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Bikes, Beer, & Booty

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user posted image


This story is all from the role playing event "Bikes, Beer, & Booty Official Role Play". The events that occur were all worth writing about for other people's enjoyment.


The story is about Damien Phillips from Blaine County, San Andreas making a name for himself in the crazy Liberty City. As he arrives from San Andreas he quickly learns how the city is with it's law enforcement, drug control, gang control, and violence control. Damien being the violent type he soon feels right at home seeing as how violence is out of control and it's perfect for him to rise up as a kingpin.


















Dr-Mayhem111Damien PhillipsStonersDarknessDylan "Beaver" GirdershadehobointheyardAnthony "Outlaw" MaloneMr.LearyGregory Macmanusmic_23Sonny Crocketteminem11698Tony "Murdera" MontanaSnipin ANTimmy Crockett



Character Bio



Damien's real name was Robert Madison. He was born in Blaine County, San Andreas in June, 6, 1976. As a child he had to live on his own because his parents were killed by a group of local drug dealers in 1981, he swore that he would find whoever did this and make them pay. His parents were good people well known in their town but they had a bit of a drug problem and they owed a lot of money to Beau "Crank" Parson who was the biggest drug dealer in Blaine County. He had them killed and Robert wanted revenge. When Robert was 14 years old he met Trevor Phillips who was 24 years old in 1990, he was was going to the Middle East to serve in the Air Force but before he left he taught Robert how to properly hold a gun, how to shoot it, how to drive, etc. The two become good friends and were like brothers, Robert changed his last name to Phillips because Trevor was more of a father to him. Finally Trevor left for the Middle East and Robert was ready but he still had to wait for his revenge. Finally after so many years, Robert was ready. In 1996 he was 20 years old and has trained himself to an extent. He left San Andreas and went to Vice City which is where he heard Beau Parsons was. Beau was getting for a big meeting with the drug kingpin of Vice City and as he was driving over to his estate, Robert cut him off and paused a moment so Beau could see his face. Robert was equipped with two sawed off shotguns, a Glock 17, and a Mac 10 and used them all to kill Beau and his entourage. After a total of 10 minutes of shooting everybody was down aside from Robert but there was another survivor, Beau. Robert pointed has shotgun at Beau's face and told him who was, Beau's finally realized why this attack happened and regretted what he did to Robert's parents, then Robert pulled the trigger and finally killed Beau Parsons. The VCPD soon came and took Robert away and he was sentenced to 12 years in Prison since there wasn't much evidence, just that they found him with the weapons. In prison he got together with Trevor again who was also doing time for a bank robbery gone wrong but he was also doing his drug dealing and muscle work for the mob. Of course he taught Robert everything he knew and then Robert was ready for the streets. In prison he changed his name to Damien because he wanted recognition for his actions. Finally released in 2008, Trevor went to San Andreas and Damien went to Liberty City knowing their paths will cross again in the future. Damien did his drug dealing and muscle work in Liberty City for years but in 2012 all of his money, drugs, and weapons were all taken away by the cops and he now has to start over. Damien Phillips is now loose on the streets of LC.
Dylan "Beaver" Girdershade
Dylan grew up in the outback of Red County, San Andreas, near Dillimore. The town and area around it really wasn't developing and by the age 13 Dylan, AKA Beaver as known by his friends then, was selling drugs, stolen merchandise, and making money selling cars. At age 17, Red County Sheriff came knocking on Beaver's door and took him away for 4 years. At 21 he was released, but with no money and nowhere to turn, Beaver decided to start driving for RS Haul which eventually moved him to Liberty City. Liberty was NO Red County, and truck driving only brought in enough to barely pay the bills... Beaver's old crime record started to show only in a smarter form.
Anthony "Outlaw" Malone
Anthony grew up in Alderney City. His mother barely made enough money to pay the bills so when he was 14 he started to sell drugs for a local king pin. Whe he turned 18 he got a job at Burger Shot for another source of income. He still is selling drugs and working at Burger Shot and now is looking for another source of income.......
Gregory Macmanus
Being a full blooded Irish hailing from Carlow Gregory was brought into the gun business by his brother Francis after a sum of 10 years the gun business was booming in a little liberty city the I.R.A sent Gregory and a couple I.R.A associates to set up shop and rack up money. Gregory is now the main source of guns for the local gangs in the area
Sonny Crockett
A hard working cop who drives a 2008 black turismo.
Tony "Murdera" Montana
Well Tony started out as a big drug dealer after one day he had an overdose. Everything got all blurry but he could see a hand in the finger less glove sticking out to help him up. He got drove back to a grave yard and fixed up. The people who saved him were a popular biker gang named THR-MC or "The Highway Reaper Motorcycle Club." They got me back on my feet and let me join the club with a Tryout and filled application.
Timmy Crockett
An experienced worker with 2 brothers: Jimmy and Sonny. Drives a Sultan

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Chapter One: Welcome to Liberty City


Arriving to Liberty City from the long boat trip from San Andreas along with ten thousand dollars in cash, Damien Phillips is ready for a new chapter in his life. After hearing how the economy is in the city he came prepared with enough money for a good start. Damien's plan were all on becoming a somebody rather than a no-life nobody with money, power, and respect. But the question is, what kind of somebody does he want to become? He has had numerous aspirations on becoming a kingpin of everything. Will he succeed? We shall wait and see. Gun control seemed pretty discreet from his perspective, many citizens had licensed weapons like a simple pistol or knife, but the ones that had heavy weapons such as shotguns, sub-machine guns, and assault rifles did not have licenses for they are purchased from secret weapon business shop across Liberty City and Alderny. Luckily for Damien he already had contacts for his "requirements" so he soon contacted a friend of his who distributed guns and they met up in Acter. A simple transaction and both men go their separate ways with a smile on their faces, Damien purchased a Desert Eagle and the dealer got his money. Only being in the city for merely a few hours and he already has a weapon, he was ready for the next step, a vehicle.


Walking around Alderny City with a weapon and about eight thousand five hundred dollars left in this bag he stumbled upon a car dealership, AutoEroticar. There was a good selection of vehicles on the lot but the one that interested him the most was a blue PCJ 600 which he had purchased for four thousand. Now that he can check off getting a vehicle from his list he now has one more primary objective, getting a place to stay. Damien takes a quick stop at a Burger Shot and orders a Bleeder Special which comes with one Bleeder Burger, one large fry, and one large soda and picks up a newspaper to search for available houses and/or apartments. Whilst enjoying his meal and reading the newspaper he found an ad for an apartment for rent in Alderny City and marks the location on his list then quickly makes his way to it. He arrives at what seems to be a shopping district with many shops and restaurants and also a police department which seems to be the main one in Alderny. The landlord was just about to step out but Damien managed to intercept him and he gave Damien a tour of the building and the apartment. Damien saw the apartment and the first thing he noticed was the condition of this small living space, it was an absolute mess but since he wasn't really into luxury he accepted it and payed five months in advanced. Damien was now settled in Alderny and now waits for his moment.


After cleaning up the apartment a bit it was time for a little break, Damien wanted a bit of smoke to relax for a bit so he heads on out with about three thousand dollars. He rode around the slums to ask around for a dealer and he quickly found one. He got his number from a client of the dealer and gave him a call, but little did Damien know the Jingoism Act was still in effect and most phones in the East Coast were tapped by the F.I.B. He made the call requesting 5 ounces of Loud which was a common marijuana type in lower Alderny. It was a simple transaction once again and Damien rushes home with total excitement. He arrives at his apartment, looks his door, put some music on, and began rolling up a nice joint. He lights it up and takes long and hard hits just wanting to get high quickly. He is having a great time, relaxing with no worries until there was a knock in his door. Thinking it was a neighbor he says "f*ck off" but it turns out it wasn't the neighbors. The person knocking on the door finally announced his identity. "Agent Sonny Crockett of the F.I.B. I would like to ask you a few questions. Do you mind opening the door?" Damien starts to panic and stashes the stuff in a secret compartment he had just discovered. He picks up his Desert Eagle and takes cover behind a wall and screams at the agent at the door. The reason the agent was at the door was because Damien's phone call to the dealer and they tracked it to his current location which was his apartment.


Damien in cover starts to yell threats at agent Crockett with his pistol on hand. The agent states "If you don't open this door I'm going to kick it down." of course Damien refuses and continues to threat him. Eventually the agent kicks down the door and as he saw that Damien had his weapon aimed at him he quickly brought out his pistol which was a F.I.B. Glock 17 and aims it right at Damien. Both men have their guns pointed at each other, Damien slowly shifts his way towards the exit to make a quick getaway but as he was about to run for it the agent shoots two rounds at his back. Damien clutches on his back falling down the steps in pain, then laid almost being unconscious on the ground. The agent requests a pickup for Damien and in a low weak voice Damien murmurs "This is how this city is? F*ck my life.".


To be continued...

Edited by Dr-Mayhem111

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Damien Phillips' character bio needs some paragraph breaks, its a giant eyesore the way it is.


Its also not such a good idea to post a story with out it written, so it'd be a good idea to have it uploaded soon. Looks alright though.

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What is this? cry.gif

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What is this? cry.gif

It's an idea of mine where I write small summaries from the role playing event "Bikes, Beer, and Booty". What I write has actually happened in the event which I find is worth writing so others can enjoy the event as well in a different way.




Please check the first chapter which is now up in the reserved post above. I'll appreciate any feedback.

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