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Arrow/The Flash/Legends of Tomorrow/Supergirl

Itachi Uchiha

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f*ck the Twitter mobs I say. Yeah some of his jokes were really edgy and off the deep end but at the end of the day, he grew and matured and that should count for something. These sociopaths on social media relish at the opportunity to systematically ruin the lives of people who dare to take a step out side of the politically correct box. Ask any comedian worth their salt and they'll tell you this cancel culture sh*t has to go. f*ck this Earth.


I hope Twitter releases every piece of content ever posted by these sadistic sons of bitches to their employers and see how they like it.

Edited by TheSpectre
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17 hours ago, Zello said:



Wonder girl TV show in development. IDK who this particular Wonder girl is. 


I've lost track of how many comic book shows are on the CW they need to stop making new shows and focus on the ones already airing.

It's a Wonder Girl that doesn't even exist yet. Part of DC's big event next year.


They're working on a Black Lightning spin-off featuring Painkiller, as well. I remember hearing about a Static Shock show, too but I think they're going the movie route for that one now. 

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Saw the Superman & Lois pilot.  It looked good compared to the rest of the shows in the Arrowverse with higher production values it feels more like Titans or Stargirl and those HBO Max DC shows hell probably even better than that it was very cinematic. Looks like they've learned some lessons on how to do a proper show after all these years. Though this was just the pilot I hope the rest of the episodes are better or try to hold up keeping the same quality and they don't sacrifice their budget for the rest of the season.


I am kinda a bit bummed out that it'll be on the farm and not Metropolis.





This was one of the best CGI fights I've seen in the arrowverse and way better than the fights in Crisis. If this is the future of the Arrowverse we need more of this!

Edited by Zello
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Yeah, so far so good on the Superman front. We'll see how it goes though. I think these shows generally start out pretty okay and don't really fall apart until they get a few episodes in and have to start stretching their relatively thin season arcs out. I think this is only 16 episodes though so they might be okay.


As far as production value goes, I'd be pretty surprised if it holds up.  I imagine that's part of why the show takes place in Smallville rather than metropolis. Superman style fights that take place in big empty fields are probably way easier to do on a TV show schedule than ones that take place in a major city.


I read a report that HBO Max and The CW are talking about producing shows together. They'd be splitting the costs and airing them on both networks. Sounds like it could be exciting.


1 hour ago, TheSpectre said:

I'm rewatching The Flash from the beginning and it is insane how much better the early days of these shows were.


Yeah, The Flash season one felt like the writers thought they were gonna get cancelled any minute and just didn't seem to be holding back at all. The plot was constantly moving forward and every episode felt important. Unlike later seasons where it feels like they've got maybe 6-8 episodes of plot progression and the rest are just stalling.


The most recent season was pretty good, though. I like the way they broke it in half with the build up to Crisis and then the fallout of Crisis.

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I've been looking at Flash on and off for the past year or so and it seems like they may have finally gotten their sh*t together.


I've decided to rewatch from the beginning.

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