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Any Graphics Designers Out There?


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I have a character concept that I have roughly drawn and I would like to create it in 3D for Animation.

Does anyone know how to do this using Autodesk 3DSMax/Maya?

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Character modelling is quite time-consuming work. You may not get feedback from here, try and check the modding section You can do requests somewhere there.

1 rough sketch won´t take You far. You need several drawings from different views if You want the final product to match what You have thought.

Probably would be good to sketch also crucifixion positions, that´s how they rig the animation skeleton to the 3D model if I´m right.

Then it needs to be textured too, use colors.


Game concept art can give You a hint about it.


Do You want custom animations? That´s more work then.


If You want just a basic model for previous era GTA (SA, VC, 3) then it would be somewhat easier.

People use the default animations for them, just add their own 3D model in Blender/3DS or what they use.


Not my cup of tea, but like said there may be guys on modding section who could help You further.




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