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Please be aware that this is not a tutorial request forum! Use the appropriate topic for the effect.

[3DS MAX] Texturing curved roads

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Texturing curved roads


Ever had problems with texturing curved roads? Well, this tutorial will show you how to do it in no time!

Attention: this isn't the only way to texture curved roads, this is only my method.


Let's go, step by step:


1. Firstly, you'll need a curved road. I made a quick one, it's a basic rectangular curvy line.

user posted image


2. Apply your texture to the road.

user posted image


3. From modifier list, choose UVW Map.

user posted image


4. In the parameters, choose Face mapping.

user posted image


5. After that, from Modifier list (again), choose UVW Xform.

user posted image


6. In its (UVW Xform's) mapping parameters, set the rotation to 90.

user posted image


And that's it! This is how it should look, all nice and sweet, no seams or bugs:

user posted image


7. As last step, just collapse UVW Map and UVW Xform to the object, and it's all ready.

user posted image


And that's it! You have a nicely textured curved road.



However, you may face one single problem while using this method.

That problem is shown on the first picture below - as you can see, one part of the road is textured improperly - the texture is stretched.

On the second picture you can see properly textured part of the road, just for comparation.

user posted image

This is because my road isn't same on every part - on one part of the road I have 1 polygon, on second (where it's curved) 10 etc. On the part where are more polygons, the texture is tiled smaller, while it's stretched on long surfaces with small number of polygons.


How to fix it?


1. As shown on first picture below, select the part of the road that is problematic.


2. Do the whole process again (only for the selected part of road):

UVW Mapping -> Face mapping

UVW Xform -> Set rotation to 90


And then, in mapping parameters, adjust V tile (the one that affects your texture's vertical stretching over the road) until you're pleased with your configuration, as shown in second picture.

user posted image


You can repeat the same thing for other parts of your road, if needed, until it looks the way you want it.


Hope it helps, cheers. smile.gif





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Big grandma's cookies for you, my friend! I liked the tutorial very much! I had that problem while ago and I couldn't find a solution (didn't search much actually, I just like to give up on everything)... So, thank you! smile.gif Awesome tutotiral. tounge.gif


Here is your promised (crunchy) cookie:


user posted image

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Lol, thanks dude, it's nice to hear it from you. smile.gif

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Over 9000 internets to you for sharing this, my friend. It could also work on other objects too.

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Thank you. smile.gif

Yes, sure thing, it can come handy at the other things, too.

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an even easier method in 3Dmax is Sweep.


1 draw a line (spline) in the middle of the road

2 apply the Sweep modifier. You can use a number of default shapes or draw a shape (spline) yourself. For a (european) road I would use the pre-fab shape of a bar (rectangle) and use 3,5m per lane.

3 CHECK the Gen. Mapping Coords. box!!!!

4 possibly you need to also apply the UVW Xform modifier


I wanted to mention this method because it can be very useful on building bridges because you can draw the cross section or profile and then sweep it. I hop you can figure it out as I don't have screens....


try it, you'll love it smile.gif



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I'll give it a shot next time, thanks for sharing. icon14.gif

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i liked the tutorial too . experienced modders don't know how much newbie modders need that kind of stuff . thx !!

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helpful tutorial

Edited by cyrilaeshell

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