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Rate the signature above you.

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Popular Posts

What in the blue hell does homophobia have to do with a signature rating? Have you even looked at your own posts? It's legit cringe how you can't go a single post without mentioning either cum or some

We get it, you just painted your nails... you don't have to tell us twice. 6.5/10

Well now.     0/10 Horrible

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user posted image


Very good. 8/10

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user posted image


6/10 I like the simplicity of the text. Besides it is your signature smile.gif


And thanks finally someone that appreciates my gif sig, could be better. I did it quickly in photoshop via animation. Getting it to 80kb was insane.

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user posted image


9/10; You showed me what the original pic looks like and I have yo say you did a great job.


@M_roc; I don't know what your deal is, maybe it's just because your jealous or something, but you seem to get really upset when you get a low score on your signature. I make my signatures, sometimes I get low scores, but you're acting as if you're the only one that makes signatures. We don't care how hard you worked on it, or how long you worked on it honestly... Chill out for once, stop getting mad over a score. Thanks.

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Payday 2 Looks Sweeet biggrin.gif


6/10 Could use with a little more colour, but other than that its nice!

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user posted image


I'm going to be honest here mate. 4/10


Why? The quality is terrible, and the logos are out of place. They're blocking a big part of the picture/background.

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@M_roc - Just beacause you're crying that I like something that you don't, doesn't mean that you have to call me a tool. By the way, Overrated? It's been almost 3 years (for me) since I've actually heard, seen or read someone who likes or heard about Transformers.


On Topic:

user posted image


9/10. How do you make these? You always have high quality sigs and are under 80kb limit.

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user posted image


Looks pretty cool, Transformers, right? 8/10 it keeps changing lol


BTW, I make all of my signatures with Photoshop CS5 Extended.

Edited by Antagonista
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user posted image


My favorite sports car and I like the other two cars in the back. Good colors, it’s about time you got rid of that orange border and went with something a little less eye popping, haha.






@WildBrick142: It's rather simple if you're using Photoshop. When you go to save your signatures, just save them as a .JPEG with these options. If you don't have Photoshop you can download the free 30 day trial or Gimp which is a free software and you can do just about the same stuff as with Photoshop. Make sure you go check out the GFX Tutorial Archive topic. They have some great tutorials for making signatures with both softwares.

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bevel in your name is off badly and I'm not digging the lightning deal going on.

Are you kidding me? 2/10.. You seriously have it you for me or something. and that lightning you don't like so much blame rockstar for that. And it you're hating Rockstar what kind of fan are you?





That's the source to my Sig. Hate on me, that's why i busted you.


I'll give your a sig a 3/10 just to be kind but i remastered yours just for the hell of it.



user posted image


Yup icon14.gif that's how it should of been


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Dude, just because Rockstar makes some sort of image doesn't mean it's the shiz. I voted your signature according to what I felt was right.. that image isn't something I like nor is it a car I admire from the game and I don't like the overall style you chose, so f*cking sue me. Quit getting your panties in a bunch and derailing this topic. Don't post here if you can't accept criticism.


Remastered? Lol. Plenty of tutorials and resources in this section to help you.. or ask and I'll help if I can.

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