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Good news everyone. As I have done some pretty major updates to the GTA IV REAL series over at gtagarage and there is a bit of discussion over in the topics there, I thought I would open a page here for talk, feedback, updates ect.

It is a Liberty City map texture mod that changes all the transit signs to real New York city versions for Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens and New Jersey. This features the correct typeface "Highway Gothic" and stylized sheilds for Interstates and Highways with REAL directions to REAL locations. It features the correct typeface "Helvetica" for the subway signs with accurate and representative directions and in addition all underground advertising boards have been changed to feature REAL products, services and stores. The idea is to give the best realism feel for GTA4. All signs have been researched so that where possible, they give correct directions just like in NYC. Be aware 100% accuracy is impossible due to mapping limitations!

In addition this mod contains a new american.gxt with locations, street names and vehicle names that correspond to the real ones, new bus-stop ads and new subway car interiors.

I started work on this many eons ago and the first public version was released around 2 years ago. It is basically a mod in 2 parts that replaces all the highway signs, bridge and road signs -part 1, and all the subway stations -part 2. It is a huge project (I estimate that there are at least 1500 individual texture replacements) but I have engineered it so that it is relatively easy to install.

This topic connects to IV REAL ROADSIGNS but I consider IV REAL SUBWAYS to be in integral part of the concept so I would like to focus any discussion about either part into one place here on GtaForums.

I have made a quick promo vid for your viewing pleasure, but I should probably point out that before today I had never used the GTA4 clip editor.... so don't expect any Spielbergesque entertainment. It's basically just to give a vague idea of what I am blabbering on about. So I hope you enjoy it, and get IV real soon.



Links to both parts: 1.2




Merged version 1.3 is available

@ gta4-mods.com



@ Mediafire










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Good job, my amigo! Personally, I'm not a huge fan of realism, but I'm sure this'll please a whole lot of people who are icon14.gifcookie.gif


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Heyy, wassup, man i'm BKDeath20. biggrin.gif Thank you for this mod!! nice video, btw.. dude, can you also add the lod files so that in the distance you can see the real signs, not the ingame's ones, just a suggestion for you to do. because when im driving around, the lods of each signs are way different, but when you get closer to the sign, it shows the real signs. mostly for the low end pcs. they wouldnt see the lods of the real signs cuz they have their view distance at 1. lol tounge.gif


Anyways, thank you for the mod once again. biggrin.gif

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Totally awesome. I do have to note that many folks using ENB-based mods these days have high view distances and the LOD work would be much better in the future. I know it's a PITA. Being using yours ever since I found them waaaay back when.


I haven't tried yet. Was going to but the LOD comment threw me off...did you do the LOD work for distance? Totally awesome mod even if you didn't though!

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Thats a good point about the LODs. A few areas are worse than others as well, I'm thinking parts of N.J Pulaski Skyway and the roads around WTC/City Hall can be quite bad. A lot of LODS (in relation to the roadsigns) seem to be handled a bit differently by the game. The City Hall area does have a specific distance texture, I was looking at it recently and had a plan to update it. Its something to change for sure.


One thing I did keep in mind when creating this mod, as I did see early on how the LODs acted, was to keep the modded signs quite close to the originals in format such as word size and spacing, to keep the noticable texture changes to a minimum.

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Very good work! Well done! I have a request. Could you release an american.gxt. with the real area names but with the original car names? Using custom real car names is not very playable since we have replaced (and keep replacing) the original cars with custom made models. It is confusing to see car names that you haven’t get used to them and it is not helpful for vehicles replacement. Thanks and Keep it up!

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So, are you planning to put the lods. so we can see the roadsigns from far distance? biggrin.gif Fix it, and this mod will be greater.... biggrin.gif



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  • 2 years later...

Bit of a bump I know, but some big changes to the mod.


1.3 is out. This new version is a merged version available at GTA4-MODS. Hopefully it will be available at GTAGARAGE soon, but I am having trouble logging in there.


1.3 changes:

  • Added LODs for Upper Manhattan, Lower Manhattan and New Jersey! -roadsigns
  • Updated some Queens and Manhattan Roadsigns. -roadsigns
  • Redid Central Park North Subway station (directions were reversed) -subways
  • Redone some dated billboards -subways
  • fixed some geographical discrepancies (35st, 86st) -subways
  • Texturing cleanup on generic files -subways
  • Minor changes to exteriors -subways

A lot of the work went into the LODs. I think I found them all.

1.3 also includes some optional loadscreens. NYC locations, with some artistic effects. Kind of in a GTA style.


Mod should be approved for download soon.



GTA4-MODS - v1.3


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I'm not a fan of the music selected for the posted video. However, I like what you have done.

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Cool thanks. Glad you like the idea. Sorry you don't like the music. I try to use a bit of variety, everything from Tommy Dorseys Orchestra to Gangstarr to The Deftones in promo videos I have made, but not everything pleases everyone. Hope it doesnt put you off the mod too much. :)

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  • 5 years later...

Had a request for a new hosted version, the gta-4mods link is long gone. If wanted, the v1.3 is available @



ad-free, spam free, download.

Any questions feel free to message me


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