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[REL|SA]mta2scm - online map converter

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mta2scm is an online tool for converting MTA maps to SCM code ready to use in missions or CLEO scripts.


As probably most of the scripters know, filling up the missions with actors, vehicles and objects can be a long and quite boring process. With only basic tools you have to handle each actor/vehicle/object seperatly - find a place for it, save its coordinates, find its model ID and put all of it into a proper function(s).


In my personal opinion, the best tool for setting up the game enviroment is MTA Map Editor, which allows you to position everything at once and save it to an xml file. This is where mta2scm comes in - it converts the .map file to a complete SCM code ready for copy&paste. Detailed features:

  • Model loading section
  • Creating actors, vehicles and objects
  • Setting up the rotations for all the actors, vehicles and objects
  • Selecting interior and linking to it actors, vehicles and objects
  • Releasing loaded models for better performance
  • Variables start from [email protected] skipping [email protected] and [email protected], which are built-in timers and can't be used to store anything else
  • Describing elements with the name set in MTA Map Editor as comments next to the creating functions
I am planning to extend the functionality of mta2scm to support pickups and markers (spheres). If you got any suggestions, then I'll be happy to hear them.


Video showing mta2scm in action:




Link to the tool:



You can either upload a .map file or just simply put the contents of a .map file in the second text field.

Edited by MakG[GZ]

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[silent's Quality Mark picture here]




That's a pretty nice thing.

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Hey, good work.

It should have come earlier when I was porting MTA's Slender Gamemode to a MPACK!

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do you have the offline tool for MTA2SCM to san andreas? I normally don't have internet at home, I want that offline verson tool so badly! pls! I was keep searching for offline app tool MTA2SCM to add to scm and it not there but online

MedEditor sucks anyway because of crashes.

Edited by skatefilter5

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