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GTAForums' Save N Play Practices


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Since we now have 5 different easily uploaded vice city saves out there -- PC Disk, PC Steam, MAC, IOS mobile, Android Mobile (I'm excluding xbox/ps2 since these are a pain to get on/off consoles)-- I think the time has come to discontinue our current format of Save N Play requests.


There also just aren't that many new threads in this section and a good portion of requests are being done this way anyway.


From now on, Please make all SNP requests in individual threads.


For a request I would ask you to do the following--


In the title and or subtitle include the following-- SnP or Save N PLay, Version of the game, Mission title.....


SnP Request, Android, Keep your Friends close


Or SnP request- keep your friends close

subtitle: IOS Version


Really we don't need to be that strict in format, just include that info in the title and in message requests so people don't waste their time downloading the save and trying to load up only to find the version is incompatible....



And please remember the proper Save N Play ettiquette....


1. Make sure Tommy has full health and Armor.

2. Save CLOSE to the mission start point.

3. Make sure you have a good weapon loadout when you save--- something approriate for that mission (ie good SMG, RPG, Assault Rifle, Pistol)


You can upload your save here


Samutz Save N Play Uploader & Downloader


* Note-- the above site works with mobile save files as of 5/31/13


* Note-- The site will host the save files for 30 days after the last upload/download after which it will be automatically deleted.









What is Save N Play??


Save N Play was created by Demarest back in 2004---



Got a mission you just can't get past? Upload your savegame and I'll or one of the helpers will beat it for you! I do it all the time; I don't mind! If you post it here, others might get to it first. If not, I will. If this gets too popular, it might take a little time. But hey, practice makes perfect, right?


How do I do it? It's actually easier than you might think. First, go to My Documents/GTA Vice City User Files. You will see files called "GTAVCsfX.b" where X is a number from 1-8. That number corresponds with which slot you saved your game in. So if you saved the game you need help with in slot 7, then you would be talking about GTAVCsf7.b


Easy so far, right? Now that you fingered the file you need, upload it at Samutz's SNP Uploader/Downloader. NO I DON'T USE EMAIL OR MSN/AIM, so don't ask. DO NOT PM YOUR REQUEST TO ME, use the topic this is what it is here for.


Samutz Save N Play Uploader&Downloader


Quick and pretty easy. Made ONLY for GTA saved game files (GTA3, VC and SA...so far).

How to Upload:

1. Click Browse and select the saved game file you want to upload

2. Click Upload

3. On the next page copy and paste the URL give to you in the body of the page to your post

(NOTE: The hosted file will be deleted after 7 days)


How to Download:

1. Clicking the link you are given

2. There will be a choice of 8 links to click on labed Slot1, Slot2 and so on.

It does not matter which one you select, they are all the same only the file name is different.



At my earliest convenience (I get pretty busy here!), I will grab it, beat the mission(s) you request and upload it for you to grab. When you grab it back (you guessed it), just throw the .b file into the same folder, load that slot, and off you go!


If you are willing to mod your game a bit, Time Vault is SNP on demand - check it out!


Note about Time Vault: I (Spuds725) have verified that timevault will NOT affect your ability to get 100%-- by completing a game to 100% by using timevault for everything that it would pass-- only things not done with it were hidden packages, unique jumps, robbing stores, collecting cars for sunshine autos-- I used wander lust and shatterstorm to complete the jumps and packages-- and still got 100%


Past VC SNP topic


Proper etiquette for Save N Play.


1. Save as close to the mission start as possible.

2. Have maximum health and armor.

3. Have a what you think will be decent weapon load when you save and plenty of ammo if the mission requires ammo.


The above will make the "helpers" job much easier.




The previous Save N Play threads....


#1 http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=173086 (97 pages)

#2 http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=397530 (130 pages)

Edited by Spuds725

"I want to design a video game where you take care of all the people shot in all the

other video games.... It's called Busy Hospital II" -- Demetri Martin


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