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GTA 3 Will not launch!



Hello all!

I recently downloaded gta3 from Gamestop for 10 dollars. When it finished installing I did what any guy would do...I hit play!! Unfortunately, it did not launch. I then turned to the all powerful oracle, the internet, and proceeded to try to fix it. So far I haven't gotten it to launch.


I have a toshiba laptop that I purchased Dec. 2011. It has the windows 7 os. Its has a dual core processor and a pretty good graphics card.


Now, I have tried changing compatibility.

I have tried disabling DEP for the gta3.exe.

I have tried to find and delete the gta3.set file, but I am unable to find it.


Any other ideas? I have heard of reinstalling windows, but nobody said "it works perfectly now!" after reinstalling windows.


I am open to suggestions.



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3 answers to this question

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When you say it doesn't launch, what exactly does happen? Do you get an error or something?


The gta3.set file will be generated only when you get to the main menu, that's why you couldn't find it.

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Right when the game brings up the loading screen with the red tinted character pictures. It will stay up for a second or two, with the word loading in the corner, then it will disappear and nothing happens.

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Did you try to run in each and every compatibility mode available? Including Windows 98 / Windows Me? What about running the game as administrator?

You probably have overheating / RAM issues. Open Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL or right-click the Task Bar -> Task Manager) and end all non-essential processes.

Some advice - defragment your hard drive, and check for things like spyware and viruses (Spybot, Ad-Aware and AVG Free recommended).

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