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Why is TLAD so boring after

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Triggering the cops cheat during a Gang War and clashing them together never gets old.

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I still play TLAD I enjoy it very much I never really did Stevie's missions anyway after never finding them it got boring

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I loved this story more than most others. While short, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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this thread triggered me



i'm not making fun of feminism. it's just a sh*tty joke


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Western Gunslinger

I don't really find TLAD boring after final, but I really pissed that the clubhouse was burned in the final

Edited by CGFforLife

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iiCriminnaaL 49

Except for losing the clubhouse, I don't find TLaD boring after the story's ending. I still enjoy the gang wars, bike races, arm wrestling (unfortunately not in the clubhouse no more), and even hanging out with Terry and Clay. When I'm tired of those activities, I go on rampages against the cops, mostly inside hospitals or in abandoned areas, same as I do in IV, and sometimes I go through chases while riding any chopper (especially Zombie). It's also cool to go in rival gang territories and start shootouts, especially in the Deadbeats' headquarters. Another cool thing is riding bikes in sidewalks (vehicles mainly, but I said bikes because it's TLaD); euphoria explains why.

Edited by iiCriminnaaL 49
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