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ok that´s enough of clowns guys, keep it cool and stop the spam festival or you´ll be turned magically into fairy floss


@ the circle jerk above:     0/10 for the group of clown avatars   @IIVIIinion - it's nice, but a bit dull imo. 5/10   @Ciaran - I dig the looping Fallout gif. 10/10

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Master of San Andreas


user posted image


7/10 Everyone likes cars but this could have been way more better if it was a gif. smile.gif

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user posted image


I'm usually not a fan of the animated spinning/rotating/revolving avatars, I find them conventional and I would usually have kept that opinion to myself (because it's a popular effect and I don't want to make enemies) but I felt compelled to comment on yours because you've actually done it quite well, I like the rocking motion and that it's personal to your username so for that I'll give a solid 9/10. icon14.gif

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user posted image


Don't know who she is but she very pretty.

A longer .gif would work better, short .gifs are annoying to watch replay all the time. smile.gif

That's Kimbra wink.gif New Zealand knows how to pop afew amazing women. icon14.gif

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I agree, I ended up changing it. I'll end up changing my avatar at any time. Boredom leads to making something new turn.gif


user posted image


10/10, I love that man. icon14.gif

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(skip me)


Yeah man, I love JJ's work. Inspired me to open my shop acouple years back. Did well and then had a kid, so I closed it down and just do builds for close clients and all that now when I have time. icon14.gif

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user posted image



Neon Fan? Best Idea ever



I don't get your avatar but nevertheless it's cool. 6/10.



I don't have an avatar so you can rate my sig instead.

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I'll bring this topic right back up then. Why don't you try posting in the "Rate the Signature above you" thread over here gtamad8 because rating your signature will derail the purpose of this thread.


Anyone want to take a shot at rating my avatar?

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