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I was looking for here in the forum, something about the limit of members recruited.

I found it here, but I did not.




07AF: $PLAYER_GROUP = player $PLAYER_CHAR group

631: put_actor $ACTOR_RYDER in_group $PLAYER_GROUP

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there are no super cleo mods for vc anyways i had started making cleo i also saw marker on radar but it didnt work help

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Is there another program that I can open the main.scm without the sanny builder?

I have no no gta pc version,


Sanny builder not open the. scm gta ps2 ..


He asks for the directory to the folder that file is program / ​​Rockstargames / Gta san ....


But this folder only exists for those who have the pc version





Adding to the main.scm script, the script will run without the need cleo?

You should create a dummy GTA San Andreas directory with these files:






gta_sa.exe size may be equal to zero.

default.ide should be valid IDE file, real default.ide

vehicles.ide should be valid IDE file, real vehicles.ide from GTA SA.



For a long time I try this modification and can not, do not have much knowledge in the area of programming.

Not everyone can be a programmer. You need a patience and problem solving skills to be the one.

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Hey man, I think you forgot to me ...

haha ..



I was sending you the link to download the main.scm my ps2 gta gta3.img and my gta san andreas ps2, and also the link homie spawner ..

You had said that you first need to understand it, and maybe do anytime or maybe not ..


The modification does not work out or you are still understands it?


Or will you not do more?

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yes, i forgot it and at moment i'm too busy

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No Problem.

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You can let it go bro, now get to add Homie spawner in my gta ps2 ..

I could also add the giventake (which gives the gun)

Had achieved tbm add your gangspawn big and paratropers more ta giving an error,


Just not yet managed to remove the limit 7 recruited


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A while ago you had helped me with some questions I had .. can you help me again? It's about trying to an opcode that in a script, more is not going right ..

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