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No Offense, but that Shark Looks like a Non-Factor


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Wishing Rockstar just released it like this:



user posted image



Just cus this topic then wouldn't exist.

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Bears pretty much never travel around in packs & attack en masse but they did in Red Dead Redemption. You do know this is a game & not a wildlife simulator?

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Wishing Rockstar just released it like this:



user posted image



Just cus this topic then wouldn't exist.

How on earth did you move the shark out of that picture and yet it looks original??

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Wishing Rockstar just released it like this:



user posted image



Just cus this topic then wouldn't exist.

I still see an invisible shark!


*Proceeds to make a thread about how non-lethal the invisible shark is.*

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In GTa San andreas you couldnt interact with fishes and turtles when diving but i certainly think that we could shoot at them for real in GTa V seriously

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i heard that R* hired a team o team of marine biologists to recreate a perfect californian coastline. however the team got baked and had a jaws movie marathon instead so thats what we'll get.

if a shark is after you, you hear the notorious jaws score fade in.

Edited by SHARKEM
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The shark is bloated because it JUST ATE 7 PEOPLE WHO WERE SWIMMING AT LOS SANTOS BEACH!! And Bull sharks (if that's what it is), are notorious, viscious predators and will eat your a** off, given the chance. Sharks are not cuddley teddy bears who mistaken you for a seal like those TV shows claim. They'll eat tire rims for god sakes, man.

I think if you end up swimming out in teh deep, the chances are good for a shark attack, and I think that's awesome.

Actually statistically speaking you're more likely to die from drinking soda than by being eaten by a shark.



Sharks, believe it or not, aren't as wildly ferocious as hollywood likes to make you believe.. No doubt they can be fierce but annual rates of shark attacks worldwide don't even usually even exceed 100, let alone less than 90% of them aren't even fatal.


These numbers are laughable when in comparison to something like cigarettes which contribute to over 440,000 deaths a year in just the USA alone.

Tell ya what: We'll test this Discovery Channel logic and see if it's true. You can be dropped off out in the shark-infested ocean and I will sit in my LazyBoy & drink Nehi Peach for 48 hours and we will see who dies first. Deal? tounge.gif


You may wanna see this:

Despite Discovery Channels stance on cuddly little sharks, It appears sharks like to eat humans as good as anything else they murder and eat.


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Everyone is acting like they're going to be terrified going into the water in V knowing that thing is out there. But honestly, it looks like a complete non factor.


I've seen tons of shark documentaries, specifically those based around Great Whites that patrol the waters of Seal Island. I know for a fact that the shark we saw in the screen shot is not that of a shark that is fine tuned to be an optimal predator.


That thing looks bloated. I highly doubt that shark can even breach the surface to hunt prey if its life depended on it. Its main form of attack is to surprise its prey by striking from below, and I'll tell you right now that shark is not going to be building any kind of momentum to mount a formidable attack from below whatsoever. Its raw power seems to be nonexistent.


Face it, that shark is a scavenger at best. Its not menacing at all, if there is a defense button or maneuver of some sort that you can execute I'm sure you could easily stiff-arm that thing out of the way and simply veer it off course and it would be too lazy to turn back around and make another attempt at your life.


I don't see the power in that shark, the ferocity, the thing that makes a Great White so menacing. It just doesn't have the IT factor. It's the very thing that strikes fear into anyone that goes so close as to even drop a toe into the water without believing there will be consequences. A mechanical shark from the 70's in Jaws did that, a fake CGI'd shark in Deep Blue Sea accomplished that. But a shark from the most realistic game engine known to current-gen consoles failed to trump even those feats in 2012-13?


Sorry but I'm not that impressed. Not that it's going to prevent me from buying this game, but just felt like it's something I had to throw that out there.

now, i can respect much pedantry beyond the call of reason, but you sir, have taken the whole cake and stuffed it down your trousers, metaphorically speaking

Yeah bored.gif surely this must be a troll thread? Maybe Rockstar didnt hire a f*cking aquatic specialist to tell them about the massive complicated history/nature behind a shark. OP you're insane and have taken one screenshot of a shark way too far.


And stiff-arming sharks???? What??? A lot of people can hardly swim, you're talking about stiff arming sharks? Ok. suicidal.gif

refer above, pilgrim

Im an atheist.

I think his refrence flew straight over your head. tounge2.gif




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This Saturday on world's greatest sharks, Will Johnny beat Whitey? Will Cassandra go swimming home? Find out which one has.. THE IT FACTOR lol.giflol.giflol.gifsmile.gifbored.gifconfused.gifsuicidal.gif

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