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How to use simple native trainer...

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So thats the problem. My previous laptop had a numpad and it was easier to play GTA4 with a trainer, now i dont have that option on my new laptop and i cant travel around the menu. The number keys dont work, i can only choose a weapon with them. So i opened trainer.ini and tried to change it, i deleted "numpad" in front of the menu selection keys, and only left numbers, 2, 4, 5, 8 and such. Still no help. So what should i change so i can use the trainer correctly?

Heres the place i changed and deleted "numpad" in front of the numbers:



MenuKey=114  //Enter Menu, Default F3

MenuKeyUp=104  //Menu go Up, Default 8

MenuKeyDown=98  //Menu go Down, Default 2

MenuKeyCancel=8  //Menu Cancel, Default Backspace

MenuKeyScrollUp=102 //Menu Scroll, Default 6

MenuKeyScrollDown=100 //Menu Scroll, Default 4

MenuKeyEnter=101 //Menu Enter, Default 5

MenuKeyBack=96  //Menu Back, Default 0

HideMenuKey=115  //Menu Hide, Default F4


I also can't use airbreak correctly, only can go up and down in the air.

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So can't anyone really help me? I did download another simple native trainer, said to be made for laptops without numpad but that didnt work, nothing came up.

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take a look here:




this can help you setting diferent key codes for the functions that you want


for example, if you replace the numpad8 by the numeric 8, the result will be this



MenuKeyUp=104 //Menu go Up, Default 8



MenuKeyUp=56 //Menu go Up, Default 8



i dont use trainer so i didnt tested it...

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Thanks for your help, i'm gonna test it and see how it works.

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