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The Pizza Delivery Guy

Slender Man Poem

Recommended Posts

The Pizza Delivery Guy

In English this year we had a poetry unit, and my final poem was based off of Slender Man. I think it turned out quite well and wanted to share it.


user posted image


The hands are large and fingers long,

Cowering in fear over his disturbing song.

Taking a journey, no solace or splendor.

Running from the one known only as Slender.

His presence seals your fate.

Angel of Death, he is no debate.

The strongest of men whimper and cry.

No god could save you, this is no lie.

The darkened coat, no face on the head,

His presence means you're already dead.

For no mere mortal could ever understand:

The feeling within the grasp of Slender Man's hand.


Thank you and goodnight.

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I like it, its clever and unique. It could be longer but meh. smile.gif


More creepypasta is what this forum needs. dozingoff.gif

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The Pizza Delivery Guy

I know this is a pretty old thread, but I did get around to making a second part for Fanfiction.net (thank you AceRay)




Stories tell of a sinister tale,


Of which one's fears never prevail.


The darkest of corners on a lonely night,


Quiet, no sounds adding to the fright.


Ghosts and demons cannot compare,


Take the hand of Slender Man if you dare.


Tender love given by kin,


Leads you only to sin.


The suspicious figure alone in the dark,


Seals your fate before you even embark.


Faint glow of the night shadows his face,


And the heartbeat quickens in pace.


You are told to help and to love,


And then be sent to a glory above.


But when the evil entangles the soul,


True, you never will go.


And when you offer your hand,


He takes way more.


And when he decides the meal was bland…


He will only want more.


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Haha, Pretty cool.

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The Pizza Delivery Guy

010100100110010101100001011011 0001110010


Was ever there a time of dismay?


Show his face he may?


Destructive forces sweep away,


All the pains of every day.



Does life explain Slender?


Takes your life in a blur.


Senseless animals we're.


To dismiss such defer.



The sinister epiphany


Suspicious and deadly


Souls he takes, many.


All worth less than a penny.



So what is the point?


If all he wants is our lives…


Why don't we comply?

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The Pizza Delivery Guy

Double Post for new chapter blush.gif



Combinations of

Words do not affect his pose.

Unstable evil.


Faceless Mindless Pain-

Ful Subconcious twitching hand.

Don’t look at his face.


Never allow his

Games to take over your path-

Etic existence.






Don’t lØØk intØ his eyes…

Fills yØur sØul full Øf lies

He makes yØu his slave

FØrever a drØne in his enclave.


Cannibal nØt.

Human nØt




He is here.


He can’t be real


nøʎ puıɥǝq ʞøøן ʇ,uøp


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The Pizza Delivery Guy

I'll stop soon, probably after one more poem after this one.




These poems could never portray


Even the slightest of dismay


When found alone with the Slender one


And the closing moment of this fun.


They lied and cheated to seal the truth


Undeniable, he is taking our youth


With your face in a twisted grin


Laughing at the idea of such sin.


But no longer will you laugh at the sight


Of the brutal uncaring fright


Following you in the shadows at night


And your mind in constant flight.


Never again will you be late


Never again will you choose your own fate


Never again will you find your home


Never again will you be alone.



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The Pizza Delivery Guy

Definitely the strangest poem style I've written in.





Humanity Fell.


And he survived.


In a metaphorical sense.


The remaining souls, he thrived.


Although the numbers weren't that dense.


His hands offered assistance to the gullible.


His façade led all men away.


He feasted on the weak.


His now still does.


And his goal.


Your death.




Is there even a


Question of humanity


Behind his regard?


Do we even need


To seek salvation once our


Lives belong to him?


Does it matter when


He takes all we hold dear and


Forces us alone.


With him








Or is there a gaze?


Does it matter?


He makes our lives a maze


And the only exit his smatter?


He may be all knowing


And he may hurt you.


But don't be afraid


All he wants is to devour you.


And if you only comply that makes it easier


For you.


And when you don't…


Well. You know the rest.


Slender is real. You need not worry that. Your pain, his gain. Both physically and mentally. If it is his will you must obey. No god could save you, no lie.


So thank you for trying and surviving this long in the ordeal. For you I tip my hat. But the never ending migraine. And the thought following you through every alley. You won't be able to stay away. And you will return to once again meet his gaze and say goodbye.


So don't hope for a bright future.


Don't hope for an end to the strife.


Embrace the love of Slender's composure.


And hold his hand as he takes your life.


You'll soon know it's for the better of mankind.


Because with the end of your pain…


He may finally be restrained and blind.


And Slender will never be seen again.


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The Pizza Delivery Guy

Damn I completely forgot I wrote this months ago:



Broken hearts, filled with desire,


Bent to bring down an empire,


Further looking no more


Past thoughts of pain and gore.


Their weapon, certainly exuberant,


For only to ignite a movement.


To bring forth revolution over their land:


Shall be attack by Slender Man.


Away for a time, out of mind.


To his previous he wasn't kind.


Stowed away in sanctuary


And drawn out by military.


Was to be used a deterrent.


But control wasn't an implement.


Even though the capture itself was quite temporary,


Slender escaped their custody.


Soldiers under surveillance.


HQ hadn't a chance.


Not even an intern was shown pity


As she was followed into the city.


First it was a homeless


That caught Slender as he passed.


And soon authorities arrived.


None of which survived.


News spread quick


Believers and non took their pick.


Soon images generated.


And people debated.


But it all crashed down


In that very town


When a single video, recording live


Caught Slender Man, shown to everyone alive.


Those who didn't see


Still were not able to flee


All, Slender found


All heard Slender's distinct sound.


And now on a barren planet,


Devoid of life and pests.


Slender recedes again.


Never to be seen again.

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The Pizza Delivery Guy

Happy Halloween. I'm only 2 months late.




AAAAAND the one I posted last night.



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AWESOME!!! I love the passion. Love it.

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