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Heart City: Legacy

Recommended Posts


Just one last job...

The only thought Evan Rivers can focus on as his senses are engulfed in a whirlwind of debris, smoke, and the sound of endless screaming. His cold steel coloured eyes dart around the scene, trying to make sense of what transpired just moments ago. The yells and pleas of help are now muffled; the only sound he hears is of his own heart beating at 220bpm in the back of his throat, and the piercing ring in one ear from the explosion.


He claws his fingernails into the dirt as buildings in the skyline begin to slowly descend straight south. Shielding his eyes with a forearm, he keeps his head low and stands to his feet, absorbing as little damage from the sandstorm around him as possible. His grey sweater is plagued by charcoal and blood, torn from the neck to the left arm, and his dark jeans are ripped all over.


"Joan?!" he cries out, looking around, unable to take his eyes off of the ghastly scenes around him.


A sea of bodies all over are burned to the bone; some on the ground, some half-hanging out of cars. Fire cloths every area in sight -- and deafening thud after thud of helicopters and bombs falling all around is the only audible thing left.


Evan tries to take a breath, but falls to one knee and begins coughing violently as a sweep of dust passes over him like a wave in the ocean.


"Joan?!" he cries out again, trying to muster the energy in his burnt out lungs to scream, but all that emerges is a raspy whisper.


Standing back to both feet, he turns around to see the figure of a dark-haired woman lying on her front beside broken cobbles on a sidewalk; a fallen traffic light covering her lower-half, with sparks and electricity flung from loose wires all over.


He limps over to her and kneels down. "Joan," he whispers as tears begin streaming down both soot covered cheeks. His worn-out heart sinks. Without even moving her, he already knows his fiancée is gone.


The warm beads entwine with the sweat on his chin and begin to drip onto her once-snow white flower dress, as he takes one last look around.


The stomach churning boom of a black helicopter passes over head and towards a large ship off the coast. Evan's heartrate begins inclining as he watches the next scene unfold: just a few miles off shore, the helicopter drops four objects over the ship, and just as the ringing in his ears finally subside, a catastrophic blast emerges from the ship and almost instantaneously erupts in a blaze of red ember.


The helicopter begins circling around, with clear intent to make its way back to land.


More gut-wrenching thuds of bombs are heard being dropped all around.


Evan's heart rate continues to rise as explosions are seen in the near distance. He takes one final look down at the woman whom he loved, stands to both feet, and begins to run.




"Just one last job," Evan thinks to himself as he picks a set of car keys up from the oak wood counter by the front door of his house. He looks back down the long stretch of corridor to his fiancée, Joan, who's dressed in a beautiful silk white flower dress, arms folded and leaning against a pane with a smile on her face.


"I'll be here, packing," she says, letting her arms fall to her sides as she walks over to Evan and hugs into him tightly. "I love you," she says into the crease of his neck.


"I love you, too," Evan replies, unable to look her in the eye when she pulls back.


He turns around and opens the door, walking out and down the few steps leading up to his house. Sighing, he realizes just how many lies he's told her over the two-years they've been together.


"Just one last job, and I can finally get out," he thinks to himself as he opens the door of his dark red Kuruma. A light rain begins to spit from the liquid sky as he enters inside and starts it up.




Keeping a fast pace down a dim, cramped hallway, Evan checks his Blackberry: 10:34 a.m., three un-read texts.


"Better early than late," he says to himself, stopping at a brown door and overhearing two male voices inside. He reaches down for the brass knob and just as he's about to enter, he hears his name mentioned in the conversation. He pauses.


"So f*cking what?" he hears from inside. Evan recognizes the voice right away: Lyle Morde, the figure head of BB Cartel.


"I'm just saying, they're good guys. You get two like them on your side, and they'll break their backs for you." The voice of reason belongs to Samuel Klein, someone Evan trusted early on when he joined the Cartel last year. A wise choice upon hearing this conversation, he realizes.


"Do you really think we're gonna get away with this each way without a couple'a bodies?" Lyle asks of Samuel. Silence befalls the room for a moment. "I take that as a no. It's settled. Rivers and O'Malley take the fall."


Evan's phone begins to ring. Frantically, he releases the door knob and hits the decline call button. He takes a few steps backward as the footsteps of Lyle and Samuel from inside can be heard getting closer to the door. Evan makes a run for it as the door opens.


"f*ck!" Lyle screams out, pulling a 9mm. from the back of his waistband and raising it to eye-level. He fires it towards Evan's back and it skims by his right shoulder as he watches him turn a corner. "Rivers heard everything," he yells, turning to face Samuel, letting the pistol fall to his side.


"Leave it to me," Samuel sighs. "Fortunately, Rivers trusts me, and we're running out of time here. Call Everett and confirm it," he says, straightening the collar of his navy shirt out.




Evan slams the handbrake of his Kuruma on at the foot of his house. His phone has been ringing for the last fifteen minutes. Exiting the car, he charges up the steps and opens the unlocked door. "Joan!" he screams, looking up the large marble staircase. Checking his phone as he begins running up the stairs, he sees nothing but missed calls from Samuel Klein.


"I'm in here," Joan's voice can be heard through the bedroom door.


Evan shoves the cream coloured door open with such force it hits into the floor-to-ceiling mirror wall on the other side, causing it to shattering into a thousand tiny crystals.


Joan cries out, startled. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" She turns around to assess the damage.


"We've gotta go," Evan states, calmly gripping her shoulders, staring into her glazed-over brown eyes. "f*ck the packing, just grab your passport, your purse and let's go. Now."


"Evan, what's wrong?" she asks as he lets go and turns around, watching him remove a 19th Century painting from the wall, revealing a small safe embedded in the eggshell white wallpaper.


"I'm so sorry," he says, slowly pulling the safe door open. "I'm not who you think I am."


Treading lightly, looking down at the reflection of sunlight on the broken glass through the window, Joan approaches him. "What do you mean?"


He slams the safe shut and pockets a clip of notes and two passports. Grabbing Joan by the wrist, he begins running to the door.


Joan digs her heels into the wooden floor and stands her ground. "Tell me what you mean!" she pleads.


"I'm a bad person..."


Evan's head hangs in shame, unable to turn and face his fiancée. Letting go of her wrist, he looks at his phone once more. Almost on cue, it begins to ring: Samuel Klein appears on the screen face, as he expected.


"Did you check the text messages?" she asks, beginning to cry.


Evan declines the call and turns to face her. Through a watery vision, he sees her hands rested on her stomach.


"I'm pregnant, Evan."


A brief smile can be seen on Evan's face as he blinks hard, letting a few soft beads of warm water pace down his cheeks.


Joan shuffles into Evan, looking down at the shimmering crystals of glass on the floor, embracing for a hug.


Evan wraps his arms around Joan, calmed by the warmth of her soft skin on his. "I've done bad things," he says, resting his chin on her head. "It's the only way I've ever known how to survive -- provide for my family... you... and--"


"A part of me always knew," she admits, interrupting him. "Where are we going?"




Pulling the Kuruma up to Wychmere's dockyard, the sound and sight of ships and fraters bustling in and out of port are all Joan can focus on. She's barely been able to remove her hands from her lap, keeping her unborn child protected in her own way. A thing her mother always told her she did when she was carrying her.


"O'Malley, listen, the Cartel are setting us up to take the fall. Get outta dodge," Evan pleads to his friend on the phone, keeping his eyes fixated on a certain boat. "I'm taking Joan and going over to Green State. I've already called it in; the feds are all over the airports here in Wychmere and Welton. The only way out of the country is either Gadebridge or Heart. They're talking witness protection... but I'm out, man. I dunno what you wanna do."


Joan rests her head back in the seat, trying to swallow the lump in her throat. She feels Evan's hand rest on top of hers.


"Joan's pregnant," he says, smiling and looking at her. "Take care, mate." Evan pockets the Blackberry and nods his head towards the same boat he's been staring at for the past minute or two. "You ready?"


She nods, tightening the grip on Evan's hand in hers. "I love you."


"I love you, too."


The screen fades to black.

Edited by TonyZimmzy

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Character Profiles



• These will be updated as the story progresses...



Evan Rivers - [Protagonist]

Character Image...


Introduced: Introduction (1)


Bio: Lead character of the Legacy story. In 2011, he separated from his life in Green State due to a man he worked with named Wayne. In his own words, Wayne was too erratic and a "loose cannon". Wanting a better life for his fiancée, Joan, he moved over to Wychmere, as his friend Charlie started working for a well-organized cartel, known as the 'BB Cartel', the two became a key component in the execution squad. Now, two years on, set up to take the fall of an operation and betrayed by Lyle and Samuel -- the respective figure heads of the cartel, he escapes back to Green State. Unfortunate timing, however, as an unknown terrorist attack seems to of hit the east side of the state. Caught in the blast, he survives. But, Joan does not.



Joan Morgan

Character Image...


Introduced: Introduction (1)

Killed: Introduction

Bio: Joan is the fiancée of our protagonist, Evan. She was oblivious to his 'profession' for however long they were together. Also carrying the unborn child of Evan. Unfortunately, she is killed in the blast and never seen in-game.



Lyle Morde - [Antagonist]

Character Image...


Introduced: Introduction (1)

Killed: Breaking Point

Bio: Little is currently known of Lyle Morde, other than he is one of the figure heads of the BB Cartel. It seems he's the brains behind setting Evan and Charlie O'Malley up to take the fall of a pre-planned operation.



Samuel Klein - [Antagonist]

Character Image...


Introduced: Introduction (1)

Killed: Breaking Point

Bio: Little is currently known of Samuel Klein, other than he is the other figure head of the BB Cartel. It seems he's the more reasonable of the two, and that he was rallying to not have Evan and Charlie O'Malley set up to take the fall.


Dan Rivers

Character Image...


Introduced: Introduction (2)


Bio: Dan is the older brother of Evan. He lives in a nice house at the end of a cul-de-sac with his wife, Emily, and is seemingly the polar opposite to Evan. He has a business-esque lifestyle, and seems to be an important part of a company. In the second part of the introduction, it's revealed that Evan's shady past paid for his education, thus he owes Evan a place to stay. Their relationship seems frosty at best.


Emily Rivers

Character Image...


Introduced: Introduction (2)


Bio: The wife of Dan, and sister-in-law to Evan. She seems to strongly dislike Evan, and isn't at all pleased about him turning up to stay. Has no idea Dan's education was paid for by Evan's criminal activities, and believes her husband worked hard for his position in a well-paying company.


Charlie O'Malley

Character Image...


Introduced: Vs. The World


Bio: Best friend to our protagonist, he was the other member of the BB Cartel set up to take the fall of their final job in England. Originally, it's noted that Charlie helped get Evan into the Cartel after Evan fled Green State. He's Irish, loves drinking, loves smoking, and after ten seconds of seeing him on screen, it's plain to see he's a tad psychotic.


Paige Raimi

Character Image...


Introduced: The Cousins Grimm


Bio: Cousin to our protagonist, the fiery redhead is introduced in emphatic fashion, being the first main character outside of the opening scenes to be seen wielding a machine gun. So far what's known about her is that she highly favours Evan over Dan, and that she's been tied up in working for Sargent Goodwin, doing hitman-like tasks. For any old followers of the game scripts, the surname will ring familiar, and shall be explained in due time.


Sgt. Harold Goodwin

Character Image...


Introduced: The Cousins Grimm

Killed: Dropping In

Bio: Sargent Goodwin is first introduced via phone call to Paige, telling her to get back to the job he's forced upon her -- killing two informants for the police department. Right away he notices Evan, and calls him on it. As dirty as a cop can be, he blackmails Evan into working for him, as he says he's frozen Evan's bank account and all assets outside of state.


Wayne Hallows

Character Image...


Introduced: Big Rigs & Blast Burns


Bio: The reason Evan fled Green State to begin with. Called a psychopath with connections, that not even the Cartel in Wychmere State would deal with. Holds Evan's brother, Dan, in debt - mentioned to be in the six figures, and persuades Evan to start re-working with him. Owns the old Yakuza bar from the first game installments.


Peter Auldrey

Character Image...


Introduced: Gone Fishin'


Bio: Peter was introduced as a friend of Paige's and quickly becomes friends with our protagonist, offering him a place to stay after learning the local drug cartel were after him. Evan quickly offers to help him out of some bad situations in return for his kindness. In the second mission he's seen, it's revealed he's purchased Club Elegance with a business partner, and he's left Evan in charge.


Nedkov Everett

Character Image...


Introduced: Once A Gunner...

Killed: Breaking Point

Bio: The surname should be familiar to that of Stanley -- the Zaibatsu frontman from RtHC. Continuing the family legacy, Nedkov - a power hungry figure, just as his father was, continues doing business in Green State. Little is currently known about why they're operating out of Gadebridge City.


Nicholas Fior

Character Image...


Introduced: Tide Shift

Killed: Breaking Point

Bio: The mafia figurehead of the same surname, this is Wayne Hallows' boss. After learning of the club being shut down, he's forced to come over and see what the problem is. Evan was told numerous times to come back to Elegance and declined, leaving Fior disrespected -- to earn the attention and respect he feels he rightfully deserves, within seconds of meeting him, he shoots Peter Auldrey for Evan's lack of interest.


'Razor' Rob Fior

Character Image...


Introduced: Tide Shift

Killed: Let It Snow...

Bio: Introduced roughly the same time as his uncle, Nicholas, 'Razor' Rob was mentioned a few times throughout the story by Wayne Hallows. The two ran together when Evan and Charlie left for Wychmere State. Offered a sign of peace to Evan, who refused it after seeing what Rob's uncle did to Peter Auldrey moments beforehand. On the initial mission of introduction, Rob ran with Evan under near-suicidal circumstances under orders of Nicholas.

Edited by TonyZimmzy

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This sounds great. You said it's part of a saga, which order is it best to read the others so I can be ready to read the this. biggrin.gif

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Antonio! This will be epic! I can sense it!

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This sounds great. You said it's part of a saga, which order is it best to read the others so I can be ready to read the this. biggrin.gif

Thanks for showing an interest in the story. I suggest you start with the first Heart City story, then onto Heart City Stories, followed by Return to Heart City. I wrote the first story nearly seven years ago... f*ck. Has it been that long already ... ? suicidal.gif


Anyway, yeah, it's full of grammatical failure and will take a solid two days to read if you fancy it. orly.gif


I'll post the next part of this story in'a couple days, hoping more people follow along first. It shall be a glorious* adventure.


* - questionable.

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Oh god. You mean it's been over 6, nearly 7 years, since I wrote The Conclusion? f*ck. We're old. BUT I CAN'T WAIT.

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You're now in control of Evan Rivers.

You're standing in a complete and utter warzone. Joan's body lays dead beside your feet, and there are sirens, explosions, helicopters and gunfire all around you.

In the bottom left-hand corner of the screen is your radar. In the top right-hand corner is your health meter, a weapon scroll-through list - currently set on fist-only, as you have no weapons yet, and a money counter, currently on zero. In the cutscene, you saw him pocket a fat wad of cash, but unfortunately you don't start the game with that.

You're in The Wastelands, or what's left of it anyway.

If you were unable to assess the situation from the intro, the entire Wastelands were bombed, as well as Saint Jacob's Prison off the coast.

A white 'X' icon has appeared on the radar for somewhere in Gadebridge City. You're about a minute or two on foot from the city itself.

There will be no cars accessible in what's left of The Wastelands, so begin running to the bridge and over to the city. You'll see army barracks and tanks crossing the bridge as you do, and when you arrive, cross it to the otherside and a short cutscene will roll.




Evan runs across the bridge as two soldiers wave more barracks' to come across. The soldiers both notice Evan.


Soldier: Hey, hold it!


They both take aim at Evan with M16 rifles. Evan panics before the bridge begins to collapse. The wires and cables snap and violently whip across the frost covered pavement below and in the blink of an eye, cut straight through the calves of both soldiers. Instantly their bodies are flung through the air.


Evan ducks and covers his head, diving out the way as more explosions begin to occur.




You're back in control of Evan.


You're at the foot of Gadebridge City, and the bridge to The Wastelands has been completely totaled. The surrounding area has also been affected by the blasts and a few buildings/cars are burnt and damaged.


Evan: What the f*ck is going on?!


A message appears on-screen: Get a vehicle.


Jack a random nearby car and the Blackberry screen will scroll up in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. It shows what Evan's doing on it whilst in the car. He scrolls through the Address Book, and then scrolls through a list of names until he reaches the one he'd been searching for: 'Dan - Home'.


Ringing can be heard for a moment, and then a female voice appears on the other end.


Voice (OS): Hi, you're through to Em and Dan. Please leave a message after the tone.


A beep is heard and the decline button is pushed. Back on the Address Book screen, Evan scrolls down one: 'Dan - Mobile' appears on the screen face.


Ringing can be heard for a moment, and then a male voice appears on the other end.


Voice (OS): Hey you've reached Dan. I'm currently in a meeting. Leave a message and I'll get back to you at the earliest convenience.


A beep is heard once more.


Evan: Dan, answer your f*cking phone. What the f*ck is happening? I'm in Gadebridge City. I'm coming over. Get home when you get this message. Joan is... she's... just get home.


The phone will slide back down off the screen. Keep following the blue route on the mini-map to the white 'X'. This is your sat-nav. The sat-nav will guide you street-by-street as its default setting. You can change it from default setting to custom setting in the options menu, in which instead of taking you street-by-street, it'll find shortcuts for wreckless driving without causing you to get lost or accidentally crash your car into a cliff/river.


Along the way the radio will report of mass-destruction in south Gade and the entire Wastelands have been totaled. No solid information is available yet as to why, but the report states that numerous military-grade helicopters dropped bombs over the entire district along with the prison ship, which was completely destroyed, stating all employees and inmates are assumed to be dead.


Drive into the silver glowing marker at the driveway of Dan's house. It's in a nice closed-off cul-de-sac and is a stereotypical suburb house, then the screen will fade to black.




Evan hops over the white picket fence and instead of taking the pebble path to the door, treads across the short frost tinted grass. He reaches the door and clenching his fist tight, starts banging on it.


Evan: Emily, Dan, open up. It's Evan.


After a few moments, a blonde haired woman in her mid-thirties opens the door, startled.


Emily: Evan?! What are you--


Evan barges past her and into the house.


Evan: I'll save you the trouble of pretending to be happy to see me. Where's Dan?


Emily sighs, folding her arms across her chest.


Emily: He's on his way home from work. If you haven't noticed, half the state is under terrorist attack.


Evan walks through an arch and over to the liquor cabinet in the living room, then pulls out a large glass bottle of a light brown liquid and scoffs.


Evan: Can't actually say I've noticed. I just figured I hadn't seen my brother and his oh-so-lovely wife in a while.


Evan pours himself a glass almost completely full of the liquid and downs it, refilling it as fast as his hands are capable.


Emily: Real classy. Same old Evan, I see.


As Evan downs the second glass, the sound of the front door opening and closing is heard. A man of equal stature to Evan enters through the archway to the living room in a long black coat, black gloves and black scarf concealing a suit. He looks at both his wife and brother, then gives Emily a quizzical look.


Emily shoots a disgusted look her husband's way, then runs her eyes up and down Evan before exiting through to the kitchen. Dan unwraps his scarf and puts it over a white leather couch cushion, not taking his eyes off of Evan.


Evan: It's good to see you, too.


Dan: What're you doing here, Evan? A phone call would've sufficed. We're fine, everyone's fine.


Evan leans back against the table and takes the Blackberry out of his right pocket, staying silent as Dan slips out of his jacket off and hangs it up. A few moments pass and Dan walks over to Evan and begins to pour himself a glass of the same drink. Evan hangs the phone up and puts it back in his pocket. Dan pours Evan another drink.


Evan: No answer off Paige.


Dan: Paige of all people will be fine.


Dan nods towards the couch, as Evan slowly paces across the living room to it, with Dan following suit. Both simultaneously slump down into the cool white leather and Dan picks up the television remote, pointing it to the 42" screen on the wall above the fireplace, as he slips his black suade shoes off. The screen is showing stock footage of all the events that have transpired over the past hour; fan-footage, re-enactments, etc. He takes a swig from his drink, then looks at Evan.


Dan: What a disaster, huh? I wonder what--


Evan: I'm gonna need a place to crash for a few days...


Dan pauses for a moment, then looks over to the kitchen door, seeing Emily glaring at him.


Dan: Look, Evan...


Evan looks down at the liquid in the glass and chuckles to himself before downing it. He leans forward and puts the glass on a small wicker table in front of him, then turns to face Dan as he leans back into the cushion.


Evan: I did what I had to do for our family. For Joan. f*ck, even for myself to survive... and last - and least - for you. You'd never be where you are today with your cushy office, your nice house, none of it without me. How quickly you forget who's kept everyone afloat... You aren't shy about how much money you're making. The Swarovski Em's sportin' is making sure of that.


Dan hangs his head down and runs his thumb across the rim of the glass, contemplating.


Evan: ...And how much of that money has any of our family seen? Oh, that's right. None. So I suggest you make good for once -- be the older brother for once, and you welcome me with open arms. Otherwise, Em's gonna find out how you funded your education to afford this lifestyle.


Dan: All right, Evan. f*ck. I'll get a room ready. But for now, can you just, you know...


Without another word, Evan stands up and treads flakes of dry mud from his tattered boots over the white rugs covering the hard wood floor. The screen fades to black with him walking through the arch, and with Dan sighing, shaking his head.

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What. The. f*ck. I am so f*cking pumped for this. I never thought I'd see another Heart City installment, well, ever, really. I'm guessing this was released because Roberto was too lazy to write The Conclusion: Part II.

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I am writing The Conclusion Part 2! I just got to do research so I don't fudge it up.

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Is this (and therefore HC) part of the III, VC, SA Canon?. Seems pretty cool, looking forward to the next installment!

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Yeah, they're all set in the III era-canon. There will not be any appearances from IV-gen characters, nor any III-gen characters. In the original Heart City I wrote six or seven years back, Toreno and Machowski were in 'em, and Woozie I believe was in Heart City Stories. I really should re-read them myself soon, as I have an idea involving the protagonist of HCS' kid sister, who was eight or nine in the story's setting, which was 2004. But yeah, back on topic, I never thought I'd write another HC myself, let alone anyone else lol. It's a bit of a different concept to the last three, and you'll see as time goes on. It's not as long - but it's a lot more detailed, and leaves plenty of room for a follow-up. happy.gif

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You're in a bedroom upstairs in the house. The clothes you were wearing have now been exchanged from the torn rags of a sweater/jeans to a black buttoned up long sleeve shirt, light denim jeans and black boots.


You'll hear arguing between Dan and Emily downstairs for a moment, then your phone will ring and slide up from the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. 'Charlie O'Malley - Mobile' appears on the screen face. Answer it, and you'll hear a thick Irish accent respond on the other end of the line.


Charlie (OS): What the f*ck, mate? Gade n' Heart airports are shut off as well as all the bridges, ports, f*ckin' everything. I got shot at by soldiers for f*ck sake. How the f*ck are we getting outta here?! Wych n' Welton are f*ckin' off limits, too. We're f*ckin' dead!


Evan: Calm down. Where are you?


Charlie (OS): At some Paddy bar off Eastern and Third, Gade.


Evan: I'll be there in five. Sit tight and order me the regular.


Evan hangs the phone up and a silver blip appears on the radar for Charlie at the bar. A message appears on-screen: Go and meet Charlie.


Exit the house and find a vehicle and make your way across the map to the bar. Once you arrive, park in the glowing silver marker and the screen will fade to black.




Vs. The World...


Evan pushes through a set of wooden salon-like doors of the poorly lit bar to see a group of men chanting in unison, beers in hand, drunkenly attempting to keep focus on the plasma screen above the bar as a football game plays. Evan slowly approaches the group from behind, when a man suited in a red checkered lumberjack shirt and dark jeans turns around, raising his arms and sloshing beer all over his thick dark beard, drunkenly yelling out.


Evan: Fitting right in, I see.


The man laughs, gripping Evan tightly and hugging him. After pulling away, he attempts to drink from the glass but notices it's empty. He throws it over his shoulder and it narrowly misses the bartender. He grips hold of his long, scruffy beard and wrings it through as beer drips to the stained floor below.


Charlie: Evan! 'Bout time y'got here, lad. Double scotch - neat by the bar.


Evan looks over Charlie's shoulder, noticing the glass of scotch resting on the counter top. He squeezes through Charlie and one of the chanting men, then takes the scotch and downs it in one and slams the glass on the counter, feeling Charlie's arm wrap around his shoulder.


Charlie: Another for the man! Put it on my tab, bar keep!


The bartender pauses for a moment, looking down at the shattered pint glass clattering the bar area and floor below, then back at Charlie. After a few intense moments, the bartender slowly raises his right arm from below the counter, revealing a shotgun. Charlie laughs and puts his hands up, shaking his head as the bartender aims it directly at him. He looks at Evan and shoots him a wink.


Evan sighs and slowly steps out the way. Charlie palms a knife from the sleeve of his checkered shirt and flings it at the bartender in the blink of an eye, neatly lancing his windpipe. The bartender's eyes widen as he stumbles backward, firing the shotgun twice as he loses his balance, and it rips through the group of drunken football fans. Four go down instantly, and the others take cover.


Charlie hops over the bar and looks back to Evan, shrugging his shoulders.


Evan: Come on. There's plenty of booze where we're going, anyway.


Evan nods his head towards the salon doors, keeping a straight face compared to Charlie's menacing grin. He hops back over the bar and follows Evan's lead, as both men walk over to the doors and then through them.




You're in control from this point on. A message appears on-screen: Take Charlie back to Dan's house.


Grab the car you came in and Charlie will enter the passenger side. A silver blip has appeared on the map back at Dan's house, and the blue sat-nav line will guide you home. Along the way, a brief chat will ensue.


Evan: We can stay at my brother's house until this sh*t blows over.


Charlie: Aye, you said something about more alcohol back there...


Evan: You're a mess. Rest up for now; it's been a long day.


The conversation will end here. Once you arrive back at Dan's house, park into the silver marker and the screen will fade to black.




Evan opens the door and steps out of the car. He takes his Blackberry out and looks through the text messages from Joan. He takes a deep breath and looks off into the distance at the smoke emanating from south Gade and The Wastelands, coating the skyline in a thick olive-coloured smog.


What happened here today?


Evan's train of thought is snapped by Charlie stumbling out of the car and faceplanting on the cold gravel below. He looks down at his friend, who's trying to pull himself up. He extends a hand down and grips his palm tightly.


Evan: You're gonna need to sober up. We've got a lot of things to cover.


Charlie: Mate, I f*ckin' love ya'.


Charlie pulls Evan in and hugs him. After a moment, he pulls away and gives Evan a quick smile and thumbs up before seeing the warm texture of phlegm covering his shoulder.


Evan looks down at it, then back at Charlie, who's already walking towards Dan's house. Evan continues navigating through the phone once more, as the camera pans overhead to the bottom of the screen face.


See you soon. I love you. x

- J


He lifts his head and watches as a Hydra plane flies overhead towards the thick smoke clattered through the skyline. Emily can be heard yelling from inside.


Emily (OS): Dan! Help! There's a drunk Irish man raiding the liquor cabinet!


Charlie (OS): Eh, nice tits. Scotch?


Emily (OS): Dan!


Evan turns around and walks inside, pocketing his phone as the screen fades to black.


Mission Passed

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You're standing at the front of the staircase in the hallway. The camera cuts to the bedroom and text appears on-screen in the top-left hand corner of the screen:


When not on a mission, you can save your game by entering the bed.

The camera pans to the wardrobe.

You can access what clothes you wish to wear here.

The camera cuts to the bathroom.

When not on a mission, you can groom your character here. If you don't keep him groomed, head hair and facial hair will grow out.

The camera cuts back to Evan.


Go save your game now to begin the next mission. Go upstairs and save your game and time will advance six hours. After you've saved your game, your phone will ring. 'Paige - Mobile' will appear on the screen face. Answer it, and when you do, the mission will kick-start and the mission-title will appear in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.




The Cousins Grimm...


Evan: To what do I owe the pleasure?


Paige (OS): Mr. Nice Rivers! Mr. Douchebag Rivers told me you were looking for me. What's going on, 'cuz?


Evan: Paige, where are you?


The sound of a gun cocking and a male voice screaming in the background can be heard.


Paige (OS): 'Lil tied up right now. Well, tell a lie; this guy's the one who's tied up...


Evan: Meet me at Dan's in a couple?


A gunshot can be heard, and the screaming halts.


Paige (OS): Yeah, I'm about done here. Can't say I'm too looking forward to seeing that c*nt face again, though. I'll be over shortly.


Evan hangs the phone up and a message appears on-screen in the top-left hand corner of the screen: Explore Dan's house, go interact with the characters if you wish. Paige will be arriving in two-hours.


Go downstairs and you'll find Dan and Emily arguing in the kitchen. Approach them and they'll start a small conversation.


Dan: What do you want, Evan?


Evan: Paige is coming over shortly. I want you in on the conversation. Emily, too... if she wishes.


Emily: Oh, what a lovely invite...


You'll find a knife on the kitchen counter and be prompted to pick it up and add it to your weapon inventory. Make your way through to the garage and you'll also find a wrench to add to the weapon inventory, along with a blowtorch. Charlie will also be out there, sleeping on a mattress. When you approach him, he'll roll over and wake up, laughing.


Charlie: Blood Brother Cartel for life!


Evan: Yeah, until a quick buck comes along, huh? Listen, my cousin Paige is coming over shortly. Get awake. We've got a lot to discuss.


Once you've finished exploring and two hours have passed, there'll be a knock at the door. Go to the front of the house and answer the door. You'll be greeted by a pale skin, red haired woman in fishnets, caked in make-up and a green tanktop, along with pink jeans. She's carrying an Uzi. machine pistol and proceeds to walk in.


Paige: So, this is how he spent the money you gave him...


Evan will close the door automatically and you'll then be back in control of him. A message appears on-screen: Make your way through to the living room.


Walk into the living room and the screen will fade to black.




The camera will fade back in with Evan sitting in the middle of the white leather couch, leaning forward with his elbows rested on his knees, and another drink in front of him on the small wicker table with the bottle beside the glass. To his right, Paige is slumped back in the chair, and on his left Charlie is looking through his wallet, noticeably miserable. Opposite him on an armchair, Dan's slumped back running his hand over his head, avoiding eye contact with the three. On the arm of the chair, Emily sits, both arms folded across her chest.


Dan: All right... so... what's this about, Evan?


Evan takes a swig of the drink and pauses, looking down at the glass.


Evan: ...Joan's dead.


Paige leans forward and glances over at Dan before back at Evan. Charlie puts his wallet down and stands up, running his hands over the back of his head, pacing back and forth.


Charlie: Can't f*ckin' believe this, mate. I'm sorry.


Dan and Emily stay silent, both keeping their heads down.


Evan: There's no easy way to say this, but for the past year, I've been running with the BB Cartel.


Dan: Are you kidding me?


Dan raises his head and stands up, finally making eye contact, looking down at Evan who looks back up at him.


Dan: You were involved that deep? Jesus Christ, Evan. Jesus f*cking Christ. Do you even know what they do?!


Evan: No, Dan, I don't know what the syndicate I was a part of does. I just brought them coffee and f*cking donuts. Wise up.


Dan: Man... Joan... Why aren't you angry? Why are you always like this. Show emotion... f*ck. Break stuff, do something. Stop just sitting there with that stupid sombre face like always.


Evan: Yeah, I could. I could cry, and scream until my lungs burn. Until I can't push anymore. But that won't bring her back... For the past year, I've done some terrible things. Me and Charlie were in the execution squad. Joan thought I had Dan's life. I knew it was the quickest way to make money, and after I'd saved enough, I could take Joan and just... disappear. Today was meant to be the last job. Today was meant to be that day.


Charlie: f*cking c*nts...


Evan: The two figure heads decided to set us up and leave us to be caught as a distraction for them to get away. The plan was simple: Lyle and his sub-team were to raid the Welton airport; Samuel and our sub-team were to raid Wychmere's. It'd been set up for months. The feds were tipped off that there'd be a huge robbery at the treasury department of each state, so the majority of law enforcement were at complete opposite ends of the spectrum.


Evan pours himself another drink and slumps back into the cushion.


Evan: Take the airports for all they're worth, and they were going to jet over to Anywhere and start their partnership with the Zaibatsu. During the commotion, that was my window out.


Emily unfolds her arms, shakes her head and walks away. Dan leans forward, exhaling hard.


Dan: ...And what happened?


Evan: I got there too early, overheard them talking. I made a break for it with Joan, called the airport heist in, explained everything and left for Green State as the airports in Wych n' Welton were shut off. Then... whatever this is happened.


Evan motions to the coverage on the news.


Charlie: Well, at least nobody's going anywhere with this sh*t going on. We might be trapped here for a while, but at least the remaining Cartel boys will be kept at bay, too.


A vibrating sound can be heard. Paige stands up and pulls her phone out and answers it, taking a few steps away from the group.


Paige: Deputy Dipsh*t, how can I help you today?


The group stay silent for a moment as the front door can be heard slamming closed. Dan quickly paces over to the window and sees Emily walking down the pebbled walkway.


Page: Whatever. I'll be home in five.


Paige motions for Evan to come with her.


Evan: I'll be back later and we'll discuss what's next.


The camera fades to black with Evan standing up, turning around and walking through the archway of the living room.




You're standing outside of Dan's house with Paige by your side. A message appears on-screen: Take Paige back to her apartment.


A blip appears on the map for Paige's apartment, which is all the way across Gadebridge City, near the bridge leading to Downtown. Jack one of the many parked cars in the suburb driveways and make your way over there. Along the way, a brief conversation will ensue.


Paige: I'm sorry to hear about Joan...


Evan: Just the wrong place at the wrong time. I can't help but blame myself. I should've just got out when I could. I've got plenty of money in the bank as it is.


The conversation will end here. Once you arrive at an apartment block, park in the silver glowing marker and the screen will fade to black.




Evan and Paige both exit the car and begin walking to the apartment block entrance, where a police officer sits a top of a small concrete wall, sporting a navy blue uniform, half concealed by a long open brown coat, and he's wearing thick brown aviator sunglasses.


Paige: How 'bout a little breathing room, Goodwin? I'm on it.


Goodwin: Never hurts chasing up, does it? Here -


He tosses a wad of cash to Paige.


Goodwin: For the last job. You made a real mess. Hope you understand I deducted you for it.


Paige: f*ck you.


Goodwin's smirk is plastered ear to ear, until he notices Evan beside her.


Goodwin: And you might be...


Evan: Evan Rivers.


Goodwin: ...Hmm. Thought you looked familiar. The same Evan Rivers who a few hours ago called in those Wychmere n' Welton raids? Well, two sh*tbirds in one sh*tnest. Be seein' you very soon, kiddo.


Goodwin steps off the concrete wall and as he walks by Evan, gives him a slight shoulder barge. Evan looks back at the officer before turning to Paige.


Paige: Don't ask. Cock sucker's got a hard on for making my life a living sh*thole.


Evan: What're you 'on'?


Paige: Dude had two informants that needed an early release from their contract. One's taken care of.


Evan: And the other?


Paige: Well, you kinda interrupted that. He's tied up in a warehouse off Dillashaw.


Evan: Guess it's my fault. I'll take care of that.


Paige: Don't be a twat.


Evan: I'm f*ckin' with you. But I'll help you out.


Paige: Fair enough. I got ya'. Go handle it. I'll catch you later.




Paige will be walking inside of her apartment building, and you're back in control of Evan again. A silver blip has appeared on the radar for the warehouse in Dillashaw a few blocks away. Get back in the car and make your way over there. Once you arrive, park into the silver marker outside and a message will appear on-screen: Go inside and kill the target.


Exit the vehicle and walk into the abandoned warehouse, which is boarded up and completely void of anything. When you walk in, you'll see a man tied to a chair with a brown sack over his head, making muffled sounds and struggling to escape. Simply equip the knife you picked up from Dan's kitchen earlier and stab him to death. Once you do, the screen will fade to black.




Evan tosses the red drenched knife to the hard stone floor below, echoing a clang throughout the empty warehouse. He takes a look down at the victim and his phone begins to ring. Digging into his pocket, he pulls it out and slowly paces towards the door while he answers it.


Evan: Who is this?


Goodwin (OS): Didn't take too long to dig up the dirt on you, Rivers. You've been a busy beaver.


Evan: You that cop from earlier?


Goodwin (OS): That's Sargent Goodwin.


Evan: All right, Sargent Goodwin. What the f*ck do you want?


Goodwin (OS): Well, really, it's what do you want, Evan? Do you want me to unfreeze your bank account and leave you and your cousin alone?


Evan: My bank account's not frozen, and Paige is a big girl.


Goodwin (OS): Ouch. Sorry to break it to you, but it is now. Uh-huh, your assets sea side, too. That's gotta sting. You might wanna swing by the station and fill out the necessary paperwork to get it unfrozen... but something tells me it'll get lost, constantly going through department to department. You know how it is...


Evan sighs and walks out the door as a few seagulls fly by overhead.


Goodwin (OS): Meet me at the diner across the street from the station and we'll talk.


The line goes dead and the cutscene will end.


Mission Passed

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Oh god. You mean it's been over 6, nearly 7 years, since I wrote The Conclusion? f*ck. We're old. BUT I CAN'T WAIT.

Where does the time go?

Liking it so far Tony (obviously it wouldn't disappoint), I'll try and keep up with this

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You now have:


a user posted image icon on the map for Goodwin...

a C for Charlie at the foot of Dan's garage...

a P for Paige at her apartment.


Get back in your car and go save your game at Dan's house. As he dropped the knife in the cutscene, you'll find it's actually gone from your inventory, so grab another from Dan's kitchen if you wish and make your way over to the diner across from the station, as we're gonna do Goodwin's mission first. Park in the silver marker for the screen to fade.






Evan pushes the metalic diner door open and enters to a depressing scene: one employee in a cliché orange uniform slumped over the countertop, reading a magazine. The entire place is empty aside from Goodwin, who's sitting in a booth, scoffing down a full English breakfast and chocolate milkshake. Evan slowly paces over to him and smoothly slides into the seat opposite, watching Goodwin take a large gulp of the drink.


Goodwin: Man, I've hit the jackpot with you, kiddo. You ever wanna see that couple hundy again, you're gonna start doing a few things I can't be caught doing. You getting me?


Evan: Fine. But Paige is out.


Goodwin: f*ck Paige. Now that I've got you in my back pocket I'll never need another thing from her. Aside maybe a blowjob.


Evan lunges across the table and grips Goodwin by the neck with one hand in the blink of an eye, pushing his head into the dark leather booth. Goodwin struggles to speak, keeping a smile on his face as he pulls out a phone and then shifts his snake-like emerald green eyes to it. Evan releases his grip and sits back down.


Goodwin: One phone call and you're done. Your family's done, you'll never see your money again, and your beloved Joan's body --


Evan's eyes widen as Goodwin nods his head.


Goodwin: Yeah, that's right, I'm f*cking thorough - will be raped, dismembered and tossed into a furnace.


Evan pinches his temples with his thumb and index finger, wincing his eyes shut and sighing, before turning his head and looking through the blinds and out the window.


Evan: Fine. What do you want?


Goodwin: Smile, Evan. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Goodwin clears his plate and wipes down his face with a napkin, pushing the plate away and resting his forearms on the table, leaning ever closer to our worn out protagonist.


Goodwin: Got a client with a dossier across town on Malard and fifth arriving at ten a.m., and he's expecting you. Go grab the dossier and text me when you've got it. He's also gonna be passing his last job onto your capable self now. Be seein' ya soon.


Goodwin stands up and walks away as the screen fades to black.




You're standing outside the diner. A blip has appeared on the radar for the person carrying the dossier. A message appears on-screen: Go collect the dossier.


Make your way to the location and you'll see a guy in a brown leather jacket and jeans holding a baige folder on a sidewalk beside an alley. A message appears on-screen: Park up beside him.


Once you do, he'll lean on the car and bend down.


Man: Goodwin's boy?


Evan: That's me.


Man: Cool. This is for you.


The man hands the dossier through the window.


Man: There's a mark that owns a race track near here that'll be back next week. Guess it's on you to take him out. Looks like I'm finally free.


Evan: Good for you.


Man: Tell me about it. See ya 'round, buddy.


Your Blackberry screen will slide up in the right-hand corner with an incoming call. 'Goodwin - Mobile' appears on the screenface. Answer it.


Evan: I already text you.


Goodwin (OS): I know, that's why I'm calling. Now kill the man who gave you it.


Evan: Why?


Goodwin (OS): Loose ties, Evan. Loose ties. You had no problem massacrin' dozens of people with the BB boys. Get it done.


The line goes dead and the phone will slide back down. A message appears on-screen: Kill the target.


The guy will of only traveled a short distance through the alleyway, so drive through the alleyway and mow him down. Once he's dead, the mission will come to an end.


Mission Passed.

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Goodwin seems like a knob.

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Master of San Andreas

I've read a bit of this and this is amazing!Will read the whole thing when I have the time! Keep it up tony! smile.gif

Edited by Master of San Andreas

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You're where you were just at, as there were no cutscenes, so keep driving. A message will appear on-screen after a brief moment: You can access the dossier on your bedroom counter in Dan's house. This is where you'll activate Goodwin's missions, and he'll call you to check your progress from time to time.


You now have three blips on the map. The ones for Charlie and Paige still remain in the same location, and the user posted image representing the dossier has moved to your brother's spare bedroom in which you currently reside. Go and save your game and we'll do one of Charlie O'Malley's missions this time. Enter into the silver marker beside the garage door for the screen to fade to black.



Running Buddies...



Evan walks into the garage and sees Charlie sitting a top his mattress on the floor. He's once again looking through his wallet, and a few things are scattered out on the mattress as he whispers to himself, scratching his head.


Evan: ...Yeah, I'm broke too.


Evan sighs and sits down on the mattress beside Charlie, who turns to look at him.


Charlie: Get the f*ck outta here. You had like two hundred thousand after you took out that drug boat last year.


Evan reaches up for a bottle of whiskey on a small bedside table, taking a swig from its neck.


Evan: I had two hundred grand. Didn't take too long for someone to find me.


Charlie: Been a rough two days for you, huh?


Evan: Tell me about it. Some bent cop froze all my assets and accounts until I do a few jobs for him. So, looks like we'll need to get up to a few of our old tricks.


Charlie laughs and rubs his hands together before turning and lifting his pillow, revealing a pair of 9mm. pistols.


Charlie: You lead the way, brother.


Charlie tosses a pistol to Evan as they both stand up and begin walking away, with the screen fading to black.




A message appears on-screen: Get a car.


Get into a random car parked in the suburb neighborhood and Charlie will enter the passenger side. Begin driving. Although you had the gun given to you in the cutscene, you'll not have one in your weapon inventory. After a few moments a conversation will ensue, along with a silver blip appearing on the radar.


Evan: All right, according to the sat-nav there's an extreme sports store not too far from here. They'll probably sell a couple'a ski masks.


Charlie: Ah mate, it's been too long. I'm gettin' goosebumps.


Evan: Don't do anything crazy. And remember, get the silver not the gold.


Charlie: Yeah, yeah.


The sound of a gun cocking and maniacal laughter can be heard from Charlie as the conversation ends. Drive over to the store and park in the silver marker outside along the sidewalk and the screen will fade to black.




A typical stoner-looking teenager is reading a magazine, slumped over a counter in the store. The camera cuts to Evan and Charlie walking up to the counter with a couple of ski masks in hand. The teenager looks up and snickers, flipping a page of the magazine.


Clerk: Robbing a bank?


Evan: Nah. We're--


Charlie: Ah f*ck, Evan! Kid's on to us!


Charlie takes a step back and withdraws the 9mm. pistol from his waistband, taking aim and blasting the clerk between the eyes. His body slumps over the counter top, instantly spewing a rich crimson across the paper pages. Evan steps back and knocks the gun out of Charlie's hand.


Evan: You idiot! He was clearly joking!


Silence befalls the store for a moment while Charlie takes in what just happened.


Charlie: Come to think of it... yeah... he was just cracking a joke, wasn't he?


An old man bursts through a brown door behind the counter.


Man: What the f*ck was that?!


His eyes lock on his dead employee's body, before looking back up only to see Evan has already taken aim with his pistol. A single slug is fired directly to his chest, and his body is flung violently into the corridor of which he just entered from. The echo reverberates momentarily and the shell casing makes a few clings on the stone floor below.


Evan: Fantastic.


Evan exhales hard, clearing his throat, and motions his gun along with a slight head movement for Charlie to check the cash register.


Evan: We've probably got a few minutes before the cops get here. Empty the register and grab anything of value. I'll go find the route of this -


Evan takes aim at the security camera above the counter and shoots the lens out before walking towards the door and stepping over the body. The screen fades to black.




A timer is counting down in the right-hand side of the screen from 2:30. A message appears on-screen: Find the control room and remove evidence you were ever there before the police arrive.


It's only a small two-story building, so make your way upstairs and find the room with a television monitor and step into the small silver marker. Evan will briefly become un-playable while he leans down and ejects the recording disc. On the monitor you can see Charlie trying to carry a giant lump sum of items such as backpacks, ski's, snowboards etc. to the front door, stumbling around dropping things. A message appears on-screen: Make your way home.


Go back downstairs and find Charlie and he'll follow your lead. Run out the store and get back in the car and follow the sat-nav back to Dan's house. Once you park in the silver marker outside the house, a cutscene will roll.




Evan turns to face Charlie as he switches the engine off, then looks in the back seat at a bunch of extreme sports accessories.


Evan: Well, I guess you're making an eGay account and flogging all that useless sh*t. How much was in the register?


Charlie: It was empty. I did see a pretty gnarly safe under the counter, though.


Evan: Did you bank it back there?


Charlie: ...That would've been a good idea. Let's head back and get it.


Evan: Yeah, because there aren't gonna be a swarm of cops there by now. You need to lay off the sauce. You're slipping.


Charlie: sh*t. My bad, mate. I'll be good for another run later.


Evan: Sober up and we'll actually make it to the jewellery store next time.


Both men exit the vehicle as the screen fades to black.


Mission Passed

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The screen fades back in and you're standing beside the car. The same three icons are on the map. Go inside and save your game. This time, we'll see what Paige is up to, so jack a car or head over there in the same one you were just in and park in the silver marker for the screen to fade.



Head Huntin'...



The screen fades in with Paige wearing an iron mask. She's welding something in a dark room, as sparks emanate from whatever the item is she's working on. Heavy metal music blasts through the entire apartment as the camera cuts to Evan arriving to her front door outside. Clearly hearing the music inside, Evan bangs the door as hard as he can a few times, and the music comes to a stop. After a brief moment, Paige opens the door and lifts the welding mask over her head.


Paige: What's up, 'cuz?


Evan: Not a lot. In need of some money, hoping you can help me out.


Paige smiles and snaps her fingers, motioning for Evan to come inside. Leading him in and then closing the door, she flips the lightswitch on and moves over to a computer monitor and leans down, navigating the mouse.


Paige: Perfect timing you should show up. Could defo. use a partner for this bad boy.


Evan: What's that?


Paige: Just got a message through on HeadHuntersAnon; some slut wants her hubby taken out.


Evan: Ah, that piece'a sh*t? Really? You use that?


Paige: You want money, don't ya? You can drive and send the photo.


Paige picks up a set of keys off the desk and switches the monitor off, then tosses the keys to Evan as she leads the way out the apartment, with the screen fading to black.




The camera cuts to a man exiting a building wearing a white shirt, tie and black pants, carrying a black crombie coat. He walks over to an Infernus and gets inside and begins driving away as a message appears on-screen: You can access HeadHuntersAnon through your e-mail account on any computer. Occasionally, you'll receive small hitman-related jobs. Sometimes, multiple people will and it'll be a race to who kills the target first.




You'll be standing next to Paige, and there's a moving gold blip on the radar for the target. A message appears on-screen: Drive Paige to the target and let her handle the rest.


Paige has a pink Comet in the driveway, so jump in that and start driving towards the moving blip. Along the way, a small conversation will ensue.


Paige: Just got a text from O'Malley. Heard Goodwin's ridin' you hard.


Evan: Yeah. Nothing I can't handle, though.


Paige: I'm sure you're gold. Right, onto business anyway. Pull up alongside this car and I'll get the shot in. Snag the picture and blast.


Evan: Hate to think I've sunk so low as to use this website...


Paige: Yeah, well, it's a livin'.


The conversation will end here. Make your way to the Infernus and a message will appear on-screen: Pull alongside the car and hold it steady so Paige can get a clear shot.


Simply match the driver's speed and hold your position next to the car for a few seconds, and Paige will lean out the Comet and fire a few shots into the Infernus, and you'll see it swerve off the road and crash.


A message appears on-screen: Get a confirmation shot of the body and make a clean getaway.


Step out of the car and open the door of the Infernus and you can select the camera option on your phone and Evan will take it out his pocket, navigate it, and the camera will pan through the lens to see what you're about to capture. Look through the lens and snap a picture of the body and save it to your picture library. Once done, a silver blip will appear on the radar.


Paige: Get back in and take me home, quick.


Jump back in the Comet and drive Paige to the silver blip, which is her apartment and park in the silver marker outside. Once you do, a cutscene will roll.




Paige hands some money over to Evan.


Evan: I'll go e-mail this off.


Paige steps out of the car and closes the door behind her.




A message appears on-screen: Drive to the nearest Internet café and send confirmation to the biller.


A few '@' symbols will appear on the map for the cafés. Simply drive over to one and access a computer, select the external device list and select the phone, then choose the e-mail option and it'll send it off automatically. You can access your e-mails while you're at the café, but your inbox will currently be empty. After you send the photo, log off the computer and exit the shop and the mission is complete.


Mission Passed


A message will appear on-screen: Once you build a rep, you'll have access to your own HHA missions. For now, keep working with Paige.

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Hey guys, just to let everyone know that's currently reading this story that it's been finished (in a word document on my desktop) for a few weeks now, so I'm not just half-assing it as I go along. Some real in-depth storylines and creative missions will develop soon enough, and I hope everyone enjoys reading this through to the new year. smile.gif Happy 2013.


A quick overlay of things to come: Fueding nightclubs, buzzing nightlife, more haggard robbery missions with Charlie, mob politics w/ delightful gambling debts, as well as plenty of Zaibatsu tie-ins to GTA2 as this timeline is set just a few months before that game ('13, incase you didn't catch it) smile.gif.

Edited by TonyZimmzy

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You'll still have the same three icons on the radar. Go save your game, and this time we'll access the dossier in the bedroom for one of Sgt. Goodwin's missions. Enter the small silver marker by the dresser and Evan will pick the dossier up and the camera will pan through his eyes to read it.


1431 St. Orchard St. Destroy all evidence inside involving myself and colleagues. Can find appropriate removal tools in a trash can in an alley off Dellaware.


A message will appear on-screen: Accept Mission? Y / N


Select the 'Y'.






There will be no screenfade, just the title of the mission appearing in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, and a blip appears on the mini radar for the item in Dellaware. Head downstairs and out the front door and grab the car you were just in and speed over to the blip on the radar for the narrow alleyway on Dellaware street. Exit the car and go through the alley and start checking through trash cans until Evan reaches in and removes a flamethrower, which will now be in his inventory, as well as a round of a 9mm pistol.


A blip appears a few streets down for the house that Goodwin wants you to hit. A message appears on-screen: Go destroy all incriminating evidence.


Jump back in your car and go a few blocks down and park up next to the house. Exit the car and make your way inside the house. The door will be open and you'll enter into a dimly lit living room with tables all over, and paperwork on the counters. Gold arrows are hovering above all the items that need destroying, so equip the flamethrower and start getting to work.


Once all evidence is destroyed, the screen will fade to black.




Voice (OS): Hey, who's down there?!


Evan tosses the flamethrower on the floor and looks up to hear the voice call out. After a moment, a guy emerges through a door to the left, as well as a man down the stairs. Then, behind Evan a guy comes in through the front door, wielding a baseball bat. Evan takes a few steps back and looks up, seeing a ceiling fan. He reaches up and pulls the string and activates it.




You'll only have a few moments, and three guys are coming at you. A message appears on-screen: Grab ahold of the ceiling fan and take them out.


Jump and Evan will automatically grab hold of the fan and begin spinning around. It will then become increasingly difficult for the men to hit you, so wield your 9mm. pistol and you'll be in free-aim mode. As Evan spins around the room, try and take aim and fire shots at each guy until they all die. Once dead, the screen will fade to black.




Evan tosses the 9mm. pistol on the floor and shoves the front door open, shielding his eyes for the rapid adjustment of light from darkness. A vibrating sound can be heard and he takes his phone out and answers it, pacing around in the garden, breathing heavily.


Evan: What do you want?


Goodwin (OS): That was some nice work, Evan.


Evan pauses for a moment and looks to his left, seeing a parked squad car slowly begin pulling away.


Goodwin (OS): Keepin' tabs on ya, boy. Don't worry; they're always my men. You're all right. Now, get back to work.


The line will go dead and Evan will pocket the phone, picking up a fast pace as the screen fades to black.


Mission Passed

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You'll be standing at the foot of the path leading up to the house next to the car you arrived in. You still have the same three blips on the radar, so we'll wrap back around and do Charlie's mission next, and hope it goes more smoothly than last time. So go save your game in Dan's house and come downstairs and enter the silver marker in the kitchen beside the garage door entrance for the screen to fade.



All-Time High...



Evan walks through the garage door and closes it behind him. It's dark inside -- too dark to see, so Evan flips the light switch on. He sees Charlie laying on the matress smoking a cigarette, staring up at the ceiling with a blank look in his eyes. Evan notices the empty bottle of rum beside him.


Evan: Well, I was gonna suggest we go hit up that jewellers now. But I can see I'm wasting my time as you're tanked again. I'll call Paige instead.


Charlie: I'm good to roll, brother. That was hours ago.


Charlie puts the cigarette out on the damp stone floor and stands up, grabbing two ski masks from the spare pillow and handing one to Evan.


Charlie: Seriously need the money right now, man. Gotta get outta this house -- outta this state. Place is just bad vibes, ya know?


Evan: I hear you. C'mon, let's go.


Evan and Charlie both put the ski masks on and walk towards the half-open garage shutter doors as the screen fades to black.




You're standing in the driveway with Charlie. A silver blip has appeared on the radar, and a message appears on-screen: Take Charlie to the jewellery store and rob it.


Grab a car and start making your way to the destination you were originally meant to head to last time and a brief conversation will ensue.


Charlie: Before ya remind me - silver, not gold.


Evan laughs.


Charlie: How ya been anyway?


Evan: Could be better. Any word of Samuel and Lyle?


Charlie: Nah mate, they're f*ckin' miles away. We make some money and we can jet outta here once the airports re-open.


Evan: It sounds so easy. I'm so burnt out, man...


Evan sighs as the conversation comes to an end. Make your way to the jewellery store and park in the silver marker on the sidewalk outside and the screen will fade to black.




The screen fades back in with Evan and Charlie in the ski masks, checking over their respective 9mm. pistols in the car. Evan cocks his and opens the door and pauses halfway out the car, turning back to face Charlie.


Evan: We get in, we get out. We only kill someone if we need to.


Charlie gives him a quick smirk and a thumbs up as he opens his door. Both men exit the car and walk into the jewellery store. Charlie fires a shot into the air and people all around scream and begin taking cover.


Charlie: Right, let's remain calm, shall we? We'll be in and out in no time flat.


Evan: Listen to my colleague here and you'll all be fine.




You're back in control of Evan. A message appears on-screen: There are no time limits in this mission, but the longer you stay in-store, the more at risk you are of gaining police attention. Take as much as you can and when you're done, get back to Dan's house.


The jewellery store is in a typical layout: glass cases all over the shop floor with luxury items inside of them for viewing. Navigate Evan around and when you stand next to a glass case, you'll have the option to break it open. Once you select to break the glass open, Evan will use the butt of his gun to hammer through the glass for it to shatter all over, and he'll pocket whatever was inside.


Once you've smashed one, an alarm will begin sounding and any officers in the nearby area will be alerted. Once you've smashed four, you'll receive one star. Once you've smashed eight, you'll receive two stars. There are ten to smash total. Occasionally, police will enter into the shop, but Charlie will gun them down. Once you've smashed as many as you'd like, Charlie will approach you.


Charlie: I think we'd better make a break for it!


A blip appears for the car outside the store. Once you run outside, a squad car will be parked next to it, with two officers taking aim behind their cars. A message appears on-screen: Waste 'em.


Take the two cops out and get in the car. You'll still have two stars, no matter how many cops are killed as it's still early in the game.


Charlie: Better get to a spray shop before going home, mate!


A spray can appears on the mini-radar a few blocks down. Drive over to it and park inside for the garage door to shut, and the familiar sound of paint spraying will be heard. Once the garage door opens, the stars will be a dull shade of grey. A message appears on-screen: Charlie will cover the costs this time. Next time, it'll be £100. Get back to Dan's house.


Follow the sat-nav back to Dan's house and park in the silver marker on the sidewalk beside his house.


Evan: Good lookin' back there.


Charlie: Now that's like old times!


Evan: Agreed. Now lay off the sauce and we'll put round two in soon. I'll go sell all this sh*t.


Charlie exits the car and walks back inside the house.


Mission Passed


As there were no cutscenes in the last part of the dialogue, you'll still be parked in the car ready to drive. A message appears on-screen: Go access a computer and set up an eGay account.


Numerous '@' icons have appeared once again, so make your way over to the café and log onto a computer. Go to your 'Bookmark' tab and select eGay. Messages appear on-screen on how to make an account, and once you do, you can access the item list on which you're currently selling and bidding for.


Right now, you'll have numerous items of jewellery in your second-inventory. You can scroll through it and add it to the selling list. You'll be notified via text message if anyone buys your items and once the text message is read, you'll receive the money.


Toss all the jewellery onto the selling list. Once done, log off the computer. Over the course of the next 24 hours - if you robbed all ten glass podiums of their items - you'll receive a total of £1,000. Each podium was worth £100.

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Go save your game now and this time we'll go do another mission for Paige. Make your way over to her apartment and park in the silver marker outside for the screen to fade.



Target Practice...



The scene fades in with Paige slumped over a computer in her dim apartment living room, making a groaning sound with her hands covering her face. Evan comes in through the kitchen carrying a couple of beer bottles. He hands one down to Paige and slumps on the couch behind her.


Paige: My brain can't handle this sh*t.


Evan: You've been miserable since I arrived. What's up?


Paige spins her computer chair around to face Evan as she uses a bottle opener on the drink.


Paige: Client on HHA being a pain in the ass. You remember that hit the other day?


Evan: The husband in the car? Yeah...


Paige: Same slut wants the extended family taken care of as well. Apparently his death is coming as suspicious, obviously, and she's at the center of controversy. So she wants 'em to look like accidents. Can't figure out how to pull it off... never been too good with the ol' fake suicide... especially for some f*ckin' randomers...


Evan takes a swig of his drink and stands up, pacing a few short strides over to the computer desk and leaning down as Paige swivels back around. He taps the glass screen with the neck of his bottle.


Evan: This guy, her father-in-law's schedule... that building he gets lunch at - Fresco's - that's off Seaview, right?


Paige: Yeah, what about it?


Evan: Got an idea. Leave it to me.


Evan puts the bottle on the desk and walks towards the front door as the screen fades to black.




Evan's standing at the foot of her apartment building. A silver blip has appeared on the map for the location, and a gold blip which is in constant movement for the target. A message appears on-screen: The target is on his way to Fresco's. Get there before him, scout the area, and find a way to take him out.


Grab a car and speed over there. You should be in plenty of time before he arrives. Park your car and assess the scene: Fresco's is a small fast-food restaurant along a row of much larger buildings. There's a crane parked on the street next to one of the buildings with a large stone wrecking ball attached to the cable, along with a construction site and workers in hardhats.


A message appears on-screen: Remember, you've gotta make it look like an accident.


You'll then see a worker exit the crane, look at his watch, stretch his arms and walk away. This is a hint to the player to enter the crane. Once you enter it, the screen will fade to black.




You'll see a car pull up to the drive-thru window behind the restaurant, and a man receive a bag of food and a drink. He slowly pulls away and puts his indicator on to turn left.




You'll see the car slowly emerge around the corner, and a message appears on-screen: Time it correctly and release the wrecking ball and crush his car.


He'll pick his speed up as he enters the main road. Simply wait until you feel it's the right time, and release the wrecking ball. It'll drop from the cable and crush the car. Screaming and commotion ensues as the car alarm goes off.


Mission Passed

+ £500

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last mission reminded me a bit of hitman with the accident kill. Keep up the good stuff.

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Are you going to add a map soon?

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Are you going to add a map soon?

I guess I could *try* and draw one up. I may just ink it at work and scan it on. I'm horrible with drawing maps up on a computer. Times like these I wish I were a good artist!


I've not played the Hitman game franchise before, but I wish I had, as it may give some neat mission ideas haha. I was re-reading my first script from '06 earlier at work and I noticed a mission I wrote in which you get intoxicated and the screen goes hazy and sways and you have to try and drive. I need to start suing R*, I think.

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Now Antonio! We all know about Vice City and the boomshine mission! Don't start suing yet!

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You're still sat in the crane where you left off at. The same three icons are on the map, so exit the crane and make your way back home and save your game. Once saved, we'll do another dossier mission. This dossier mission is only accessed Wednesdays before 9 a.m. -- you'll be prompted of this the next time you enter the marker. So, enter into the small silver marker beside the counter in your room and Evan will pick the folder up, and as before, the camera will pan through his eyes to read the mission outline.


One of the rookies in the office has been late back from lunch three weeks running on Wednesday, and we're getting heat. I want you to follow him and find out if he's talking to anyone.


A message will appear on-screen: Accept Mission? Y / N


Select the 'Y'.



Office Snitch...



Once again, no cutscene will roll, just a blip on the radar for the police station. A message will appear on-screen: Get to the station and await an officer to take his lunch break.


There will be no other indications, but it's given you three hours to get to the station. Head outside and steal a car and drive over there and park in the silver marker on the road opposite the parking lot, and a cutscene will roll when the hand strikes 12.




A few officers emerge from the station and head into the parking lot. There are three total, and they each get into separate squad cars and begin driving away.


The camera cuts back to Evan, who takes his phone out and navigates it briefly before putting the receiver to his ear.


Goodwin (OS): Yeah?


Evan: I'm outside to follow the rookie. Which one is he?


Goodwin (OS): Shoot. I'll find out and text you the licence plate number.


Evan: Haven't exactly got all the time in the world here...


Evan hangs up.




A message appears on-screen: Keep a tab on where all three squad cars go for lunch.


You'll have no blips, but you'll see them slowly pull out the parking lot. Follow one, and it'll stop at a donut store around the corner. Now, drive around the surrounding area until you see the other two parked. The second one will be outside of a chicken joint, and the remaining car will be parked outside a coffee shop. After a few moments, you'll hear a vibrating sound and the phone will slide up from the corner. You'll have received one new text message. Access your messages and you'll see one un-read message from Goodwin. Select it.




A message appears on-screen: Find the correct squad car and tail it.


The correct one will be at the chicken joint. So keep your distance and await the officer to emerge from the fast food store and re-enter his patrol car, then he'll pull away. A spook-meter will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Follow the car around the city for a while, and eventually he'll lead you to a quiet park.


The car will park up and the officer will exit and walk into the park. A message appears on-screen: Use your phone to take a picture of the evidence.


You can select the camera option on your phone and Evan will take it out his pocket, navigate it, and the camera will pan through the lens to see what you're about to capture. So exit the car, equip it and walk into the park. You'll see the cop and another man on a park bench eating and talking. There's a brown paper bag at the man's foot, and when he slides it over to the cop with the heel of his boot, snap a picture of it.


A message appears on-screen: Text the evidence to Goodwin.


Select the photo in the phone menu and send it over. After a few moments, your phone will vibrate. Access your text messages and you'll see one un-read message from Goodwin. Select it.


Kill them both and destroy that bag.


Equip a 9mm and take aim at either man first. Waste 'em both. Once dead, pick the bag up and a message appears on-screen: Dump it in the river.


A few feet away, a small river flows through the center of the park. Approach the bag and follow the button commands on-screen to pick it up, then simply walk over to the stream and toss the bag in the river using another set of controls instructed on-screen and the mission is complete.


Mission Passed

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I am starting to get even more in to this now. biggrin.gif will you ever make a mission list in the main post for easier access

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I am starting to get even more in to this now. biggrin.gif will you ever make a mission list in the main post for easier access

Sure, can do. I'm still planning on drawing a map up as well -- I'm a terrible artist, so it'll generally just be the outlines in my eyes and a few points of interest. I'll sort it out by Friday when I have time. I'm thinking about ideas for a follow-up at the moment as I finished writing this like 1-2 months ago. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. Just sat back and thought of creative missions. There's one later in the game where your car is rigged to catch fire and you have to speed across a dockyard, use a ramp, bail out and make sure it lands on a ship. Ees gewd funz.

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