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Jazz Topic


Recommended Posts

Mingus was awesome, definitely - and one hell of character, too! Read his autobiography - it's ...interesting, to say the least! ;)

Curiously enough, that record ('Mingus Ah Um') is probably one of the big reasons I decided I wanted to get into playing music as a career - it just sounded so darn good...

Time for a bit of Cannonball, methinks - if I had my way, there'd be an LA-centric Jazz station in GTA V/Online (like IV's Jazz Nation Radio), and it'd definitely have the likes of THIS on it:

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Great stuff, I hope to see much more posts by you in this section.


Here's some cool jazz featuring my guitar idol Mr. Lee Ritenour, and a young talent named Andreas Varady, who I believe is 14 in the video. He takes a little while to get into it (It's a huge jazz festival, Rit, AND Grusin. Anyone would be nervous) but damn if he can't play. A lot of Benson-esque playing.


The remains of Quincy Jones talks until 1:20.



at 8:10 Varady does a brilliant ending, but it seems that Ritenour won't let him get ALL the glory... The kid is cheeky though, and plays more bebop-style licks at the very end.

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^ if you're a Lee Ritenour fan, you'll want to check this out (if you've not seen/heard it before) - the studio session for the GRP Big Band anniversary record:


Ridiculous stuff all round, and the band is gold-plated - Kenny Kirkland, Eddie Daniels, Tom Scott, Bob Mintzer, etc. Love this chart in particular, really nice re-harmonisation. :)

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Feels good to know that this topic is still alive!


I'll share one of my personal favorite tracks, the recording is not great and the ending is cut for some reason, but i love it.



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This f*cking kid. He wrote this f*cking tune.



What a promising prodigy.


That's his father on rhythm guitar as well.

Edited by Marwin Moody
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Here's an old Portuguese band from the 50s, featuring maestro Shegundo Galarza on piano and stellar guitarist Carlos Menezes (he doesn't really go wildly technical in this song, though), performing a smooth arrangement of a classic tune.

Check out that piano solo! Edited by Black_MiD
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Nice, real smooth. Playful with the "attack" of the guitar.


Here's a piece I didn't hear until recently. I have to admit I enjoy the ending most of all in this piece:


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Short but sweet! Perfect ending for a Bond theme, too. Wes was a class act.
I was listening to him in the afternoon with my dad. Here's one of my favourite performances by him.

Some genius phrases in there!
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That's a lot of augmented chords in the intro. A lot of 9s, in any augmentation.


It's an easy-listening tune. Nice stuff.


Here's another live recording I enjoy. George Benson and Lonnie Smith in 1966:


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Yes, although whether or not the fiddling made a big impact can be debated. I wonder what guitar it is. My first guess was a Super 400, but the 400 has a Venetian cutaway.

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True, it seems to be more of a nervous tick than anything. Looks like it could be an L-5 with custom inlays (the Florentine cutaway edition).

Edited by Black_MiD
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Turns out the Super 400 was made in a Florentine cutaway version. My money is on that.

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Hmm, I didn't know that. The two are pretty similar, and to be honest, I'd love to have either one. Okay, maybe I'd like the Super 400 more :p

Edited by Black_MiD
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  • 3 weeks later...

...well, damn. :cry:



Still, what a legacy - played with pretty much EVERYONE (Ellington, Quincy Jones, Oscar Peterson, Gerry Mulligan - you name it...), and was arguably one of the most unique trumpeters in Jazz (does anyone else really sound like Clark, in the same way they do Miles Davis, Clifford Brown, Freddie Hubbard, etc.?). And well-known for being such a great spokesperson for the music, too - really personable and open (huge fun to watch him interviewed - funny guy!) - Jazz is sorely worse off without him.

Couple of choice selections - he's the featured trumpet soloist on this (that's the Ellington 'ghost' band, led by his son Mercer Ellington):

...and he wrote this number, recorded for/with the great UK tenorist Tubby Hayes (hence the title! ;) ):

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Just saw this guy in London:





Excellent player, although his monologues and quirks do get less entertaining as the night proceeds. He used some playback (in place of a guitar player) which I found to be in poor taste. He didn't leave much room for the rest of the band, and was a "party trick" player.


It was great, though.

Edited by Marwin Moody
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