of writing content, you just gotta match it with some fine effects and make it very presentable. Respect icon14.gif

I agree. All that text is making it overwhelming to read. You should make mission tables like other concepts.

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Money Over Bullshit

I'm liking the new missions man.. they're short but they bring the plot on briskly which is good. You also use tried and tested plot devices to good effect, for example the ever emotive "ho OD'ed on blow" device that I have used myself smile.gif


I also really like your style of writing, which you have kept consistent in all of your concepts and I'm seriously considering using it for future chapters of Family Ties as opposed to the script like style that I have been using up until now.

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Only had time to read through the first couple instances, but damn you really made this come together! My only criticism is that it could use a lot more visual effect. The first time I skimmed through I knew I was gonna need a good chunk of time to dissect it all. If you add some pictures, or at least picture links, for the characters it would help break it up to be easier on the eyes. Maybe even an overview synopsis of what is going on, because I know anyone who didn't catch wind of this project beforehand probably doesn't know what it is.


You've got a great set of writing content, you just gotta match it with some fine effects and make it very presentable. Respect icon14.gif

I agree for the most part mate, I'm a firm believer in writing before words; but on the flip side I've been thinking ways to tackle this and I'm thinking, when I mention a location, I want to try and make it so instead of saying "Papi and Patch drove to the corner of 'A' and 'B'" for instance, it could read more like "Papi and Patch drove to this corner" and make it a link to an image of that corner. I'll look in to it, thanks for pointing out man icon14.gif


@MOB, by style of writing, do you mean using script for the cutscene moments and just dialogues for the back and forths between characters whilst the player is driving from point A to B? I've used this because you can control movements in cutscenes whereas the dialogues, you cant really dictate that Papi will light one up between saying something, so to me it makes sense to keep it simple. Oh and I'm useless when it comes to finding synonyms so it helps me to no end, haha!


Anyway, for tonights missions; a home invasion and an introduction to an old timer.





Approach the courts to see Patch and the rest of the crew working the spot hard.

“Gimme one and one, come on man, I need it.” One junkie hands over a fistful of dollars to Patch and points him to a younger gang member, chilling against the concrete support beams of the tower.

“What’s up Papi my man?” Patch nods to his Crew Chief. “Nuh-uh man, you screwed me on the count last time, aint no way I trust your fiend ass!” Patch turned to the next customer.

“Still riding sh*t hard, huh?” Papi laughs as the customer walked away.

“Only way we gotta be with these motherf*ckers, aint trust them.”

“Dude…wanna do me three for two?” Another fiend asked.

“You wanna step on off home boy.” Patch turned to the fiend aggressively.

“Nigga’s down the way, across the bridge be doing three for two!” The fiend begins to argue.

“But we aint those nigga’s, so I suggest you walk your dirty ass over the bridge to them off-brand Nor’wood boys and cop their rat sh*t. We businessmen, not a charity.” Patch talked down to the junkie. Poor bastard only wanted his fix.

“If this a business, let the real businessman take over brother.” Papi joked with Patch.

“Still got it in you, huh Chief? Lemme see that sh*t.” Patch stepped back and allows Papi work the courts.


Patch: Lem holds the blow to the right, Lil Rolla got the brown to the left.

Papi: A’ight, I remember sh*t.


To deal drugs, you first need to tout if business is slow. Press LB/L1 to tout, which triggers one of the following quotes.


Papi: Yo, mister I got them red tops over here!

Papi: Y’all missing out, red tops is for the kings, yo!

Papi: Red Mist, right here get ya Red Mist!

Papi: Red Mist blow your mind, get ya Red Mist!

Papi: Eh yo, you be back sometime, eh!

Papi: This sh*t right here, is the best you gonna find!


Once you get a customer, let them make their order. If they want cocaine, press Right on the D-Pad. If it’s heroin they are after, press Left. If they want a speedball however, press Right then Left in rapid succession. You can call them out at any time during a purchase by pressing LB/L1, this will check their cash and check that they aren’t strapped.


One off three things can go wrong during a deal.


1: The money is wrong. In this case, beat the buyer until he hands back the drugs or the rest of the cash.

2: The buyer is a Fed. This scenario calls for you to cut and run, ending the mission with a quarter of whatever money you make, the rest going toward the next package.

3: It’s a stickup. Sometimes buyers will try to beat up the stash boy, in this case chase the buyer and beat him until he stops walking. However, sometimes rival gangs and stick up kids will try and rob you or the stash boys. This requires you to kill them and take back any product or cash they stole.


After you serve five customers, Patch calls a time out.


“A’ight, you still got it. Wanna go see my man now?” Patch will offer, leading the way to his car.

“Yeah, that’s why I came down.” Papi replies, getting the driver’s seat.


Drive down to Dillon Street in Schottler.


Patch: Where’d you get involved with this bad sh*t ‘Paps?

Papi: L-L got me involved, see he thinks we can sell it on…no doubt he’ll get me to do the running.

Patch: That’s all he thinks you’re good for? Damn nigga you gotta get out from under him.

Papi: Yo, he been good to me; he trusts me. Met with Angelo and we spoke. Angelo said he’ll bump me up to runner with LB if I put work in against the Albanians.

Patch: Our main supplier?

Papi: Our only supplier…but needs must man. They cutting it way too heavy for Cammie’s liking, and you shoulda seen Carlito down at the club when he girl collapsed.

Patch: sh*t…what they do with her?

Papi: Probably dumped the stupid bitch…idiota.

Patch: Still, it’s a sweet deal, they sell us sh*t and we get the good turf. They got what, two blocks?

Papi: One, me and some of Nay’s boys rolled over one of their Crew Chiefs.

Patch: All too complicated for me bro, that’s why I stay where I belong.

Papi: How you know this man anyway?

Patch: He’s an arms dealer, got a line on some good sh*t too, I’m talking seven-sixty-two…hell, what you care? Y’all only need to that it shoots straight and won’t jam up!

Papi: Ha-ha, damn right holmes!


Park in the marker to trigger a cutscene.


Approach the door, Patch stops you.

“His boy is a bit…crazy. Be careful up in here.” Patch says to Papi, who just smiles at the notion.

“Yo, LJ? It’s me Patch, I got someone you should meet.” Patch says through the intercom.

“Irie man, come on up.” The contact replies lazily.

The two of you go inside and up to the apartment, where two Rastafarian’s are laying on the sofa’s, smoking weed.

“Yaga yaga this my man, Patch me breddah! Black up? A who dat boy over ‘dere?” A familiar face, Little Jacob, will offer his spliff to Patch and then motion towards Papi.

“This is my man Papi. Papi, this is Little Jacob…got the finest guns, next to mine.” Patch jokes.

“’Nuff guns my youth, ‘nuff guns! Speaking a which, you here for some teeth?” Jacob takes a draw from the spliff and exhales, offering it to Papi.

“I’m looking for a buyer, got some coke and…” Papi takes a toke and begins to explain.

“Ya nuh see I don’t touch coke, I know a gal dem who might be interested, Elizabeta Torres, ya nuh see de gal?” Jacob began talking in his incomprehensible patois, but Patch understood.

“Yeah, we know her.” Patch answered for Papi.

“She be a big gal an’ ting, not wanna mess wi’ her, hackle and boderation.”

“We’re straight on the coke. Does she mess with heroin?” Papi asked.

“Heroin?” Jacob replied, almost shocked. “Jah knows brown be evil, evilest ting upon dis green earth! If you wanna get wit’ Liz, I’ll need a favya, some rass clot think him can take my teeth and not pay! Show him some respec’ an’ ting, Irish bumba tink he can play me? ‘Ere, take dis.” Jacob starts talking in patois again, but hands Papi an Automatic 9mm. “Him live over on Franklin Street, get him and the guns, and I’ll link you up wit’ me gal, seen?”

“Alright Jacob, I’ll call you.” Patch finishes off the spliff and leaves with Papi in tow.


Head over to Franklin Street in Steinway, none the wiser as to your objective.


Papi: So, what we doing?

Patch: Uh…I think we going over to Franklin Street and gotta ice some nigga, he got some guns from Jacob and didn’t pay…I think.

Papi: You think?

Patch: Yeah man, chill. This another body on your conscience bro, I’m not down.

Papi: So I could walk into a house full of pendejo’s armed with another hermano’s guns and you’ll just watch.

Patch: Yo, I’m down if you in danger, if the man puts a piece to you I’ll drop him, but if we being the aggressors here, I can’t do that sh*t.

Papi: Bro you full of sh*t!

Patch: Damn, yo! I only trade in it to make money.

Papi: A’ight, a’ight whatever. You got my back though yeah?

Patch: All the way home boy!

Papi: Stay in the car and be ready, if he runs; then the guns are in his car.

Patch: You gonna be good up in there though ‘Paps?

Papi: Yeah hermano, aint nothing I aint done before.


Pull into the marker on Trenton Avenue, at the side of the house and get out of the car. Patch will get in the driver’s seat so head up to the house. The front door is locked so fire a burst from the Automatic 9mm and make yourself a new house guest.


First, one guard, high on something, will come down the stairs to your left armed with a .45 Pistol, so kill him and head upstairs. At the top of the stairs, another high guard will fire a Pump Action Shotgun, dropping him and taking his weapon would be advisable. Go into the nearest room to see four Irish thugs, one of them your target, will be riding shotgun, at the end of a shotgun barrel taking in smoke whilst his friend blows the joint through the loading breech. Papi will dump a magazine but your target manages to barge through the door behind him and jump down a hole in the derelict house’s ceiling. Follow him and he goes outside to his rusty Sabre in the back yard and accelerates through the gate. Papi gets back in the Esperanto’s driver’s seat and the chase is on.


Taking a right on to Franklin Street, the Irishman puts his foot to the ground and guns for the ramp, but takes the left down the bank and comes out on the dirt path, heading back into Steinway. Going up Dukes Drive and cutting across the intersection, he leads you into the park. Follow him down the path and through some trees that lead down on to the courts. Take the sharp left and go through the tunnel, then up the steps on the other side onto Mohanet Avenue in BOABO. Follow him down the Avenue until he crashes at the place where Niko executes Vlad, flying through the wooden fence and ending up crashed into one of the small structures.


Get out and finish the job, the Irishman will stagger out of his wrecked car and go for the trunk to grab a weapon, so ice him before he can do any real damage and Patch will approach you.


“All in here I think…” Patch sifted through the trunk and pulled our various small arms.

“Not exactly tooling up for World War Eight…” Papi smirked as Patch handed him a few guns.

“Take these to my car, I’ll drop them over at Jacobs.” Patch led the way back to Esperanto where the two of you dump the guns in the trunk.

“I’ll call you when Jacob’s got the number, see you round the way bro.”


Mission Passed


Drug Dealing unlocked


Roadtrain calls.


Roadtrain: Yo ese, I heard about you taking that block from those Albo pendejos!

Papi: Nay tell you?

Roadtrain: Yeah hermano, good work! Wanna come meet me for a burger? I’m starving!

Papi: I’ll be over soon ese, where we at?

Roadtrain: Aint nowhere fancy Chief, just the Burger Shot in Industrial.

Papi: A’ight homie, be over in a bit.


Roadtrain Mission Strand unlocked


(I remember Jacob's Patois being a son of a bitch to get right without making it look like I've just made it up on the spot...hopefully the research paid off)

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Dining with Albanians


“Yo, what’s up bro?” Papi asks as he enters the Burger Shot from either entrance to see Roadtrain sitting over the far side with Nay Nay and another older man.

“S’all good homie.” Roadtrain replies.

“Sup ‘Paps, this is Reggie W…this nigga’s a legend from round here.” Nay introduced the older gangster, who raised his head as he took the last bite from his burger.

“Mmm-mmm, feeling good to get some real food up in me, damn!” Reginald “Reggie W” Washington said. “After fifteen in the joint, rolling out at thirty three and still kicking it with the young ‘uns.”

Papi and Roadtrain both laughed nervously.

“Fifteen huh? You gotta of done some f*cked up sh*t for that?” Roadtrain asked before taking a bite from his third burger, evoking a look from Papi. “Yo, I said I was hungry!”

“Some nigga, he was only like seven and he snitched on me, tried claiming he saw me drop the man, played the good little boy in court and got me down for twenty, was out in fifteen on good behaviour and now this little rat’s got his own crew!” Reggie W started to explain.

“Who that be?” Roadtrain asked.

“Willy Hampton…goes by the name of Fresh now I hear.”

“Damn, Fresh?” Nay spat out some of his Sprunk in shock.

“I aint sh*tting you man, little nigga done good for a bitch.” Reggie sat back and folded his arms.

“Vice Squad…” Nay drifted away into deep thought.

“Who?” Papi asked

“Bunch of off-brand nigga’s working the Point for all that sh*thole’s worth for about a year now and they tight with the Butchers.” Nay straightened up and explained to the soldiers.

“Wait, that be like four blocks? How that work?” Papi inquired again.

“They been getting Delgado’s good sh*t straight from the Co Op, they looking into joining up.”

“f*ck Nay, what we gonna do ‘bout it?” Roadtrain was ready to head to war on the word.

“I aint think nothing.” Reggie W leant forward again. “I gotta get my sh*t sorted, but you boys is here for me if I need y’all?”

“You got my crew bro, and I’m sure Papi can get you a connect if you want a package?” Nay promised the older soldier.

“Nah man, I’ll stick to working muscle on this gig.”

“I’ll put the good word in, what you think of doing delivery protection?” Nay offered.

“Yeah…” Reggie’s voice drifted off into a smile and nod in agreement.

“Hey yo, come in. We’ll hit up the towers and see about getting your ass a job.” Nay got up and led the crew outside to his silver Rebla.


Outside, you head towards the SUV before a shot is seen whizzing past Nay Nay’s head, the crew hitting the deck.

“Y’all aint get hit?” Nay asked, crawling to cover behind one of the parked sedans.

“We all good.” Roadtrain replies, drawing his two .357 Revolvers and firing blindly at the attackers on the other side of the street.


Put back into gameplay, you’ll be in cover against a car with your Automatic 9mm out, a hit squad of six Albanians will be firing at the two cars your crew are taking cover behind. Eliminate them to trigger a dark green Premier come charging down Lompoc Avenue, loaded with Albo’s. You or another crew member will put a round through the driver’s head, causing the vehicle to swerve and hit the parked beater Emperor on their side of the street, and end up hitting the Menala Metal building. Take this chance to gun down the Albo’s before they can get into any sort of order.


Once that is done, get in the car with the rest of your crew.


Nay Nay: Drive ‘Paps!

Papi: Where we headed?

Nay Nay: Hit up the ‘jects, gonna get my man a job.


Follow the marker around the corner to the Projects.


Roadtrain: Reggie, you ever meet any of the big dogs up in the joint?

Reggie W: Y’all heard of Big Dwayne from Nor’wood?

Papi: That playa made some serious money way back.

Reggie W: I was cell mates with him for a time, aint no bad blood up in there. Nigga didn’t know I offed his top LT…boy who took over from him aint nothing but a cheap pimp…Bunny Boy or some sh*t…

Nay Nay: Playboy X, weak ass nigga think he’s all big and sh*t!

Reggie W: He took over from Big D and gave away half of that muh’f*cker’s turf to one of his own!

Papi: sh*t, that’s cold.


Stop in the marker outside the Projects and your passengers will get out.

“Thanks for the ride man, go see Cammie at the club, he’s got news on the Albo’s.” Nay leans in the car and shakes your hand, sending few dollars your way.


Mission Passed



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Great going dude..Just a suggestion it would be better if u would add some nice cool headers n all..It would make the topic appealing...smile.gif

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Money Over Bullshit
@MOB, by style of writing, do you mean using script for the cutscene moments and just dialogues for the back and forths between characters whilst the player is driving from point A to B? I've used this because you can control movements in cutscenes whereas the dialogues, you cant really dictate that Papi will light one up between saying something, so to me it makes sense to keep it simple. Oh and I'm useless when it comes to finding synonyms so it helps me to no end, haha!

Yeah that's what I meant. I really like where the story is going, can't wait to see more smile.gif

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sorry for the delay, been staying at my friends how since Thursday, whiich was convenient seeing as she lives 5 minutes away from my work. Inconvenience being I havent had access to my laptop or external hard drive, hence the delay. Will you forgive me MOB? </3


Block by Block


“Cammie, how it do my man?” Papi walks into the Triangle Club to spot Cammie sipping on a drink at the bar.

“Barkeep.” Cammie whistled. “Another, and one for ‘Paps. How you doing bro?”

“Albo’s hit a few of us at a burger joint, we pushed ‘em back.” Papi took a swig from his glass.

“Good, I got news that their big man on the street is chilling out in LC for a bit, ‘til things cool off. Ice the f*cker and take his corners, East Bohan will be ours!” Cammie raised his drink to draw attention as Papi slipped away after finishing up his drink.


Outside, you’ll call Nay Nay for backup.


Papi: Yo Nay, think you could send a few soldiers my way?

Nay: Yeah…yo Peanut! Get a few boys and head down the club to meet Papi! On their way.

Papi: Thanks bro, I owe you.


Wait outside the club and Peanut will arrive in a blue Presidente.


Peanut: Get in homie!


Get in the car and head over to Little Bay.


Peanut: Sup Papi? This is Dee-Doo

Dee-Doo: Yo homie!

Rico: ‘Paps my man, good to see you again.

Papi: Rico, what’s good hermano?

Rico: We gonna ice some Albo f*cks today?

Papi: Hell f*cking yeah, only reason I see your crazy ass!

Peanut: What’s the plan?

Papi: I got wind that their top man is out here on the streets, think it’s time we flush him out.

Peanut: How we gonna do that?

Papi: Start gunning for their turf, simple as a motherf*cker.


Hit up the corner of Flanger Street, near where you previously started a turf war with the Albanians. Allow your crew to do a drive by before stopping the car and drop the remaining thugs. A passing Hakumai will stop and four Albo’s will start firing on you, so return fire and soldier on up the hill. Cap the three boys outside the Deli on the corner of Bronco Street and Alcatraz Avenue. Keep going down Bronco and open up on the thugs standing in the courtyard of the apartment block, which draws the attention of those on the edge of Coxsack Avenue. Kill them then head back down to Flanger Street and kill the two thugs standing across the alley.


Once they are killed you’ll get your first glimpse of an Albanian Street Boss, discussing something with his underlings. Head up the alley and blast every scumbag you and your crew come across. Keep going up the concrete steps to the East until you meet the Street Boss, triggering a cutscene.


The Street Boss will open fire with a Micro SMG and the rest of his crew will follow, as will your crew, taking cover at the concrete barrier. Dee-Doo will get brave and make a break for cover against the apartment building but be gunned down in the process. Before you can avenge him, a Chavos comes screaming in from Flanger Street Behind you, stops briefly on the other side to pick up the Street Boss and two of his boys before driving out onto Coxsack Avenue and escaping. Finish off the remaining Albo’s to end the mission, your crew walks back to the car.


Rico: Damn ‘Paps, nigga got away!

Papi: Yo, we lost a soldier today, there’ll be another chance to cop that dude.

Peanut: Dee-Doo knew what he signed up for.

Rico: Still, you gonna be the one who Nay tells to go tell Dee’s people.

Peanut: f*ck you, I’m gonna be like him!

Papi: Yo Peanut, you just his bitch, man. You gotta get that sh*t fixed bro.

Peanut: f*ck y’all! Muh’f*ckers.


Peanut will get in the driver’s seat of the President and Rico will sit next to him and they drive off.


Mission Passed



Ted calls.


Ted: Yo Papi my dude, think you can drop by? LB topping up my stash and I could do with muscle I can trust, feel me?

Papi: Yeah bro, I’ll be round.


Ted Mission Strand unlocked.


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Body after Body


Papi knocks on the door of Ted’s stash house, whom answers after a minute, shirtless with two Pump Action Shotguns in hand.

“Take one, never knew what could happen out here. LB should be here in a minute.” Ted said in an almost emotionless tone, probably on a come down. “There they be.” Ted pointed to the blacked out Landstalker turning onto Altona Avenue from Bronco Street. LB and Reggie W both get out and take a black sack each, handing it over.

“Sup Reggie, got the new gig?” Papi took the bag off Reggie W and clutched it along with the shotgun.

“Yeah man, aint too bad, rolling around in a nice ride like this. Aint nothing on a town car you feel me?” Reggie joked, Papi laughing with him.

“’Paps bro walk that sh*t up with me.” Ted called out, leading the way into the stash house. “Dump it on the table, my peoples’ll sort it. Thanks homie.” The two walked back down and just as they shook hands, they heard gunshots. Turning the corner they saw Wee Man’s crew under attack from Russian gangsters. One stood at the alley opening on Wee Man’s side of the street firing a Micro SMG at the hoods, cutting them down. Two more Russians pop out from the alley behind Ted’s stash house and start firing, killing Wee Man and the rest of his crew before Papi and Ted gun one down each. A black Stratum will come down Flanger Street and stop to see the dead bodies before hightailing out of there. Ted and Papi get in the stopped Futo and follow.


Tail the Stratum up Altona Avenue where it takes a left out onto Planche Street behind the Projects and continue out to Northern Expressway. Keep up as it crosses lanes and up the pedestrian walkway. It hangs a sharp right into Welham Parkway and goes down the steps, jumping onto the baseball diamond. The Futo is much more nimble here so follow them across the diamond and behind the bleachers, through the trees until they crash into some picnic benches and into a large tree. Get out and aim at one of them with the shotgun to trigger an execution.


Papi and Ted kill the two Russians on their side whilst the one behind the driver tries to make an escape before they both gun him down brutally. An evil grin appears on Papi’s face as he drags the unconscious driver out of the Stratum.

“Give me a hand bro? We’ll get him in the trunk and work him over ‘til he speaks.” Papi asks Ted, who grabs the Russian’s legs and loads him in the trunk of the Futo.


You now have to drive Ted back to the stash house. Exit the Parkway and follow the route.


Ted: What you thinking of doing? I got some wicked sh*t planned.

Papi: Just work him over, y’know. Burn a bit here, cut a bit there…only ‘til he talks on what his Ivan the muhf*cking terrible ass was doing on our patch!

Ted: I mean real, degrading, callipers-around-the-genitals type sh*t!

Papi: I’ll let you handle that, bro. Gonna call me when you get something out of Boris here?

Ted: Yeah, something.


Park in the marker out the back of the stash house and you and Ted will take the Russian out of the trunk and put him in the cellar.

“Remember to call me?” Papi asked Ted, who was getting tools ready in the dingy basement.

“I’m gonna got to work on this little son of a bitch.” Ted gave a dastardly smile and lit up the blowtorch as Papi leaves.


Mission Passed



An unknown caller will call you.


?: Mr Garza…my people do not want war.

Papi: Yo, who’s calling?

?: You’ve made an attempt on my life recently, that will be your first and only attempt. If you do not wish you see more of your friend die at my hands, you will come to the alley at the bottom of Flanger Street.

Papi: A’ight…I’ll check your sh*t out. Fool.


Papi automatically calls Patch.


Papi: Patch, I need a driver, you down?

Patch: Depends bro, what’s going down?

Papi: I’ll tell you when I meet you, where you at?

Patch: Same place I always be.

Papi: Be over to you soon man.


A “?” appears on the map at the courts in the Projects.


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Money Over Bullshit

I'll forgive you man colgate.gif


Another good couple of missions from you man I can really feel sh*t starting to kick off between Papi's crew and the Albanians. One thing I did find however is that when reading the first of the two missions I found it very hard to keep track of who everybody was. I found this somewhat in past missions but I really struggled on that one due to the amount of people involved. I think the reason for this is that I know what Papi looks like but I can't really distinguish the other guys from one another in my mind. It's nice to be able to imagine my own faces for the characters but it also makes it really confusing to read. The way I got around it this time was to scroll back up to the characters section and then continue reading but when this topic goes past page one this will be an inconvienience. Maybe this is something you could keep in mind in future installments?

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I'll forgive you man  colgate.gif


Another good couple of missions from you man I can really feel sh*t starting to kick off between Papi's crew and the Albanians. One thing I did find however is that when reading the first of the two missions I found it very hard to keep track of who everybody was. I found this somewhat in past missions but I really struggled on that one due to the amount of people involved. I think the reason for this is that I know what Papi looks like but I can't really distinguish the other guys from one another in my mind. It's nice to be able to imagine my own faces for the characters but it also makes it really confusing to read. The way I got around it this time was to scroll back up to the characters section and then continue reading but when this topic goes past page one this will be an inconvienience. Maybe this is something you could keep in mind in future installments?

My advice would be to include a link to a picture of the character's 'actor' in both the characters section and wherever they are first introduced in a mission. So any character who makes their first appearance in a mission will have a link to their picture so you know right off the bat what they look like.


I'm sure most of these characters were created with some sort of image in mind, so if Claude4Catalina has trouble finding an appropriate actor to match them I'd be more than willing to help put the cast together. MOB, you're also keen about actors so we should put our minds together to make this work better. cool.gif


Also, does this concept have a request thread for a logo? I checked the GFX forum and couldn't find one so I'm guessing Claude4Catalina didn't post one yet.

Edited by Akaviri

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my brother (who does freelance graphic design) is said to be "working on" the logos. Seeing as he's got all the hand drawn ideas me and him came up with, I'm gonna wait it out until he get's them done.


admittedly I've over done it with naming almost every character but at the same time I think it adds a touch of depth to the gang, characters like Harry and Lee in Vice City for instance have always stuck out to me as potential for a prequel or backing story. I'm hoping that all the characters will start to make sense soon, as I feel it ends up ironing out into the basic protagonist and atagonist groups, as if Papi was starting to realize who his real friends are. With that said, I've got a free day today until my date tonight with a bottle of sambuca, so I'll make a start on what you suggested about finding similar people to suit character roles. Probably only be a face match, be lucky if I can find a picture of Lance Reddick dressed as a street dealer tounge.gif


anyway, time for Papi to come face to face with the mystery caller.


Truce or Dare


Walking to the courts, Patch will approach you and redirect you to his ride.

“What’s up my homie, what you need?” Patch reaches his hand out which Papi shakes.

“Flanger Street alley…got a call from some ēse talking about a truce. Place sounds familiar.” Papi replies with a hint of worry in his voice as he opens the passenger side door and gets in Patch’s silver Esperanto.


Sit back as Patch drives you to the meet.


Patch: Want me to come up with you?

Papi: Nah bro, just me on this.

Patch: Aint you told L-L or Cammie though?

Papi: They said to handle it myself, and I get the promotion. Don’t worry though hermano, I’ll take y’all to the top with me.

Patch: I got a piece you’ll need as a backup, cop the six shooter I’ve got in the glove box. I did give Roadtrain some .357 rounds for his, check, see if there’s any more?

Papi: Nah man, just these baby three-eight’s.

Patch: A’ight, leave your nine with me and just take the snub, where’d you want me?

Papi: Stay around Lil Bay, if you hear me busting caps, roll up and pick me up.

Patch: I got your back on this one my nigga.

Papi: Good, heard from the Rasta yet?

Patch: Who, Jacob? Nah, he said he been busy with some Russian, he’ll call me soon though.


Patch parks at the same alley entrance used in Block by Block and you get out armed only with a .38 Revolver. Don’t draw a weapon or it’ll be a failed mission and the armed Albanian’s at the entrance will fire on you. Head up the alley and around to the concrete steps, where a cutscene will start.


“Dominic…” The same Albanian Street Boss will notice you. “I’m glad you came. I’m Afrim Raco.”

“You best not be armed, Hispa llum!” One of the Albo heavy’s spits as he shakes Papi down, somehow missing the Revolver tucked into the inner pocket of Papi’s jacket.

“Smart man…you’ve shown heart…I need a man like you as my understudy, my minion.” Raco was evidently concerned about his imagine, and wanted someone he could treat as his bitch. $10,000 and a spot beneath me if you kill your current boss.” Afrim slicked his hair back as he made such a ludicrous offer. Papi could only reel back almost in horror at such a notion.

“No deal hermano.” Was all Papi could utter, resisting the urge to draw the six shooter and blast away Afrim.

“Not as wise as I had hoped.” Afrim replied in shock, in a sedate manner. “Then your supply is hereby cut off, and if we find any of you scumbag f*cks on our turf, they’ll be returning in a body bag with their f*cking balls and head at separate ends of Alderney…” Afrim’s sentence is cut short by a shot from Papi’s Revolver, sending Afrim dropping to the floor. Papi blasts the two Albo’s behind him and covers himself behind the tree as two Albo’s try stabilizing Afrim. Guards with Micro SMG’s start firing from above Afrim, so Papi doubles back under fire and jumps the fence, firing his Revolver at the two Albo’s coming up the alley, then emptying the last shot into the Albo at the top of the stairs, who falls forward, Micro SMG falling down the stairs ahead of him. Papi tosses the .38 and picks up the Micro SMG, goes up the stairs and covers himself behind the dumped sofa.


Back into combat, stay behind the sofa as a Cavalcade comes tearing in as Afrim’s chariot out of there. It parks across the courtyard, thus blocking your direct route to Raco. Kill the Albanian’s that get out, thus leaving Afrim no choice but to stay where he is. Go up the concrete steps next to the Cavalcade and kill any Albo’s you come across. Walk up the next set of steps and Patch’s Esperanto will just avoid hitting you, trigger the next cutscene.


“Stay up here and hold it down, I’ll go finish that f*cker.” Papi tells Patch, who hands Papi back his 9mm through the open window.


Continue back down the steps and your objective will be to speak to Afrim, not to kill him, as to stop you from jumping the wall and blasting him. Kill the last few Albanian’s and once the last one drops, you get a cutscene.


“Afrim you motherf*cker! I’m coming for you pendejo!” Papi shouts in the courtyard, surrounded by either dead or wounded Albanians. Noticing one propped against the wall struggling to cling onto both his pistol and life, Papi mercilessly fires a volley of shots, killing the Albanian. Stepping over the dead body of another, he approaches where he thinks Afrim might be.

“I’m here…you c*nt.” Afrim calls from behind a tree, hacking up a large cough of blood. Papi walks closer and smirks at the dying man, one of his comrades shotgun’s just out of reach. “I’ll make it twenty if you save me…please? I’m fine…I’ll make it if you stitch me up…come on you prick! Fix me. Now!” Afrim evidently didn’t understand it was his time to go.


Execute Afrim or kill him normally. If you elect to execute him, Papi will pick up the nearby shotgun at the side Afrim’s head and pull the trigger before going into Afrim’s top pocket and drawing out a wad of cash.

“Gotta be like three large here.” Papi shrugs and pockets the cash, then goes up where Patch left the Esperanto.

“It done?” Patch drops the end of his joint out the window and starts up the engine.

“It aint over yet…” Papi cocks his Micro SMG and hops in the back seat, narrowly avoiding the speeding PCJ-600 that beelines straight for him.


Back into gameplay, you’ll be in a rail shooter with unlimited ammo for the Micro SMG whilst Patch is at the wheel. Facing out the rear window, Patch floors it out the alley and hits the biker in front of him, knocking the Albanian over the car and in front of your line of fire.


Patch: sh*t, I’m going to hell for that one!


Kill the pursuing Albo bikers as Patch drives through another alley ahead of you and out onto Sing Sing Avenue, across the grass and onto the Expressway. Into oncoming traffic, an Albanian Hakumai will come into your view, so fire into the windscreen to kill the driver. Two more Futo’s will come up Downrock Loop and give chase, joined by two PCJ’s. Kill them but one biker will get brave and try leaping forward, so as he clings to the trunk, shoot his fingers or take off his head when it pops up to shake him off. Patch keeps gunning it until his see’s three Hakumai’s coming down the Expressway from South Bohan, so he hangs a right down Leavenworth Avenue and drops it down the steps near the community centre on Caterpillar Street. Home free. Patch parks on the sidewalk next to the courts.

Patch: That was f*cking wild, bro!


You and Patch both get out relatively shaken by the events but still on a high.

“Thanks homie, I better go let L-L and Cammie know about Afrim…here, take this.” Papi held out a third of the money. “It’s part of what he offered me.”

“Offered? sh*t nigga, a’ight. See y’all.” Patch then walks away.


[b]Mission Passed[/b]



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We Build as We Destroy


Following what has just transpired, Papi’s goes to the Triangle Club to report to Cammie. He enters and is greeted by Carlito at the bar, who nods for him to come over.

“Papi my man, you good?” Carlito greets Papi.

“Yeah hermano, you seen Cammie about?”

“He’s down at the usual spot, he’s pissed though. Here, you’ll need it.” Carlito lined up a shot for Papi, who necked it and then walked over the Cammie, who was on the phone.

“Alright, yeah, I know we f*cked up. I know. Look, we can fix this…ok, ok. I can fix this.” Cammie put the phone down as Papi arrived. “Any reason you iced our main supplier?” Cammie asks coldly, with an intense look. “Told you shake them up, not rip their sh*t to shreds man!”

“sh*t…yo Cammie man he offered me big money to turncoat you nigga’s. You my brothers, for life! I aint gonna turn my back on y’all just cause some greaseball f*ck throws some cream my way!” Papi valiantly defends himself, which evokes a strange look from Cammie.

“Like that is it…? sh*t…a’ight. Lemme speak to Angelo, we need a new supplier. In the meantime, keep pressing the Albo’s, they’ll cave eventually. You’ve got enough of their turf, time to hit up one of their operations, show ‘em who runs it off the streets too.”

“A’ight Cammie, we straight?”

“We straight nigga.” Cammie knuckle touches with Papi, who then leaves.


Outside, you get a call from Ted.


Ted: Yo, I been try’na call.

Papi: Sorry man, got caught up in this sh*t.

Ted: It’s a’ight, I got some juicy news bro.

Papi: What you got me man?

Ted: This Russian f*ck was working for the Albo’s…mentioned some Afrim or some sh*t? Anyway, turns out they pulling muscle for some Greek guys.

Papi: Greek?

Ted: Yeah, this dude is straight off a ship. Anyway, only place he could give me is a cut and stash on Sing Sing, says the sign out the front says Drugs and Auto Parts, know the place?

Papi: Yeah man, good looking out.

Ted: One way in and two ways out he says, and one of those is cut up and in a black bag he say.

Papi: A’ight well thanks bro, damn good work.


Papi will call Nay Nay and ask for backup.


Nay Nay: Yo ‘Paps, what’s up?

Papi: One of my boys got a big one, an Albo owned stash spot over on Sing Sing.

Nay Nay: sh*t man! Want me to get some boys over? f*ck, me, Roadtrain and Peanut will meet you where you at, and I’ll get a few boys to wait over there for us.

Papi: I’m outside the club, see you in a bit.


Wait for a minute or two and Peanut will drive up in the blue Presidente with Roadtrain and Nay Nay in the back. Get in the driver’s seat.


Roadtrain: Papi my brother!

Nay Nay: Yo man, what’s the score?

Papi: Albo cut and stash, y’all got pieces?

Roadtrain: Two Micro’s right here!

Nay Nay: All I need is my fo’five.

Peanut: Locked and loaded up here man.

Papi: Good, same goes for your boys?

Nay Nay: I got Rico, Screwball, West and Whackie-Jack over there in the gas station, they armed.

Papi: Good, you cool with me telling them what to do Nay?

Nay Nay: Yeah homie, just don’t push Screwball…nigga’s crazy!

Roadtrain: I remember this one time Devar and BJ walked up on Screwball, tried jacking him up. Devar aint never run like that before and BJ aint walk straight since…’til we busted him.

Peanut: Ha, that homie aint walking no more anyhow!

Nay Nay: What you thinking then ‘Paps?

Papi: I was thinking that we take the back door whilst rest of the crew takes the front.

Peanut: f*ck, keeps us out the crossfire.

Papi: Yo nah, I was thinking like simultaneous.

Nay Nay: Same time? Yeah holmes, that’ll work.


Pull up in the yard of the RON gas station where the rest of the crew are sitting in the Merit.


“Papi, how you doing?” Rico gets out and greets Papi, then the rest of the vehicle’s occupants follow. “What’s the plan?”

“See that Drugs and Auto Parts building? Albo’s got a stash and cut shop going, by the sounds of sh*t they also killing people up in there…we gone go check it out.” Papi points up to the five storey building across the street. Two Albanian’s stood at the gated door, openly in the street.

“Rico, take your boys and charge the front, ‘Paps came up with the plan, we take both doors, confuse the f*ck outta them.” Nay Nay explained the plan.

“A’ight, we set. One of y’all wanna text me when it’s on?” Rico flicked his cigarette butt.

“I’ll do it, just make sure you’re boys keep their sh*t tight and don’t ice one of us!” Nay replied.

“Yeah, yeah Nay, we cool.” Rico smiled.


Go around the back and kill one of the guards, Roadtrain will kill the other. Head over to the door and Papi will kick it in once Nay Nay has text Rico. Clear the bottom floor and go up the stairs on the left of the door. A body will drop in front of you as you reach the top, Rico and the crew have cleared out this floor.


Papi: f*ck yeah Rico, you boys stay here and keep it locked down yeah?

Rico: Yeah homie, good luck up there.


Go up the stairs at the far end of the building and kill anyone you come across. The Albo’s will be armed up and waiting behind sofa’s and upturned tables, so move logically and use cover as much as you can. The stairs are always on the other side of the ones you just came up, so keep moving up the building until you reach the top floor. Rico cleared the cutting floor, you’ll have cleared the packaging floor and the stash floor, so that leaves just the top floor. Head up there and you’ll see various people strung up, wounded on the floor or just cut to pieces. A lone Albanian dressed as a Mortician will run at you with a Machete, so shoot him down to trigger a cutscene.


Your crew looks around in disgust; various gang members from different cliques are chained to walls, maimed or dismembered. Several limbs lay on the ground and blood was up the walls. Nay gets a call from Rico.

“Yo, what’s up? f*ck, we’ll be right down!” Nay hangs up. “Rico says they’ve come back, he’s lost two of his boys already.”

“Bingo!” Papi shouts, picking up a briefcase. “Aint gonna be finding this in a parking lot!” Papi smiled as drew out plenty of notes. “f*ck, gotta be like 15k in here!”

“I found a service elevator…f*ck what was that?!” Roadtrain said, ducking as a Molotov Cocktail somehow crashed through the top floor window. “Damn that homie’s got a strong throw!”


With the building burning, made a dash for the service elevator down to Rico’s floor. You’ll have limited time, so haul ass down there. Once there, kill anyone that remains, Rico and West will have done a good job but get out of there and everyone will follow.


Outside, hightail back to the Projects and rendezvous with the rest of the crew.


Nay Nay: Looks like we won’t be using that place for ourselves.

Papi: f*ck it man, nor will the Albo’s.

Nay Nay: That’s a good point…

Roadtrain: That was damn fun, you see how scared they was?

Papi: We’ve won this sh*t, for sure! Ain’t no Albo’s gonna f*ck with us now.

Nay Nay: I hope you get that promotion bro, we gonna get our party on for that sh*t!

Roadtrain: Aint you worry ‘bout a thing hermano.


Back at the Projects, Rico and West are there in the Merit, so park behind them.


Everyone gets out of their ride and regroups as Papi doles out the cash.

“$2500 each, found a nice stash of just over fifteen large up in there, no doubt financing their next package. We got these nigga’s scared, boys!” Papi rallies up his fellow gang members, Patch and the others from the court joining.

“f*ck yeah!” Came a shout from the small crowd.

“A’ight, I’ll catch y’all later!” Papi smiles and leaves before he starts talking sh*t in front of the boys.


Mission Passed



L-L will text.


Had a phone call, head Albo wants to meet. Come to the club. Laters bro.

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Radios? Vehicles? HUD? New TV Shows?

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eh, that'll come when the time is right...all superficial add ons to make a concept look pretty. Getting there with character images though, broke the back of it.


Trust Is a Virtue


Papi walks into the Triangle Club and immediately spots L-L and Cammie sitting with Jose, one of the club’s managers. Jose hands over a stack of cash and returns to his office. In the background, you can see Jose’s two brothers, Jesus and Javier, hassling a stripper who begins to walk away.

“Come on baby, two for one?” Javier almost begs.

“Yo chicka, I know you want two hermano’s, feel me?” Jesus is at least a bit more couth.

“Idiota, pendejo.” Papi mumbles under his breath and approached the table.

“Papi man.” Cammie reaches his hand out. “Ready to roll out?”

“Yo man, let me get a drink or something?” Papi took a seat and stood right back up again.

“Aint no time bro, Albo prick’s offering something, he aint say what…I want you there hermano, this be part of your rise, man.” L-L spoke up as if he only just arrived.

“A’ight, we good then.” Papi says as they leave.


Get in the light blue Huntley Sport and drive literally around the corner to the Grocery Store on Alcatraz Avenue. Park up to trigger the cutscene.


L-L and Cammie walk up to the shutter and give some sort of secret coded triple knock. The shutter comes open and an Albanian guard with a Sawn off Shotgun answers.

“Three…hm.” The guard contemplates opening the second door.

“Your boss knows we’ve come as we are.” Cammie says in a slightly scared tone.

“You, leave blade here. Pick up on way back.” The guard points to L-L’s machete slung over his back as it always is.

“Yo nigga, don’t be f*cking with it eh?” L-L reluctantly hands over his machete to the guard, who clutches it menacingly after opening the second door.

Papi follows L-L and Cammie down the concrete steps into a small smoky room with a poker table in the middle, three glasses set out at the empty seats, an older man occupying the last seat, smoking a fat cigar.

“Please, gentlemen. Take a seat.” The man smiles a toothless grin, gripping the cigar with his gums.

“Straight down the business.” L-L demanded, getting out his lighter and cigarettes.

“Take one.” The older man offers a cigar each, L-L and Papi taking one, the older man looking at Cammie confused.

“Oh…I’m trying to quit.” Cammie laughs sheepishly.

“Ah, drink instead?” The older man pulls out a bottle of Cherenkov. “And where are my manners? I am Saban Dostri.”

“Mister Dostri, why have you called this meeting?” Cammie asks as Saban pours vodka all round.

“I want you boys to have something. You’ve shown heart in this brief altercation we have had, and you have earned it. You were right to kill my asshole of an understudy and burn his wretched torture chamber. Gone are the days of noble moneymaking. I am too old to pursue a successor, so I offer to you, in exchange for the lives of myself and any of my remaining soldiers, our Prostitution racket.”

Cammie and L-L look at each other and look back at Dostri, who is doing the same toothless grin.

“Three of us, one of you. Why don’t we just kill you and take it all?” L-L draws in the cigar.

“Because there is one thing I have that you will not be able to take from me.” Dostri grinned the same creepy grin, this time with an evil look in his eyes.

“What’s that?” Cammie asked.

“The drugs. I get mine straight from the source, you just received the dog sh*t from Afrim, my new drugs Lieutenant would keep up the supply.”

“Hand over the contact, unless you want to see Little Bay in ashes.” L-L threatened with fire in his Latin eyes.

“You can burn me out of my home, but you will not get what you are asking without paying a price on my terms.”

“How much are you asking?” Cammie tried to keep his cool.

“Twenty thousand. Nothing compared to what you’ll be making if you can get the money together.”

Cammie and L-L both take out wads of cash and put in seven grand each.

“’Paps, you got your six?” L-L will ask you.


From here, two different cutscenes will play, depending on how much money you have.


I have the money

“Yeah, got it right here.” Papi takes out notes and gets out six thousand.


I don’t have the money

“Ah sh*t…sorry brothers.” Papi opens up his jacket and counts up, coming up short.

“Ah, seems you’ve got an issue.” Dostri sits back with the evil grin on his ages face.

“Get out on the streets and earn that sh*t, call me and we’ll get back here.” Cammie tells you.

With the mission over, you’ll have to scrap together the remainder of the $6000 that you need. Call Cammie once you have it and go back to the Grocery Store after calling him.


Papi: Yo man, I got the money.

Cammie: A’ight, we’ll be at the same spot we were at.


Whether you had the money or came back with it, the cutscene continues as follows.


“We’ve got it all. Twenty thousand.” L-L puts the three stacks of cash in the table.

“I trust that you will not be f*cking with us. I will count this and organize a meeting, I shall call you Lorenzo, when a meeting has been set. Gentlemen.” Dostri raises his glass.

“If you dare screw us over.” L-L leans in and whispers to Saban. “We will burn Little Bay.”

Saban Dostri could only smile as the gang left the basement, L-L taking his machete.


Mission Passed


Reggie W will text.


Yo, I aint 2 gd wit dis sh*t, so cum round and we’ll tlk. L8rs, Reggie.


Reggie W Mission Strand unlocked.

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A Problem Shared


Papi walks up to Reggie’s house in the low rises on Planche Street and looks up to the balcony to see Reggie huffing on a joint.

“Eh yo, I’ll come down.” Reggie says and coughs, throwing the roach away.

Moments later, Reggie appears downstairs looking worse for wear.

“Yo Reggie, you good hermano?” Papi asks an ‘enlightened’ Reggie.

“Yeah bro, aint smoked that sh*t in a long while…gone roll me ‘nother in the ride.” Reggie throws you the keys and points to his red Vincent parked across the street.


Reggie: Take us to the Point, I hope you’ve got a war face son.


Drive to the general Chase Point area.


Papi: War face? I just finished one war.

Reggie: Now we gonna dive back into another. I got that problem. I go into the joint with a lil beef here and there, I come out and some nigga’s try shooting up my block!

Papi: What you talking ‘bout?

Reggie: Whilst you being Mister Big with them Albo’s, aint you hear? Fresh done sent a crew to shoot up the joint. Lucky I was inside at the time.

Papi: sh*t bro for real? What we doing out here? The Point be the f*cking jungles man.

Reggie: You gonna drive me about for a bit and we gonna hit up a few of their digs, I be ready with that chopper, you just keep your head and your feet down, got it?

Papi: Yeah homie, I got it.


Once you’re down at Chase Point, let Reggie cap off some shots off at the dealers on the lowest block of Chase Point, encompassed by Rocket Street. Once he kills all four groups of targets, the Crew Chief with come running out of the alley on Spin Street with his entourage and gets in a black Locus. Follow them as they drive down an alley and out into South Bohan. Follow them down Attica Avenue and onto Hollowback Street, where they are wiped out by a Trashmaster from Wallkill Avenue and are sent flying through a shutter of the Drugs store.


Follow Reggie and join him in finished off the dealers to end the mission.


“Aint one of them left standing…nice. I’ll go ditch the ride, meet me back at mine?” Reggie walks back to his car.

“There’s gonna be heat, Vice Squad aint gonna let this slide.” Papi says worriedly.

“I know man, we done good.” Reggie replies dismissively.


Mission Passed


You are now at war with the Vice Squad in Chase Point! Vice Squad Corner Wars unlocked


Text from L-L received.


Come down the club, something big has happened.


A mission markers now appears at the Triangle Club


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Money Over Bullshit

Some more nice missions man although I find it hard to believe that the Albanians would back out of the war and give up their source just like that.. hopefully not. I really liked the second mission because I can imagine some Cutty Wise type rolling hard on some f*ckers haha. I thought you had originally planned to include Teddy Benavidez in this topic no?

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they've got the whores to keep them afloat. I've tried to portray Saban Dostri as one of the few characters capable of rational thought; he knows the drugs are causing too much trouble and rather than spark a further conflict with diminshing numbers, he'd rather make his money elsewhere and with less bloodshed. Teddy gets his moment and his death, in a Street Kings kinda way, provides catalyst for another characters downfall and one of Papi's less noble moments. Survival of the fittest isnt as badass as it sounds.


Celebrate the Good Times


Papi enters the Triangle Club without the usual bouncer trouble and reads the notice on the second door: “Private Function”. Wondering what it could mean, he walks through the door to see the entire interior decorated with banners saying “Congratulations”. Carlito had his best girls performing and almost every member of Papi’s gang was in attendance. Patch, Roadtrain and Ted were all sitting at a table passing a blunt and sipping the finest cognac. L-L was taking in a line of coke at another table with various girls, one dark haired olive skinned female caught Papi’s eye. He did all the usual checks, his appearance, his breath, but was stopped when Carlito noticed him.

“There he is, good job Papi my man!” Carlito shouts from the bar.

Papi approaches the bar to see Cammie nervously clutching a beer and Angelo huffing on a cigar.

“Papi bro, damn good work homie!” Cammie noticed Papi and got up to shake his hand.

“You’ve made it Papi. Have tonight off and talk to LB in the morning.” Angelo shook Papi’s hand as a sign of respect.


Go talk to Patch and the crew to trigger the next cutscene.


“Got the end all sticky and sh*t!” Patch takes the joint from Roadtrain and turns around to see Papi.

“Yo Patch, you a’ight?” Papi hugs Patch in a brotherly fashion.

“All the way to the top nigga!” Ted laughs in the background.

“Done a damn fine job on them Albo’s ‘Paps!” Roadtrain congratulates Papi.

“Got something special for you bro.” Ted reaches in his jacket pocket and pulls outs a perfectly rolled spliff. “High grade, got my best sh*t.” Ted hands you the blunt and smiles before taking a toke from the one he and the crew are passing around.


Head over to L-L where he’s doing lines of cocaine with two girls.

“Papi brother, take a seat! Alex, rack one up for my homie.” L-L ordered the coked up whore.

“Don’t talk to me like that, back home you’d be my f*cking gardener.” Alex spat back viciously.

“Alex! Shut up!” The other dark haired girl told her friend playfully.

“Don’t you dare speak at me like that you whore!” L-L stood up, knocking the table and losing Papi’s line of coke. “Kay, go out back and give my man something special…”


Follow Kay, the dark haired girl out to the back room. Once there, she’ll sit you down.


Kay: What you want tonight then big boy…? I can get Alex in here and we can go two for one.

Papi: Nah baby, I want you all to myself.”


Kay gets on her knees as Papi lights up the blunt, leaning back. Kay leans in but is interrupted by gunfire. Papi gets behind the sofa, rearranges himself and drags Kay back.


Papi: Stay back here girl.


A Vice Squad gunman armed with a Micro SMG enters the room, Papi blindly fires his Automatic 9mm and kills the Vice Squad gunman, then takes the Micro SMG. He walks out of the room cautiously and sprays at the gunman to the left walking in the buildings rear exit.


Head out into the lobby to see your gang engaged in a violent shootout with the Vice Squad.


Take up a cover position and gun down the attackers on the other side of the building. Cammie will have them pinned down from the bar along with the shotgun toting barman, Roadtrain and Ted will be shooting from near the main stage while Patch is tending to L-L’s wounds. Nay Nay and Peanut arrive from the rear door and support you.


Nay Nay: You a’ight ‘Paps? I aint hear of this party ‘til someone started popping shots.

Papi: Vice Squad I think, Reggie got me in some deep sh*t with these nigga’s.

Nay Nay: Damn man, that’s old beef!

Papi: I didn’t know bro, hitting these f*ckers hard though.


Once the last gunman drops, a cutscene will ensue.


“Stick in there for me L.” Patch desperately tries patching up L-L’s gunshot wound to the abdomen.

“Oh sh*t, we gotta get you to a hospital!” The ditzy Alex says, rigid with fear.

“Don’t be stupid bitch, second we roll up with a man shot to sh*t they’ll be asking questions!” Papi responded, Alex’s stupidity touched a slight nerve.

“Oh my God! Where’s Kay?” Alex completely changed the subject.

“She’s out the back, go get her. I’ll get L-L out of here.” Papi ordered Alex.

“’Paps…take my ride man, get me back to the ‘Jects.” L-L was propped against the wall, he got his keys out of his dead driver’s top pocket.

“Patch, go bring L’s town car round the back, meet you there in five bro.” Papi gave the order.


Walk the wounded L-L back to his car, you’ll pass Kay and Alex on the way.


Alex: Lorenzo baby are you ok?

Kay: Leave them Alex…

Papi: Kay chica you coming with us.


Go outside to trigger the cutscene of Papi helping L-L into the back of his Washington, Patch will sit next to L-L and you’ll be driving with Kay next to you.


Drive to the Projects.


Papi: You hanging in back there L?

L-L: Aint nothing…Doc’ll get me patched up. Yo I wanna thank you Papi, I’m glad you the one getting promoted, not that asshole Wee Man.

Patch: That nigga long gone man.

L-L: Thieving lil bitch…

Papi: Keep yourself calm L, don’t get vexed over nothing.


Soon enough you’ll arrive at the Projects, Patch will walk L-L to the building then come back.


“He told me to give you this bro. I’m gonna head down the spot, see what’s going on.” Patch hands you a wad of cash and leaves.


Now you’ve got to drive Kay home.


Papi: Where you live girl?

Kay: Lower Easton, near Chinatown.


Along the way, Kay will instigate conversation.


Kay: So…tell me about yourself Papi?

Papi: I guess you should know my real name.

Kay: That’d be a start…

Papi: I’m Dominic Garza, I was born here in Northern Gardens.

Kay: Any family here?

Papi: I got a brother, he’s an asshole. My old man got shot up in the streets whilst my mamma was pregnant with me…poor bastard was trying to make ends meet.

Kay: I’m sorry to hear that Papi…

Papi: No worry girl, I aint think on him too much.

Kay: What about your mom?

Papi: She spends all her time in bars, picking up older men…

Kay: And your brother?

Papi: Fiend ass nigga. Sorry for my language.

Kay: Quite the gentleman.

Papi: How about you baby?

Kay: I’m Kay Hartman, my grandparents moved here from China, made my mother who then met my dad, deadbeat asshole. Got married, they made me…now here I am, twenty five and still doing lines of coke with gangsters. Mom tells me to do something with my life, dad comes around once a year and does rails with me in nightclub toilets before leaving to pick up a cheap whore. I work part time at The Bearded Clam near my house. Story of my life. What about you, what do you do?

Papi: I deal drugs.

Kay: My dad’s a police officer. A bad one at that. Spends his time on duty hanging at criminal bars picking up “information” and his off duty time is spent in nightclubs.

Papi: Woe is us, girl.

Kay: So…want my number?

Papi: Put it in my phone, it’s in my pocket.

Kay: Mmm okay, hopefully I’ll find something else.


You’ll eventually reach Kay’s apartment on Luddite Row.


Kay: I’d invite you in…it’s a bit of a sh*thole.

Papi: Babe I live in Bohan…this place is like a mansion.

Kay: Some other time? Call me.

Papi: See you soon girl.


Mission Passed


Kay Hartman’s phone number added.

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Push ‘Em Back


Papi heads over to his drug corner to meet Patch. Once there, Patch will be working the same trade.

“Got that Night Light, real sh*t over here!” Patch touts. “Yo Mister Runner-Man, I aint call your bitch ass up for a re-up!” Patch jokes with you, shaking hands and pulling Papi close.

“I aint moving up and leaving my boys out here on they own, Squad be pushing hard man.” Papi explains, taking out a cigarette and sparking it up.

“You aint got sh*t to worry about down here homie.” Patch tries to calm Papi, the situation is worsened by one of the hoppers running up the street.

“Man, VEE ESS just hit up D-Starr’s joint, copped the nigga straight in the heart yo!” The hopper runs up to Papi and Patch, sweating.

“They headed this way?” Papi draws his Automatic 9mm in defence.

“I just come from the ‘Jects on Worm Street, I split once I heard the shots pop.”

“Get Roadtrain down here Patch…they aint touching our sh*t.” Papi orders Patch.


Roadtrain arrives shortly with both of his Revolvers.


Roadtrain: Yo Papi, I aint see the motherf*ckers?

Papi: They coming homie…


Sure enough, a light blue Willard cruises up, loaded up with gangsters. Open fire with Roadtrain and try to kill them all before they can regroup. That isn’t it though. More Vice Squad come crawling out of the woodwork, but thankfully you’ll have most of the gang backing you up. Gang members on the low rise balconies and even street thugs will be helping you.


Patch: Yo Papi! They coming down the steps!


Turn your attention to behind the fire station where about six Vice Squad gangsters come down the stairs firing their weapons. Drop them and turn around sharp, a Vincent attempts a drive by so get in cover and kill the attackers.


Regroup back at the courts with Roadtrain and Patch.


“Patch you f*cking pussy!” Roadtrain approaches Patch with murderous intent.

“Yo Roadtrain calm your sh*t homie, be Patch’s choice man.” Papi latches on the one of Roadtrain’s hulking tattooed arms to no avail.

“f*ck you man, I hooked you up with that piece!” Patch says nervously, in his defence.

“I’m trying to keep the f*cking peace here. Both of you drop this f*cking bullsh*t now.” Papi shouts at the top of his voice, scaring Roadtrain and Patch into submission. “Vice Squad are gonna keep hitting us hard. I’m gonna head out and take some of they corners. Roadtrain man you got my back on this?”

“Forever ēse.” Roadtrain replies with a nod.

“Patch, if I need something with a bit more power?”

“Call me bro, and I’ll come over.” Patch pledges his loyalty.


Mission Passed



To unlock the next mission, you need to have taken all of the Vice Squad’s corners in Chase Point.


Once you’ve taken over Chase Point, you’ll get a call from LB.


Papi: Yo LB man I been meaning to hit you up, got caught up in some nasty sh*t.

LB: Man I heard, VEE ESS been retreating though, feel me?

Papi: For real?

LB: Yeah homie, I been scoping sh*t out, come see me at the joint and we’ll hit the streets.

Papi: A’ight bro, I’ll be over soon.


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Now, I've never seen The Wire or any of the other inspiration for this concept thread you've got here so the whole backdrop you've created is new to me. But let me tell you, All In The Game is A-League, another dimension stuff. I love the thought and effort that has gone into every little detail of the setting and story. The sheer diversity of the characters is amazing.


I want to rave about the dialogue because I know just how much must've gone into bringing each character alive and cultivating a real authentic, kick-you-in-the-teeth Liberty City underworld. The portrayals are spot on. And to think Papi was just a ten second bit player in the Ballad, the Vice Squad graffiti on a wall and LC gangdom nothing but a sea of names. You've bought it to life here, man. Whole different ball game. I want to read more. Can't complain or pick at one thing. Missions are long and crazy in-depth, but what the f*ck. I wouldn't expect anything less. Bravo.

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Rebel Yell

That's the stuff I was waiting for. Actually I've seen this before, but act'd late to drop a comment. I liked the development of the concept. Goes differently when it's compared to other concepts. I liked the missions Papi and his homies shot down the Albo corners. Also it's different and good to have NGSF and Albos having a sitdown, at that mission I realized that you're trying to give Saban Dostri a developed character, badass style. I mean Saban is cool, just acting like a street man. But my favourite character is L-L I can say, just the type of a crime man I like, acts with his tempers and of course that machete reflecting his characteristic. Also Reggie W sounded me like "Cutty" Wise, a man pushing his back to appropiate guys after the prison years. Well, I want to say it was worth to wait it's going out of the oven.

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Now, I've never seen The Wire or any of the other inspiration for this concept thread you've got here so the whole backdrop you've created is new to me. But let me tell you, All In The Game is A-League, another dimension stuff. I love the thought and effort that has gone into every little detail of the setting and story. The sheer diversity of the characters is amazing.


I want to rave about the dialogue because I know just how much must've gone into bringing each character alive and cultivating a real authentic, kick-you-in-the-teeth Liberty City underworld. The portrayals are spot on. And to think Papi was just a ten second bit player in the Ballad, the Vice Squad graffiti on a wall and LC gangdom nothing but a sea of names. You've bought it to life here, man. Whole different ball game. I want to read more. Can't complain or pick at one thing. Missions are long and crazy in-depth, but what the f*ck. I wouldn't expect anything less. Bravo.

ah stop it, making me all coy! haha jokes aside, thank you mate, I'm the first to admit this is gonna be a long haul but I'm glad you've got the perseverance to see it through from start to finish. Pressures on now, haha!


thank you MarijuanaMonkey, hopefully a bit more insight can be provided into L-L's persona, I really fear that character development drops off once I hit about the twentieth mission confused.gif ah well, will see where it goes, thank you for your support!


keeping it simple with this one, however bonus points for the man who catches the double name drop wink.gif


Drug Run


Papi waits around on Leavenworth Avenue in Industrial, wondering where LB was. Behind him, a fellow gang member opens the metal doorway.

“Papi? Over here.” The gang member remains quiet as he calls Papi over, through the door.

“Where’s LB at?” Papi demands.

“He’s inside the building, this place is our storehouse.” The gang member explains.

“sh*t man, pretty tucked away.” Papi says in awe, looking at the abandoned building in the compound.

“Yo ‘Paps homie!” Reggie W says as you approach the building.

“Got that security gig bro?” Papi shakes hands with Reggie.

“Yeah man, I’m coming out on a run with you and LB in a bit.”

“Where’s my homie LB at?” The gang member interrupts.

“As always, inside making sure nobody stealing sh*t. You know that, fool.” Reggie replies.

“A’ight Reggie, catch you later.” Papi and the gang member go inside as Reggie knocks and the shutter is pulled up.


Once inside, Papi is led through the warehouse, which is run like a production line. Product comes in, is cut, put into vials and then put in black trash bags ready to be distributed to various stash houses around Liberty City. LB is seen patrolling the warehouse with a Pump Action Shotgun in hand and a vigilant eye.

“Yo Papi my man! You down for a quick run? Just got our first batch of product in from the Greeks. Good job on securing that connect bro.” LB walks over to you and gives you a quick dap.

“Yeah man, gotta re-up my boy’s new place over the Point anyway.” Papi follows LB to the loading bay, where the black Landstalker is being loaded.

“Let’s hit that sh*t then. You-” LB points to one of the thugs in the warehouse, passing him the shotgun. “Ride with us, don’t get shot.”


Get in the Landstalker and go to the first waypoint; Ted’s stash house on Altona Avenue.


LB: Need to set you up with your own main stash spot bro.

Papi: Got a place in mind?

LB: Yeah…it’s occupied now though.

Papi: Who’s holding it?

LB: Vice Squad.

Papi: It’s mine.

LB: Damn ‘Paps, you got some fire in ya’ll!

Papi: f*ckers going down LB, where’s the joint at?

LB: Near Fortside, I’ll point it out to you when we get over that way.


Outside Ted’s stash, two of his goons will approach. Get out with the shotgun toting thug and go to the tailgate of the Landstalker. Hand over the goods and get back in the SUV.


Papi: Like f*cking pie, man.

LB: Where’s your stash spot in the Point?

Papi: One of the vacants on Windmill, run by a homie off the block called Yaz.


Drive to Windmill Street in Chase Point.


LB: Just down the block from the VS place.

Papi: sh*t, how aint I noticed it?

LB: Pretty non-descript, they run minimal security on that gig.


After the short drive, park outside the vacant house and get out to knock on the graphitized blue door. An unlocking sound will be heard and Yasiin “Yaz” Kweli pokes his head out the door.

“Papi…” Yaz mutters to himself, opening up the metal bar door in front of the blue door.

“Got your sh*t man. Yo, bring it over.” Papi orders the thug, who takes a black sack from the Landstalker and simultaneously takes a shot from a Vice Squad hotshot.

“f*cking ambush!” LB gets out of the SUV and fires on the young thug.


Help LB drop the Vice Squad stragglers and pick up the dropped re-up, returning it to Yaz.


Papi: Take it and up security out here man.

Yaz: Catch you around the way homie.


Get back in the Landstalker.


LB: I’ll take you to the VEE ESS warehouse, keep a low profile, looks like they still out here.

Papi: f*cking shame about the kid.

LB: Nigga’s like that come and go, he aint real enough for our sh*t.


Drive around the corner to the Sprunk factory on Attica Avenue and park on the sidewalk opposite.


“There it be.” LB points to the Sprunk factory. “Usually got dudes on the roof, scoping sh*t.”

“How the f*ck did I miss this?” Papi was shocked he didn’t spot the warehouse first.

“You gonna hit it up? Gonna need more people than us.” LB wisely suggests.

“Nah, not today…gonna get my sh*t together first man.” Papi sits back in deep thought.

“Switch over, I’ll drop you back at the ‘Jects. I gotta get back to the spot.” LB checks his watch and he swaps seats with you.


You’ll find yourself back at the Projects in Northern Gardens. Time to get planning.


Mission Passed



Ted calls.


Ted: Yo man, I got the call. Squad be running scared man. Word is they got themselves one last corner up on Beaumont and Guan-Tan, away from the docks. Spot be busy-busy, nigga’s digging they heels in.

Papi: Good looking out T, you wanna roll with me on this one?

Ted: No can do ‘Paps, got my joint to look out fo’, you dig?

Papi: A’ight, I’ll catch you round the way homie.


Papi automatically calls Reggie W.


Papi: Eh yo Reggie?

Reggie: Yeah Papi?

Papi: Wanna hit back on those nigga’s on the Point?

Reggie: Fo’ sure homie, where we at?

Papi: Get a crew and meet me over at your place.


A Gang symbol appears around the corner at Reggie’s place.


Patch calls.


Patch: Yo man, got that number for that connect!

Papi: I’m caught up in some sh*t, can you take it to L-L? Good looking out though brother.

Patch: A’ight, don’t get iced over some hood sh*t though. Laters bro.


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Occupied Territory


Papi arrives at Reggie’s place where he and two other thugs are sat with their guns in hand.

“Who that?” A baseball cap wearing thug points his piece at the door.

“Yo Casey man, it’s cool bro it’s Papi.” A stoned Reggie welcomes you into his apartment.

“Yo Papi man…I heard a lot about you.” A broken tooth gangster smiles.

“sh*t Raggedy Man, show this man here some respect dog! Nigga done climbed and climbed, be helping me with my problem too.” Reggie put buck-tooth in his place. “We ready to ride out?”

“So long as you boys is strapped, we ready.” Papi opens the door he had just closed.


Outside, jump in the red Vincent and drive over to Chase Point, on Beaumont Avenue.


Reggie: So how’s it going down?

Papi: I was thinking keep one of your boys at the wheel, rest of us walk up on them, no need to take it slow. Then we blast any hoppers and looks we get in our sights, hopefully they Crew Chief and maybe even a Lieutenant will show face, then we bust that nigga.

Reggie: Casey man you stay in the ride, Rags’ need to pop his cherry.

Casey: I told you Reg, I’m a killer!

Reggie: Not today you aint boy, you a wheelman.

Papi: Casey bro, keep the engine going, wait further up Beaumont, swing round and grab us when we give the signal.

Casey: A’ight, a’ight don’t be busting my balls over this sh*t.


Drive past the corner to trigger the next set of dialogue.


Papi: There it be boys.

Raggedy Man: Yo man it’s that snake Bolo!

Casey: Damn, what’s that nigga doing out here on Squad turf?

Raggedy Man: Aint no worry, I’ll cap his ass.

Papi: I’ll take the ride up a bit, then switch over.


Park in the marker further up Beaumont Avenue, outside an abandoned building.


Reggie: Remember Casey, engine running and swing by.

Casey: Got it Reg.


On foot, cross the road and approach the corner. Start gunning down the dealers.


Bolo: Oh sh*t they coming for us! Call Dice, get some back up!


Aim your weapon at Bolo to trigger an Execution cutscene.


Papi grabs Bolo from the stoop before he can draw a piece and throws him against the metal shutter of the Wines & Liquors store.

“Yo man, whose Dice?” Papi aims his gun at Bolo’s head, holding him against the shutter whilst Reggie and Raggedy Man cover him.

“I aint know no Dice…he aint sh*t to me man!” Bolo replies frantically.

“Don’t make me air your dome out.” Papi’s finger tightens around the trigger.

“Yo, yo! A’ight, he’s my LT, he runs the show out here. He’s coming down…” Papi finishes Bolo’s sentences with a gunshot through the mouth.

“Hold it down here ‘til Dice shows.” Papi tells his crew.


Soon enough, a white on black Landstalker shows up, four armed gangsters step out.


Papi: Drop ‘em!


Kill the rest of the thugs and walk up to Dice, who was wounded in the fire fight, sat propped against the Landstalker.


Papi: Where’s your boss at?

Dice: I aint got no boss, who you talking to?

Papi: I know you aint lone ranger, you used to roll with Bolo’s crew?

Dice: I’m the reason that nigga got his corner!

Papi: Tell me where to find your boss!

Dice: You’ll meet him soon enough.


Kills Dice and turn around to see a mass of Vice Squad gangsters emerge from the woodwork.


Papi: Get in cover! Raggedy Man, get Casey down here!


Hide behind the Landstalker and Casey will come screaming down Beaumont Avenue and take a bullet, forcing him to stop. Three more bullets later and he’s out of action.


Papi: Hold it down here boys, I’ll go get the car!


Make a sprint for the Vincent and get in the driver’s seat, leaving Casey’s body for the vultures. Return to pick up Reggie and Raggedy Man and get back to Reggie’s.


Papi: f*ck me that’s was f*cking intense!

Reggie: Man…coulda been one of us out there!

Raggedy Man: Yo, Casey aint no killer but he sure was a soldier. Forties go to the kerb for that nigga man, fo’ real.

Papi: We pushing those fools back harder and harder, they aint got a leg to stand on.

Reggie: Yeah but they still in force. Gotta find where they hiding at.

Papi: LB showed me a spot, some warehouse joint.

Reggie: We’ll get a crew together and hit that place up, I’ll call Nay.

Papi: Gonna need about two cars of boys, place looks tight.

Reggie: We’ll get sh*t sorted, call you when Nay’s got a crew up.


Back at Reggie’s, watch him and Raggedy Man walk into Reggie’s apartment and you’ll have completed the mission.


Mission Passed



Reggie calls.


Reggie: Nay said come over to the Bunker. You know the place on Rocket Street.

Papi: I’ll be over there soon homie, he got a crew together?

Reggie: Few of us, got a few of yours boys over here too.

Papi: A’ight Reg, be there in a bit.


A Gang symbol appears at a warehouse on Rocket Street, Chase Point.

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Great missions! I love how you strike the balance of grit and realism with the shootouts required to brutally advance the story. Things are heating up now!

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