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GTA IV & GTA III Comparison

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I'm basically using this thread as an excuse to post these pictures. blush.gif


I looked around the construction yard in South Bohan when I thought about GTA III. So I even got a Rancher that looks like a Cartel Cruiser.

user posted image

user posted image


So I decided to make the gang cars from GTA III. Here's the Diablo Stallion.

Note: I used the Vigero and resprayed it at night. I thought it was black but it was dark red. Because the gang car has flames on it, I thought about using blood stains as the flames because I'm crazy and creative. colgate.gif

user posted image

user posted image

I was going to use the Stallion but I couldn't find it for sh*t so I used the Vigero.


I also made the Yakuza Stinger. I used a Comet and got it white and used the same method from making the Diablo Stallion.

user posted image

Won't believe how many resprays that took. I started to think the car's original colour was the one that came right after white.


When making the Diablo Stallion and Yakuza Stinger, I ran over SO MANY PEOPLE. Also to make the Mafia Sentinel, obtain a Sentinel XS from Westdyke most likely and respray it until it's grey. biggrin.gif

Wait, I just realized the blood pattern on the Yakuza Stinger looks better than the Stallion's.



Also, sorry for the low quality pictures. So basically this thread is about comparing vehicles, areas, and other things from GTA IV to GTA III. You can post pictures of it, send links, use mods, not use mods, just do what you can do.

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user posted image

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Haha. The Yakuza Stinger looks awesome mate. Yo I should do others from other GTA games. Leone Sentinel'd be an easy one! lol.gif

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