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[REL | SRC | IV] Air Combat IV script

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I installed your add on plane pack with the new script, but I can't seem to get them to spawn.


Edit: Appears on my Windows 8 install, the ScriptHookDotNet.asi won't load. I know this because it doesn't create a log file and I can't go into the console. However the Simple Native Trainer works.

if the scripthook .asi don load sucessfully you will not be able to use this script sad.gif


i didnt tested in windows 8

I'll work with it more. I don't know why it won't work.


Anyways, glad to see Xbox 360 controller support added. One thing though to make it like what plane flying will be like on GTA V, control wise.

Switch the cannon and exit button. As for the cinematic camera view, the SNT has that function disabled when nitro is enabled on TBoGT. It will make the plane flight feel more like it was meant to be in the game in the first place.


Edit: Now its working. However the hud, and script functions well flying don't work with the custom planes, only the Airtugs spawned by default.


Edit: Fixed the hud. Turns out I had to change the model name in the jet's file. But now that I installed Visual C 2010, (which made the scripthookdotnet.asi work) now for some odd reason I have to hold (Num) 5 down in the SNT when I pick something. Instead of pressing like normal, I have to hold it down, and after the delay, then the function works, and if I keep holding it down there isn't a delay until I let go of it. All the other keys work fine, but the delay is random every time I start the game. It could be a short delay, or a long delay.


I don't know if this is caused by this mod, or something new on the controller version, or Visual C 2010.


Edit: I also got another simple request for this. Airport runway markers on radar. You configure them in the ini. They line up on the runway, and move across the radar so you can line up with the runway from far away. Basically like what San Andreas had. The ini is so you can add runways for map mods, and remove LC runway's for TC's.

Edited by nkjellman

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Sorry about double post.


Does any one know how to add airplanes with out having the rain bug?


The rain bug is where there are no rain splatters on anything, and it rains inside buildings, and under bridges. It isn't an issue with the script. It seems that this game f*cks up when it comes down to vehicle modding. The rain bug is another one of the retarded vehicle modding bugs that goes with the taxi bug (which doesn't happen unless a high quality vehicle is spawned.) Bugs like the rain bug, and the taxi bug just seem to happen for no reason.


Edit: I'm wrong there about the rain bug. I looked it up and the scripthookdotnet.asi causes it. Do you think it will be possible for you to make the script not need scripthookdotnet.asi?

Edited by nkjellman

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