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[WIP]Realistic Gun Stats

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In this folder, copy all folders into your EFLC/IV root folder, depending on what game you want to install this mod on, and replace when it asks.


When you want ALL weapons when playing EFLC, then copy all folders.

If you are playing GTA IV only, do not copy the TBoGT and TLAD folders, only copy the common folder.




If you decide to simply copy it, or a majority of it, please refer your source. - awesomealvin





- All shotgun damage has been increased significantly.

- People you shoot with shotguns will be pushed back a few meters, due to the powerful force of a shotgun.

- The sawed-off shotgun has a highly increased force and damage than any other shotgun.

- Shotguns are more powerful in close range, and will most likely kill in one shot.

- The LMG in TBoGT now has high damage, and more force.

- Snipers has more damage, and force, due to the speed and size of the bullet.

- All assault rifles and LMG has a very much increased range. If you can see them, you can shoot them.





v.2.5 - Shotguns do not have delayed hit anymore, since it makes the bullets into Slug Rounds


v2.0 - All guns now have a delayed hit! What that means is that it will take a while for the bullet to hit. You can notice a difference if you go on slow motion.

- AA12 now has a fast rate of fire, just like in real life.


v1.0 - First Release

Edited by draymon

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