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Cyberpunk 2077

Recommended Posts


They also confirmed it's coming after the SP expansions.


I feel like it might be more MMO than simple PvP modes. Could be cool.

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9 hours ago, Commander S said:

Cyberpunk Online, anyone?

I'm not going to put forth any criticisms or predictions, but the idea of a fantastically immersive first-person game followed by an online component, for which the game's world was possibly designed in anticipation of...


All I'm saying is that this happened once before, with a company that was once--let's not forget--much more respected and "anti-greed" than CD Projekt RED. So basically, it depends on a player's preferences as to whether this is exciting or scary.

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Commander S

One idea for how CDPR could tackle it popped into my head - and now I really don't want to get my hopes up, because...


...what if they basically treat multiplayer missions like an adaptation of your average Cyberpunk 2013/2020/Red pen-and-paper session?


I.e., you've got basic scenario outlines, maybe some variables/particulars that are chosen via RNG, and so each run is a different combination of elements (you're working for _____, tasked with ______ a ______, and might run into the _______, and need to prioritise/avoid doing _______), rather than fixed missions like GTAO contact missions, or the really scripted narrative-driven ones in RDO. Almost 'Rogue-lite', come to think of it.


That'd actually solve one of my issues with the seemingly high-stakes, BioWare-style approach for the main story - I'd much rather do smaller-scale, personal stories of people scraping out a reputation in Night City, although I get that you'd need loads of different variables, and playthroughs would be shorter, with players not getting to see everything in a single run. That's a hard sell as the main draw, so I get why CDPR hasn't done that for the story - but as a possible basis for multiplayer? It'd be a perfect way to have more of a 'pen-and-paper Cyberpunk, but in videogame form' experience in there somehow - and there'd be plenty of replay value, without CDPR to come up with dozens of bespoke missions.



Again, not getting my hopes up with that - frankly, I'll settle for just being able to do side activities like racing with other players, and some kind of open-ended 'hang out in Night City' mode that's always there, regardless of what state everything winds up in at the end of the story.

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Interesting analysis from DigitalFoundry. Seems the behind-the-scenes demo at Gamescom 2019 was technologically more impressive than the 15 minute demo we got to see last week. 

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