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Sir Zotalot

Picking up Kate for a date in a garbage truck

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Sir Zotalot

Seeing how GTA V will be out soon, I guess this bit of info is way past its use by date. However, I could not find any mention of this glitch via Google, so I'll add it to the mix in case some one decides to replay GTA 4 and wants to check it out.


Like most, I didn't like Kate very much as a girlfriend. In some ways she was more dysfunctional than Niko and dumped him after Roman's death toward the end of the game, so when I was playing GTA 4 a second time, I decided to show Kate just how much I appreciated her personality by collecting her in a garbage truck from her place of work for a date. When I pulled up and she got into the truck, we were suddenly and mysteriously teleported in the truck to the roof top of the adjacent building and once there, I could not drive the truck off the building, nor could I get out and jump off the roof. I had to restart the game to continue.


Please be advised that I only tried this once, so can't guarantee it always happens like that, although I thought it was pretty funny under the circumstances. (Game designer's punishment for treating Kate like garbage? I wonder...)

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That does sound.kind of weird. Never tried this. But then again I barely made Niko go out with that cow.

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It was probably just a one-off thing, I doubt it would happen every time. smile.gif

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