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The End of a beginning.

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Thomas "Tommy" Vercetti, ex-head of the long disbanded Vercetti crime family died today, Aged 63. It is said he died "peacefully" in his sleep. Peacefully taking all the bad away with him. Hardly anyone remembered him. People were notified though. Some people in the scum barren wasteland of what used to be the "glorious" Vice City wanted to at least put up a plaque in his name, but it would just get vandalised. Not many people turned up to his funeral, in fact it was held in secret. Although he's dead he still had enemies that would very much like anyone close to him dead, as a final "f*ck you" to the forgotten, dead man that once was.


Then there's Carl "CJ" Johnson. He's only 45 but where is he? He was in hospital. After the depression and emotional scarring of having to kill people close to him, it drove him to drugs and alcohol. He needn't work, he had no morales. He would mug who he please and rob any shop he'd like, and should anyone dare stand up to him? He would knock them unconcious and leave them in the basement of his house, to rot. CJ had become sick and twisted, it took 10 years for someone to realise what he was, and get him help. He had self harm scars all over him. Grey hair due to stress, and when he talked, it sounded monotone, he had no facial expression either. He was allowed to visit his house one day and decided to end it where it started. The famous house on Grove Street, plagued by death. No one dared approach it after that.


Now you're probably wondering why I haven't spoken about Claude yet. No one knows what happened to him. After his life in Liberty City he became even more recluse. Not washing, letting what was left of his hair become overgrown, he would sit at a window in his apartment just staring at people. Not many people knew who he was but one day he just dissapeared. And that's that.


Niko Bellic, the youngest of the 4, only 35. He made it huge in Liberty City. His cousins cab business turn into cab and limo, then just limo, then a well known luxury service used by Libertys finest, they opened branches in San Andreas, Vice City, Carcer City, they had it all. Well not everything. Suffering from depression after his girlfriends death, all he could do was watch Roman live a happy life with his wife and daughter. It was driving him insane, but he stood by his cousin, who was very fragile, emotionally. Since Niko had been in Libery City, Roman had been beaten, kidnapped, almost killed. He was jumpy and paranoid, questioning everything anyone did. After Packie died of a drug overdose, Little Jacob travelled back to his home country and Brucie went to prison for assaulting a woman, they were left on their own, not a friend in the world but erachother. And frankly it was driving them insane. There isn't much else apart from 15 years later, Niko now 50 and Roman 51, became bankrupt. There was no business in Limos anymore. It had become tacky and unfashionable. The new generations of kids wanted their own transport, a new Infernus for his 16th birthday from Daddy or a Pink NRG from Mommy. What could they do? They had hardly any money, they had to pay bills for their depots and still had to pay for some Limos. But they aren't stupid. They faked their own deaths, Niko and Roman would "kill" themselves, but by the time police had realised what they'd done, they were long gone, back home, to restart their old lives. But that's another story.


Lastly theres Trevor, Michael and Franklin... Well we'll see how their lives turn out.


Coming Soon -

The Vercetti Vendetta

The Grove Street Gimmick

The Claude Conspiracy

The Bellic Bearings

Edited by gtamad8
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