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Hidden Bribes


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Having searched this forum I cam up empty. Does anyone have a complete list of all the HIDDEN bribes?

Perhaps I am using the wrong term, maybe I should call it wanted star removers, but let me explain the scenario:

When visiting LV during the 4-star phase, if I drive across the Mako Span bridge down the center median before I hop the wall to get back into Red County, then I get the bribe under Mongomery Intersection. When I head due EAST and stay on the freeway, every time, like clockwork as I cross the bridge that goes over the little diagonal road that goes to Palomino creek, another star melts away. Off the top of my memory, I have noticed these such spots in Blueberry Acres (multiples in this area) as well and a spot near the LS Inlet. If you use a fast boat and go around the island of LS once you're in 4-star mode you will discover there are a few more. Oddly enough there's even a few around the Southern Edge of Whetstone or Flint County too - these ones are odd because you're still in 4-star territory but yet it bumps you to 3-stars until you boat far enough and then the 4-stars are reinstated.

A standard bribe when you are in restricted areas as you know will not put you at 3 stars, it will return to 4 immediately. These zones though seem to act differently. I doubt there's a way to exploit this and make 4-star gaming easier but the thought had crossed my mind.


So - taking a quick trip to LV to get the minigun and returning to LS you can go from 4 stars to 1 star and pick up just one single bribe - quite a trick.



Known hidden bribes/wanted level meltaways:



-Eastbound Freeway lanes as you go on the overpass bridge that goes over the diagonal road that goes into Palomino Creek

-Southeast Corner of Blueberry Acres farm - somewhat North of the regular bribe in the same field - This field is littered with them if you can remember the locations





-Center median of Northbound land of Mako Span - (if LV were restricted, it's on LV side)

-Opposite side of bribe on divider of Julius Thruway South - Westbound Lanes


Maybe these spots remove a certain value worth of wanted level and not necessarily a full star.

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Yeap I've also notice this trying to get the turismo using Zmoonchild method but I think it depends on how many crimes you commite while in Las venturas with 4 stars for example if you runnover or destroy some police vehicles there is less chance that when you get into a "safe zone", if we can call them that, the wanted level will reduce and getting the "bribe" which by the way i think it's the correct term, will reduce to 2 star level and with after a while it will reduce to one star.

Anyways I don't know if this will help you but if you search "GTA SA Police bribes location" in google it will show some maps with those bribes locations, I personally use alot the wikipedia san andreas maps, but there are others.

But it might be a good idea to have some more info on this in the forums, maybe with pictures, the map and the coordenates also.

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Unfortunately, that map doesn't show the only bribe in San Andreas that's actually hidden. A bribe is locked inside of a solid building across the street from the southwest corner of the Doherty construction site. I'm fairly certain this bribe was originally intended to be over the broken bridge in Palomino Creek since all you need to do is remove the "-" sign before the x coordinate to place it perfectly over the bridge.


Bribes are pickups, and very easy to identify in a save file. What you are describing is not a proper "bribe" as normally defined. I know you qualified your description, I just wanted to be clear on this issue.


I think you are describing the natural tendency for the wanted level to fade. The stars fade more quickly when CJ is not in a city, and generally won't fade at all if CJ is in view of a cop. When CJ collects a bribe and is otherwise not causing a lot of trouble or in view of the cops, another star will fade a short time later.


The stars will not fade when CJ is driving a police vehicle or aircraft.


The 4-star restricted areas are not defined by the land masses. There are several spots along the edges of Flint Intersection, Fallen Tree, south LV, and a huge section of Bayside Marina, that are never restricted. I'll see if I can find the map.


user posted image


This map has proven to be very accurate, to a point. If you are trying to sneak a boat past the ship to get to or from the Bayside Marina you'll need to slip along a narrow gap on the east side of the ship, despite the way it looks on the map.


CJ will not earn a wanted level while swimming in restricted territory, and the stars can fade while swimming in restricted areas. Touching bottom will instantly apply the wanted level. CJ will still earn a wanted level for swimming into the military zone at the SF navy base.


I found a better version of the map that includes the military zones.

user posted image

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When you say, "truly hidden" do you mean unable to access, because it is inside the building during normal game play?

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Yes. This is not a usable bribe. There used to be a map with a screenshot of the bribe, but I can't find it. The player used a jetpack to hover inside the building long enough to get a screenshot of the bribe. I'm not sure how he got in there. It might be possible to see it with a grey hell portal and a jetpack, or perhaps a teleport tool was used.


I updated the language of that post to be more clear on the issue that this bribe normally can't be seen.

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Los Santos and Country Bribes


01. x= 2614.074000 y= -2496.038000 z= 33.400730


02. x= 2553.640000 y= -2464.262000 z= 13.620030


03. x= 2296.096000 y= -1696.051000 z= 13.530400


04. x= 2580.833000 y= -1491.032000 z= 24.001700


05. x= 2716.569000 y= -1048.082000 z= 65.444850


06. x= 2272.994000 y= -1099.030000 z= 37.976560


07. x= 1969.861000 y= -1158.012000 z= 20.955120


08. x= 1204.208000 y= -1613.782000 z= 13.700020


09. x= 1183.817000 y= -1250.877000 z= 15.179690


10. x= 733.884800 y= -1137.050000 z= 18.076720


11. x= 610.995100 y= -1459.496000 z= 14.389780


12. x= 1116.408000 y= -719.790300 z= 100.598400


13. x= -735.751200 y= 65.915320 z= 24.098240


14. x= 88.533660 y= -124.964800 z= 1.256244


15. x= 262.090200 y= -148.970300 z= 1.578125


16. x= 690.392600 y= -209.506700 z= 25.037720


17. x= 1643.024000 y= 263.909900 z= 19.560340




Bad Lands and San Fierro Bribes


18. x= -1407.095000 y= -2039.059000 z= 1.025688


19. x= -2155.911000 y= -2371.009000 z= 30.688550


20. x= -1991.354000 y= -1144.230000 z= 29.683280


21. x= -1902.977000 y= -466.547200 z= 25.171880


22. x= -1820.615000 y= -153.978900 z= 9.405615


23. The Hidden Bribe

user posted image

Taken with the help of the GTASA_Center teleporter:

Aproximate coordinates: x= -2118.174000 y= 72.625210 z= 34.664850


24. x= -2022.531000 y= 345.919900 z= 35.171880


25. x= -1689.952000 y= 450.083200 z= 13.470840


26. x= -2636.132000 y= -492.678600 z= 70.088260


27. x= -2410.815000 y= -334.048400 z= 36.589930


28. x= -2454.125000 y= -165.989600 z= 35.312500


29. x= -2656.927000 y= -144.308000 z= 4.014923


30. x= -2682.947000 y= 784.147500 z= 49.984380


31. x= -2009.183000 y= 1227.128000 z= 31.620880


Desert and Las Venturas Bribes


32. x= -2305.128000 y= 2310.095000 z= 4.984375


33. x= -213.486500 y= 2717.515000 z= 62.687500


34. x= 629.226500 y= 2842.969000 z= 25.650440


35. x= 601.780800 y= 2150.292000 z= 39.397580


36. x= -419.297700 y= 1362.425000 z= 12.617990


37. x= 215.702000 y= 1089.286000 z= 16.376730


38. x= 1547.765000 y= 1024.256000 z= 10.820310


39. x= 1854.265000 y= 912.140700 z= 10.820310


40. x= 2033.852000 y= 842.310100 z= 9.721796


41. x= 2096.181000 y= 1286.920000 z= 10.820310


42. x= 2408.078000 y= 1388.336000 z= 21.996060


43. x= 2743.076000 y= 1315.787000 z= 8.411064


44. x= 1987.290000 y= 1542.994000 z= 15.987660


45. x= 1700.519000 y= 1792.456000 z= 10.820310


46. x= 1592.875000 y= 2053.678000 z= 10.679460


47. x= 1970.951000 y= 2330.216000 z= 10.820310


48. x= 2169.341000 y= 2267.933000 z= 14.486820


49. x= 2540.408000 y= 2527.658000 z= 10.820310

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I found a new "hidden" bribe in LV while causing mass destruction, updating original post. The wanted level for the locations I mention in the original post seem to work regardless of cops in view. With 4 stars there are plenty of cops in sight.


[Weasel - your map is of the official bribes which we all know are the golden colored stars - the ones I mention are not visible]


[OrionSR - the locations are repeatable so I don't think it is a natural tendency - try the scenerio I present come back from LV and monitor the program to see what is going on maybe?]

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Wow, I didn't know about these. How did you learn of these? After all these years, I should have discovered this by now on my own. This game seems to be an enigma of secrets.

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I still don't believe they are hidden bribes, from what you are describing they are just wanted level free zones and there are both in LV and some in SF. Found those zones while trying to get the damned "UC2 Vincent" suicidal.gif it's like the panopticum bridge playground you are on a zone that should give you a wanted level and yet you don't get it. Altough I'm not sure this is what you are talking about but try something try going to those areas by swiming into there and staying on the shore of LV Venturas you will notice that you won't get wanted level, there is even a pier right in front of one of the undrawning glitch zones that you can go up the stairs and get to the 2nd level but stop on the stairs further will get you a wanted level.

Orions Map is acqurate it just doesn't have enough resolution for you to see these zones are not restricted, i think.

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I will post a quickie video to show it going from 4 stars to 1 and only getting one bribe. It might have to do with zone hopping.

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King Andreas

Some hidden, non-tangible mission bribes:


-Reuniting the Families: Upon reaching the red marker outside the Jefferson motel, your wanted level is solidified at none.


-Drive-By: Activate the mission; refrain from entering the Greenwood.


-A Home In The Hills: Once the 2nd group of Triads arrive, just don't go in the mansion.


-Pier 69: Solidified wanted level initiated upon mission activation. Straightforwardly, activate the mission, but don't climb to the roof and talk to Cesar, unless you want to defend the Triads, then tolerate Cesar & the adversaries pursuing you.


-Are You Going To San Fierro: Solidified wanted level initiated upon torching the marijuana, destroying the police helicopter and getting in The Truths Camper (or "Mothership", as he refers to it as).


- N.O.E.: Solidified wanted level initiated upon mission activation, yet you still have the heat seeking missiles dilemma (not to mention Hydras), which is much worse. Still, very handy for swiping a tank, Barracks or Patriot.


-Outsider: When the popup stating: "Pick up the escort bike" arises, just don't get on the Sanchez.


-The Meat Business: Very much worthless, considering the effects deplete once exiting the abbatoir.


-Los Desperados: Solidified wanted level initiated upon mission activation.


-Saint Marks Bistro: Very much worthless, considering the effects deplete once departing Liberty city.

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He he you forgot one at least:

-Just Business: Upon exiting the building into the balcony with russians trying to kill you and Big Smoke just jump from the balcony and make your distance from that spot and Smoke won't be killed and now there is no wanted level and alos no traffic at all. Vehicle spawn locations untouched though, you can drive parked vehicles (ex. the broadway next to the gas station)

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I would add one more --


Black Project ---> After stealing the Jetpack don't go to the marker...Remember BP/FP/EP/DP Mothership!! Your wanted level is locked and very less traffic.


Edit: Another one


The Da Nang Thang: After the Maverick is destroyed and you're told to go up to the cargo ship, your wanted level is frozen. Atleast that's what I found after testing.

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Krawk, could you show what you're saying on a map, please? It would be easier for us to test this that way.

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This old but losing wanted stars by zone hopping is easy, U got all cities unlocked, U in las venturas and have 4 wanted stars, Easy check = now get jetpack, fly 2nd city and u must hit land/ground and u automaticly lose 1 wanted star. Now fly first city and hit land/ground and u lose another 1. Dont know if going 2nd city again removes another wanted star ( i dont think works ). Think its just programmed that way. About that hidden bribe its the 2nd building behind the fire department. Easy way to see is by go to " ghost city/heaven K " then go to that place ( close to doherty safe house ) and u see easy since evrything invinsible ofcourse u cant get the wanted star ( invinsible wall ). So if someone knows like complete map ( i dont ) u can find easily all wanted stars + maybe more inside buildings ( out of reach ). But u really gotta know evry building etc. thats on the map since 99% invinsible. I dont wanna go off topic but easiest way is go thru attrium so u in ghost city/heaven K, now weird thing i was there and im not sure if at same spot as real map but somewhere in the desert and u sniper zoom down ( ground u walk on ) u will see lil probe in wtf, since when interiors loaded under ground at heaven K?.

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