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user posted image


I always love Black and White avatars so 7.5/10

– overeducated wonk who fetishises compromise

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It appears to be a render of Popeye the Sailor Man



user posted image


8/10 - I like the simplicity of it, I find the simple avatars are often the best ones. wink.gif

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It doesn't really work very well on the scale that it is and therefore makes it very difficult to make out. On closer inspection having opened the image in it's true size I can see that, yes, it's pretty good. It gives the impression that Dan, the owner of the image, is in some way an animal with claws that would wound another being and cause it to bleed. Either that or he likes the idea of being an animal. Either way Dan should be avoided as he seems to have an urge to cause harm to others.


I'd also say that the typeface used (predictably Pricedown to show his admiration to Grand Theft Auto (or The Price is Right)), is difficult to read at such a size and therefore makes it appear to be saying "Dad" rather than "Dan", which of course gives us a false indication as to who this man is and his motives. I mean, if he was "Dad", I'd question the choice of using claw marks (which are also hard to see by the way) as it suggests a bad upbringing for his offspring.


Finally, transparency makes it even harder to see against the default skin at least and I'd recommend giving it a nice white background to make it stand out a bit more. Or, if the intention was to make it appear to be slashing the forum skin in some sort of angry protest against the forum itself, that's fine I guess.


Oh, out of 10?





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Haha, gotta love Ottae. lol.gif



user posted image



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user posted image


Love the color compared to your previous black and white version.






user posted image
[9/10] I also like the color, glad to see that guy in color now biggrin.gif


@Limitless I can't really tell what that is... is it someone sticking their middle finger up?



user posted image
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user posted image


Nice to see you added a bit of colour, its looking pretty fresh now mate. biggrin.gif


9/10 icon14.gif ( also could we see the full size please?)







user posted image



The avatar looks great, the whole image...not so great but we are here to rate the avatar so i would give the avatar an impressive but realistic 7/10 smile.gif





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user posted image


Ouch. 8.4/10


Question- is there anything about my avatar that can be improved? Does it look natural? Does the beard look fake?

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user posted image



Who is it? Wayne Knight? I always thought the beard was natural, guess it couldn't hurt to make the contrast between skin and hair a little less defined, that makes it look a little pasted on.

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Master of San Andreas

@Above- 4/10 Sorry but I don't like it very much. smile.gif


I'd quote but my PC is too slow.

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user posted image




Although I think you should change your member title to One shot, Two kills. Looks like he got pretty lucky with that bullet. wink.gif

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5/10, I don't know who that is. I'd quote but I'm on my iPad and it's too hard.


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I love the explosion, It remind me of the time when Adriaan said prepare for the explosion.


Edit: sh*t i haven't rated yours I give it 10 out of 10.

Edited by ClaudeSpeed1911
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user posted image


I kinda like it, but it fits you very well! considering how much time you have in your hands and the time you put into the requests, well at least that's how i see it cool.gif



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