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Luis' parking spot in TLAD

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I know I've heard people say that on the Episodes from Liberty City version, TLAD will have Luis' parking spot available and can be used for storing vehicles. But is that really true?


Some people have bluntly insisted that yes, it WILL store vehicles. But I've never managed to make it work. The parking spot graphics on the street will show up, like it does in TBoGT, but any vehicle I leave there just disappears.


I've tried this with TLAD save files created both with the DLC version, and a new file created with the EfLC disc. Neither one will properly save the vehicles. At this point, it seems like the people that say it's possible either didn't try it themselves, having only seen the parking spot appear, or were lying about making it work. But I'd still like if everyone with EfLC or the complete edition could check and see if that parking spot will actually work for them.



The only other thing I can think of is maybe the GTA4 Complete Edition EfLC disc is different from the stand-alone EfLC disc somehow. I have the complete edition, not the stand-alone, although I doubt this is an issue.

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I'm pretty sure it's a lie,

I have EfLC and IV (Not the complete edition) on PC, and on TLaD the parking spot isn't visible and it won't save vehicles.

I highly doubt that's true...

If it doesn't work with XBOX 360, doesn't work with PC, then it just leaves us to PS3.

Maybe it's possible on PS3, who knows?


This a bit Off-Topic, but I hope one day someone finds a new way to save vehicles in IV and Episodic Content.

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Mr. Reaper.

As far as a recall, despite it being visible in PS3's Version of TL&D it's not useable.

However, all IV's Parking Spaces, are quite are most than enough really.


I don't really even fill The Clubhouse + Safehouse Spaces.

That being said the only vehciles I save other than bikes are:

The Prison Bus, and the Regina.

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This is true. I have EFLC on 360 and I could use Luis' parking spot. It should work on PS3 as well.

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I think you are confused? However, you CAN use ALL safe house parking spaces from IV to save vehicles in both EFLC games...However, you can ONLY use the parking space outside the safe house in TBOGT for THAT GAME ONLY, as in TLAD and IV it is NOT visible...Like wise the club house parking space from TLAD CANNOT be used in IV...This goes for PS3, PC, AND 360.




Also, it is worth noting that a lot of times your saved vehicles get bumped out of their spot by other traffic, OR a random ped/cop will steal one out of your parking spot...you just have to check them often to be sure they are still there. The vehicle saving mechanics are not as good/reliable as the traditional garages were in III, VC, SA, LCS, and VCS were...

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I have the disc version with both episodes in it, and just tested it... I saved a red Merit in Luis' parking spot, saved and reloaded, and found that it was still there. So yes, I'm pretty sure you can use the spot without issues at least on the disc version.


Multiple saves and loads done as I proceeded through the game, and it's still sitting at the spot. I'd like to say my wishes have come true, because now I can acquire almost every special vehicle in the game that can be obtained without mission failures.

Edited by Carbonox

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