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Fan Fiction One Shots.....

Recommended Posts



Fan Fiction One Shots


The point of this game is to help you practice some one shots, to play you must write a one shot based on the videogame, song, movie or tv show that the above person has added to the bottom of their one shot. You can write in any way you want (prose,simple,script,song,description,narrative). Remember to add the next fan fiction name at the bottom, I know this is GTAForums but try not to add GTA all of the time. I will start this (with an easy one):



Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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Mercedes (I've never written fan-fiction... is this even right...?


It's the same dream over and over - the screaming, the rush of air, the crack of bone.


I wake cold even in this dry desert heat that burns the sweat from your skin and cracks your lips like a riverbed.


Tommy, Tommy Vercetti. Good times, good man. The dream starts with the scent of his cologne filling my senses as I press the side of my face against his back, his muscles are strong and they pulse with the vibrations of the bike as it strains eagerly into the night, it seems to swell it's metal lungs between our legs as it hunts along the tarmac. My eyes are half-open, my mind half-lost, the blurred night is searing onto my brain by laser bolts of neon. Pink, blue, green, fleeting bass notes that ebb and flow through the roar of the engine, sounds of laughter, the distant echo of sirens, always the urgent hum of rubber on road.


The heat of the air holds me close to him as we carve a gentle arc through the dancing, lovemaking night.


Sometimes the ride fades into a beach - sand as soft as moonlight and the waves as gentle as Tommy's hand on my stomach. Sometimes we fly; the lights of the clubs sinking into a single neon heartbeat far below us.


Always, the end. The engine reaches a scream and the burning ribbons of neon begin to wrap around us like flicking, searching nooses. Always, we fall like we will fall together forever... but then I hear Tommy scream my name into the crunching splintering finale of the engine's insane aria. I fall on - without Tommy - and my hands are bound. I always realise too late that if I could only reach into that maelstrom I could pull Tommy right back to me.


I never do though. I just wake shivering, sometimes crying, and because I can never get back to sleep I just take a coffee out onto the dawn-lit porch and sit there looking up to the Vinewood sign and thinking of better days. Good days, a good man. Tommy would have loved it here.



EDIT: VProduction kindly pointed out that I forgot the name of the next fiction wink.gif


I've no idea what to pick so I'm going to stay with GTA Vice City just because someone could probably do a better job of it than me biggrin.gif

Edited by TenEightyOne

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@TenEightyOne -// "someone could probably do a better job of it than me"\\ Don't be so hard on yourself, it was great, as specially for a first try on fan fiction.


@WhoEverIsReadingThis - I wont use this turn, it is for you. Give it a try.


Edited by VProductions

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*Bump* just to see if this goes anywhere.

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Mokrie Dela
*Bump* just to see if this goes anywhere.

I wouldn't do that. The WD is a slow moving part of the forum - be patient. It's a good idea, but don't try pushing it.


Personally, i would have the "theme" change on every post, that way it offers more of a challenge imo.



Here's my attempt:


Sun, Sea and Sand. That's what they said to me when I made the decision to move here. Too many guns pointed at my head, too many bullets fired by myself.

Crime doesn't pay - that's another expression I hear. Bullsh*t. It paid quite well, in fact. Prosperity was something that came to no man; it had to be taken.

I walk up the path, feeling the sun kissing the back of my neck. I'll have to buy some sunscreen if I am to stay here. I know I won't. I've never been one for such things. Too expensive. I'd much prefer to sit under a parasol, Mojito in hand, perhaps a fine cuban cigar in the other.... Or a busty blonde.


That's another thing that drew me here. The women. Sure there are a lot of them; just walking on the beach, for example, triggers a stirring in my loins. The asses on the girls, exposed in bikinis were peachy, as perky as their breasts. This place is paradise, though such unobtainable temptations will surely become frustrating.


Then there's the nightlife, the clubs and bars. I will have to purchase one and spend my evenings watching the gathering masses in my club. Paradiso - would that be too cliched a name?


Oh, there's just one small problem. It's kind of hard getting all that from in this dreary grey-walled hole. The sun visits me for a few hours each day, as it passes between two of the buildings. The one thing no one warned me of was, once you have it all, you take things for granted. You forget, and you become complacent. I found myself drawn back into the world of crime, and sooner i'd crossed that line. It all came down to evidence, and evidently, there was a witness.

So, here I am, in paradise, but sitting in hell. The golden sands of Vice City are unreachable from this cell, the ultimate temptation, much like the perfect bodies of the beach-girls, fantasies, pipe dreams.


Why am I telling you all this? Well the reason is two fold. Firstly, I want that freedom back. I want to feel the frustration, walking so close to the girls i can smell their perfume, feeling the hot sand between my toes. I have money locked away, and I'll gladly share that with you if you can find away to make those witnesses change their minds or disappear.

Secondly, let it be a warning, not to let things slide.


The city's called Vice for a reason.



New Theme: Futurama

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Quick question: Is literature a viable one shot thing to write about?

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@Mokrie - I liked that, It reminded me of GTA V first trailer mixed with a hint of Max Payne and your own style.


@Cubanwhip - Yes, the theme can be literature. I will update the main post.

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I think I've grasped how this is meant to work and Futurama is my favourite cartoon series, so...


"All in all, year 3000 has been a blast; I met the band Busted! Of course, making deleveries across the galaxy is about as fun as delivering pizzas across town. But the friends I've made along the way has given me a new confidence in life. No longer am I a social embarressment.


Poor old Farnsworth went the way of Zoidberg and is now resting in Orbiting Meadows, next to Mom. However she was cloned just before her death in order to keep control of her corporation. Where as Cubert took over Planet Express, of course. Amy finally got her inheritance from her parents and is now captain of the Nimbus alongside Kiff, while Zap is head cleaner.


Turns out Calculon lost all his money after some implausible film about the world being covered by water, bombed. Bender found love with a dishwasher after he went back to 1947. Hermes is now living in a head jar but then so is Barbados Slim. And scruffy is still a cleaner. Well there about all the people I care to remember, well besides my parents.


It seems all of my friends have moved on and as for me. I'm living happy in the year 2000. I'll miss the 31st century. But that's in the past now and the future looks bright for me and my soul mate Fry." - Leela


Next: Sin City

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