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[TUT]Text Fade Effect


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user posted image


Fade Text Effect"Tools needed:Photoshop

Time taken:2-3 mins

Result:user posted image



So Let's StartStep-1Firstly Open any pic in Photoshop or create a new Document.I am using a transparent document of 500*150 pixels.



Step-2user posted image

Click on "Text tool".and type on anything on the pic with your suitable color



Step-3Go to Layers>Layer Style>Stroke



Step-4user posted image

Now here comes the main thing.Set the Fill type to Gradient and choose the second gradient which has a transparency.Tick on Reverse.Postion to Inside.Stroke size to More than 10

you can also change the style for diffrent results



Step-5Now save it!



Try my other TutorialsHereHow to make simple HeadersHereBrightning effect using Elipse toolHereNew Colored TextHere


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Nice tutorial icon14.gif ,Added to the archive.
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