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GTAForums Writers' Discussion Library


Recommended Posts


GTAForums Writers' Discussion Library

Still under construction


If you are a person who enjoys reading made up stories here in GTAForums than this thread can help you out. A list that will be updated as soon as a new story is posted or a new chapter is posted. It will help find stories a lot more easier than just going through the pages in the Writers' Discussion.


Hope you find this useful and enjoy your reading.



Take Me Home (San Andreas) TenEightyOne November 10, 2012 -- Song Lyrics Musical
Blind Revenge Dr-Mayhem111 November 23, 2012 Chapter One: Good Day, Turned Bad Third person story Action/ Adventure, Drama
The End Ziggy455 November 25, 2012 -- Short story Drama
Football Master of San Andreas November 23, 2012 -- Poem Sports
Der Grobmann GTAb0yWonder November 8, 2012 -- Gaming script Horror, Suspense
Peasant Blurs Coat. May 21, 2012 Chapter Nine: Ain't No Grave Third person Drama, Action/Adventure
The Pizza Killer AceRay October 2, 2012 Chapter Seven: I Don't Walk The Line, I Run It First person Crime Thriller
By The Bridge TenEightyOne November 22, 2012 -- Song lyrics Musical


I will finish this soon.

Edited by Dr-Mayhem111
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Here's a code for adding stuff to the library


[tableb]Title:*insert title*Writer:*insert writer*Date Posted:*insert date*Style:*insert style*Category:*insert category*[/tableb]



And here's PK, which I wrote before I made the code.


Name:The Pizza Killer

Author: Me

Date posted: 2nd October 2012

Style: First Person

Category: Crime Thriller


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Also if anybody has any suggestions, please don't hesitate to throw them my way.

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I hate to crash the party, but this has been done countless times before, in a variety of formats, and each time it dies out - mainly because it's not necessary. Without going into the debate of whether it's necessary or not, inherently the notion of a singular member maintaining such a vast listing simply doesn't work; sooner or later, activity will dwindle and the thread will become out of date.


Given that this isn't adding anything to previous incarnations of this particular idea, I'm just going to spare you the hassle of updating it and lock it. It's tremendous that you want to contribute - but perhaps your efforts would be better spent coming up with something else? I don't know what that something else might be; that's up to you. wink.gif


And hey, if nothing comes to mind, just spend the time on your writing. That way everyone's a winner.

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