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Can someone help with viewing GTA1 texture files?

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Hi guys,


Can someone let me know if there are any utilities, programs or anything out there that would allow me to view (or preferably extract) any of the tiles/textures/BMPs or whatever in the 1997 Grand Theft Auto (first one) for DOS or Windows?


I just want to be able to view the 'tiles' that make up the cities (any of the 2D art assets that make up the textures on the roads, grass, trees, fences, water, buildings etc) so I could potentially edit them in a paint program (I'm not interested in putting them back into the game afterwards).


Of course, I'm not doing this for any commercial benefit, it's just for personal use!


Thanks in advance!


"Keep playing the classics!"

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GTA Cars will let you extract tiles from GTA1.


The tiles have all been converted to GTA2, so you can use GTA2 STY Tool to extract images from the conversion, if you prefer.


What are you going to use them for?

Edited by Sektor

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Thanks so much - that was easy!


Wow, that's really cool and just what I needed.


I faffed around for a while before I saw the option to load 'Tiles' instead of 'Sprites' - GTACars is a bit of a misnomer if you ask me (!) and at first I thought it only let you view vehicles, exlosions and pedestrian sprites etc, but I got there in the end!


I'm trying to make a big poster built out of various city elements, but I was working the old-fashioned way and looking through tons of snapshots of the game running and then cutting them out - useless!


Thanks again, this'll really save me time!



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