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gta 2 map problem

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i download from 2 week ago - MultiSlayer.

and today that give me error. - user posted image

הפסיק לפעול - Has stopped working


the problem details.

‏‏חתימת הבעיה:

שם אירוע הבעיה: APPCRASH

שם היישום: gta2.exe

גירסת היישום:

חותמת הזמן של היישום: 408ec2ac

שם מודול התקלה: gta2.exe

גירסת מודול התקלה:

חותמת הזמן של מודול התקלה: 408ec2ac

קוד החריגה: c0000005

היסט החריגה: 000d226c

גרסת מערכת ההפעלה: 6.1.7600.

מזהה אזור: 1037

מידע נוסף 1: 6e9b

מידע נוסף 2: 6e9b5d61639ad18e3a74f271ba833b51

מידע נוסף 3: ae27

מידע נוסף 4: ae27dc757db064594511dd7be9b8dea5


קרא את הצהרת הפרטיות שלנו באינטרנט:



‏‏אם הצהרת הפרטיות באינטרנט אינה זמינה, נא קרא את הצהרת הפרטיות שלנו באופן לא מקוון:


well i play the 2week with my brother and now that not working also on he computer. i also do play alone. and that not work.

Thank to who can help me.

and have a nice day =)

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Run GTA2 Manager, go to the debug tab and untick everything.

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i do. and now i run the map and that still do it.

also It restores after i run the map. -

user posted image

Thank you.


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It also crashes here. I've let Ben Millard know.

Edited by Sektor

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Thanks for reporting this. You are talking about my MultiSlayer map pack.


It works if you use Create Game, Create Game, Start.


At the moment, Play Alone is not supported for levels using ms.gmp because the zone names refer to entries which only exist in the custom ms.gxt file. gta2.exe does not yet load the custom ms.gxt when you use the Play Alone button.


At least, that's why it seems. It's mentioned in ms-readme.txt and therefore solved by documentation! ;-)

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There was a bug even starting it in network mode but that has been fixed. Just download the latest version of the map.

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Thank you sektor and BenMillard.

That work now.

thank you again. =)

you'r map is the best!

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