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GTA United 1.2


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This is very unfortunate news, GTA United was a very important mod that showcased the limitless possibility of GTA SA modding.


Not only that but it was a very fine piece of Total Conversion. The main team was always kind & helpful, and Audiophr3ak showed me the ropes of SAMP server development when I volunteered to help out with United:MP.


:( Seems like this is an end of an era

Edited by Wakka387
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Really sad news. I liked this mod a lot, a big improvement over 1.0 version. I hope to see this back someday, otherwise, good luck guys and thanks for the hours and hours of fun. I see this like some ending to modding in gtaforums, everytime I just log in a mod takes down.

Edited by gts.
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  • 1 month later...

Goodbye GTA United, it was a good seven years.

Thank you ATP and team for this wonderful mod.

Good luck in your future endeavors.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I remember I played and loved this mod around 10 years ago. So sad to see such historical mods get taken down (even if it wasn't taken down it was just a matter of time sadly). Good luck to the devs :) 

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Honestly if I were you I would kept it up until (or, if) a DMCA would appear. This "bending over" attitude is not going to help to the cause, only making things worse. Let's not mention the hours of development time gone into the toilet because of this, too.


Either way, your mod your rules, I guess...

Edited by mourthss
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