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gta vice city android graphic problem

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Vice city has annoying bugs. This is version 1.03. The game has a lot of graphic problems. The 3d models are overlapping oddly. And panels of the cars dont load correctly. This is on a kindle fire hd. 1.5 processing 1 gig ram android 4.0 ice cream sandwich

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Can you post some screena with your problem?

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Can someone help me? I recently got gta vice city 10th anniversary and the graphics are all screwed up. There are overlapping problems and the vehicle models flicker. This is on a kindle fire hd. 1gig of ram. 1.5 processor. Os android 4.0

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Well your phone isn't officialy supported by R* so game may not run correctly. I have couple of graphic glitches in my game too (I play on Xperia Play which is even supported phone sad.gif ) .

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I went ahead and merged your 2 threads----


Have you messed with the settings (in game)-- ie reduce draw distance, dynamic shadows off, reduce resolution, etc??? do the Problems persist if you put visual settings all at minimum.


Have you tried reinstalling??


Also-- not sure how much you can control stuff with the kindle fire-- with the game running, what is your "available" RAM-- are you maxed out with it running?? or close to it.


What I would do (this is basic freeing up of resources)--


Turn off your wifi (and any other wireless connections like bluetooth), restart tablet, make sure your wireless connections are still off, kill all running processes you can-- preferably with something preinstalled on the tablet-- android doesn't like task killers but use a good one if that is all you have....


Check your available ram-- start the game and load up-- recheck your available RAM and see where you are.... post up what you get.


If this helps then start tweaking up your visual settings but not too much at one time.


I have had a few issues on my galaxy S3 phone but it runs pretty well overall-- ran it briefly on my kid's nexus 7 and it looked and acted fine but I didn't play much on it.


If you go to your OS settings-- look for something called "Developer options" or something similar-- my phone has this and it allows me to limit the number of running processes... If I set it to 3, it only keeps open my 3 most recently used apps-- if I open a 4th, it will kill the one I used the longest ago...


anyway-- can't help you specifically (since I haven't used that tablet) but hopefully something I mentioned helped.



Edited by Spuds725

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Try to remove gta_vc.set file.

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