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Plot for a game

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I've got an idea for a game, here it is:


The characters (Two) begin the game in a small room, effectively strapped down. The background at this stage is that they were previously hired to reclaim something stolen from the original owner and ended up in the property of Ben Berzon. Berzon is yet another well off hyper-elite asshole who happened to escape the fall through chance and violence. Berzon now controls some major mining operations (Thanks to his marriage) through out the system and is currently living on Mars.


Berzon is not a nice guy, he's a murderer, a sadist and a fall profiteer who made a great deal of money by extorting escapees during the fall. Unknown by anyone but him and his fork is that during the madness of the Fall he air-locked an entire family for not paying up.


A few years ago he married into a substantial fortune and now has considerable power and money to play with. His current wife is blissfully ignorant of his true nature, but her daughter (15 at the time of this story) is beginning to see through Berzons facade.


Six months ago, Berzon and his "business" partner, ignored the Titan Quarantine and found a Titan artifact, in the form of a healing vat. Berzon decided he didn't want to share the device and attempted to kill his partner. In the ensuing scuffle Berzon was gravely wounded. His partner escaped and fled Mars for Luna (Where the characters were hired to reclaim the vat)


Problem is, the vat isn't only a healing vat, but an Exsurgent device. The vat healed Berzon within hours and was quickly put in storage.


The Vat


This particular healing vat contains an exsurgent variant dubbed "Evil Twin" which recreates/clones anyone put into it, without actually infecting the original person. Evil Twin exaggerates negative personality traits and reverses some negative morph traits, but only works in the twins favor and does not work on synthmorphs.


If Berzon is a horrible person, Berzon II is truly evil. B2 has kidnapped the daughter and stolen the vat as well as a small freighter and gone into hiding, killing, copying, and raping his way to where ever it is he is planning on going. B2 has already copied the daughter and keeps the original alive for his own twisted purposes (This is a game of horror). Berzon has no idea that the kidnapper is a copy of himself.


This is where the players come in, having been captured during the attempted theft, both are sleeved and awakened (3 months later) in the same (fury) morphs they arrived in, but with the backup functions of their cortical stacks disabled.


What are your thoughts on this?

Edited by Kaydee.

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It sounds worthwhile if properly written.

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