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Rate the signature above you.

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What in the blue hell does homophobia have to do with a signature rating? Have you even looked at your own posts? It's legit cringe how you can't go a single post without mentioning either cum or some

We get it, you just painted your nails... you don't have to tell us twice. 6.5/10

Well now.     0/10 Horrible

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I don't believe I can make it any clearer since its a screenshot from the 2012 Xmas Bash... Guru took a picture of him and I riding free while being chased by a couple thousand cops so I had to make it my sig!


I tried to add some effects to make it seem a little dirty, old and just put that biker feel in it...




Edit: I went with a whole new theme/style, something from my favorite television series "House". wink.gif

Edited by Limitless
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Celestial Hyena

@MoSA Limitless's doesn't look blurred to me wink.gif


OT: A little too much color but nice borders and car, text is cool too icon14.gif 8/10

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user posted image

I actually don't know what does it mean, but it looks cool.


Just to let you know, the guy is in pain. Awful, excruciating pain.

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A GD-II Impreza, next to a fairly beautiful background, I think it deserves a solid 8.5 icon14.gif


user posted image

Thank You! haha I took the picture in game and had someone in the GFX Department (I think it was GunWrath) fix it up a bit.


I rate yours a 8/10. It would be nice if we had the whole picture to see. Send a link maybe?


@69_black_69 I honestly don't know what your signature, hope I don't hurt your feelings but 5/10

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^ Haha, it's fine. I just want to know what people think about my signature.

I'm not going for an art in my sig, it's an animated gif from my favorite anime "Nichijou". A lot of crazy stuff in it, and the example is in my sig.

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Nice drawing, Jbanton. but that's a bit blurred, can't see the detail.




Thank you smile.gif


It was a bit hard to try and maintain the detail, because the image has been reduced from 3501x2492 pixels to 262x122. Even the best reduction setting in photoshop couldn't save the details sad.gif.


Still, a 7.5 is not a bad score so I'm happy smile.gif.


@ Sgt. Foley, I have updated my sig, so that the image now links to the original drawing smile.gif. (I must warn you however, the scan is pretty large)


Edit 2; It now links to the actual image, which will re-size to any user's screen icon14.gif

Edited by JBanton
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user posted image


Did you draw this ?

If yes, I give you an 8.5

100% legit JBanton original smile.gif


The metadata for the image that the thumb links to, is as follows;


Author; Jonathan C Banton

Date Taken; 08/12/2012 10:49 (On my birthday, when it was completed)

Program name; Microsoft Windows Photo Viewer (It was a scan)

Date acquired; 08/12/2012 17:48 (Time of scanning)

Copyright; Jonathan C Banton 2012


Besides, I have nobody else who would or could draw me a birthday car tounge.gif


JPV - Jonathan's Performance Vehicles

B4H2 - Boxer-4 Hatchback 2

JCB-18 - JCB's 18th birthday edition smile.gif


Thanks a lot for your rating biggrin.gif


Because this is GTAForums, I think a 9.3 is fitting for your sig, well done smile.gif

Edited by JBanton
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user posted image


Almost didn't see it as you right aligned it and my monitor is massive, 9/10.


I don't actually what that is but the image quality is great also the etching and a classy drop shadow.

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No need to bump, visual arts is a low-activity section. smile.gif



user posted image


8/10 - Those colours look sick as. And I love the placement of the guy. icon14.gif

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user posted image

I love the visual effects going on here - they really add interest to the overall image in my opinion. Nice work! CCPD did a fantastic job!



Edited by DTUMan
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