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Make your own achievement/trophy.


Recommended Posts

^ There is actually a mission "objective" referencing that mission in GTA V, curiously.

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"World Runner" Run in 30 minutes real life

"I got rekted" Suicide

"Doctor CJ" Complete ambulance missions

"Your under arrest" Complete vigilante missions

"I want to go home" Complete Las Venturas missions

"Not for Kids" Hot Coffee a gf

"I love you" Get all Girlfriends

"World Technique" Learn all Moves on all gyms

"Hunter" 100 kills of sniper

"This one or this one" Buy all Clothes

"The Kiss" Kiss your Girlfriend

"Divorce" Lose a girlfriend

"Fire in your Body" throw a molotov

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Home-Complete a total of 365 days in Los Santos 60G

The Highest Point-Reach the top of Mount Chiliad 15G

Mister Tough Guy-Punch 1000 times 25G

Thats My Turf-Spray all spray tags 45G

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  • 2 weeks later...

Spare!: Run over a group of 4 gangbangers and leave at least one alive

Strike!: Run over a group of 4 gangbangers and kill them all

Kamikaze: Crash into the gas pumps of any gas station

Top Of The Food Chain: Destroy one of the Rhinos that come after you when you have 6 stars

Bad Business: Complete 'Just Business'

Bird Hunter: Destroy 50 Police Choppers

Clean & Shiny: Respray a car that hasn't been damaged at all

Who's The Busta Now?!: Kill Ryder during Pier 69

In The Beginning...: Beat 'Big Smoke'

Frenemies: Beat 'The Green Sabre'

A New Beginning: Beat 'Are You Going To San Fierro?'

Another Clue: Beat 'Yay Ka-Boom-Boom'

Path To Redemption: Beat 'Learning To Fly'

Guess Who's Back?: Beat 'Home Coming'

Keep Your Friends Close...: Kill Big Smoke during 'End of the Line'

Close Shave: Escape the crack den during 'End pf the Line'

"End of the Line, Tenpenny!": Beat 'End of the Line'

Stuffed Wheels: Fill up every single garage in the game

Kickin' Up Some Dust: Complete all 25 street races

Hail To The King: Kill 10 Elvis impersonators

Pimp: Obtain the pimp suit

Doctor Johnson: Obtain the paramedic suit

Protect & Serve: Obtain the cop suit

Hillbilly: Obtain the overalls

Fifty Shades Of Johnson: Obtain the gimp suit

Lighting McQueen: Obtain the racing suit

Alpha Male Status: Date all 6 girlfriends at once

Bad Medicine: Kill someone with an ambulance

It Wasn't The Planes...: Fall to your death while having at least a 4 star wanted level

Test Drive: Drive every car possible

Top Gun: Fire every weapon possible

Daredevil: Obtain a Triple Insane Stunt

Ready To Crash And Burn: Derail a train at night

Green Heart: Kill 100 Ballas

Purple Heart: Kill 100 GSFs

You're Dismissed: Dismiss your gang

Nothing But A Gangsta Party: Complete 'House Party' without letting any of your homies die

Anti-Narcotics: Complete 'Toreno's Last Flight'

sh*t Just Got Real: Complete 'Riot'

Sir, Yes Sir!: Evade a 6-star wanted level

From Zero To Hero: Go from 100% Fat and 0% Muscle to 100% Muscle and 0% Fat

Bruce Jackie Sylvester Arnold Willis: Destroy a car using every single gym move

Don't Stop Me Now: Go from Bayside Marina to Ocean Docks thru ground means (car, bike, foot, lamdmower or derivates) without ever fully stopping

Welcome To The Jungle: Get attacked by a group of Ballas in Grove Street

HOLY SHIIIIIIT!: Jump from one state to another

Ho 2 Ho: Complete the pimping mission

Fatass: Eat until you throw up

The Mummy: Reach 0% Fat & Muscle

The Big Cock: Beat one 'Beat The Cock' race

The Biggest Cock: Beat both 'Beat The Cock' races

Have A Nice Day: Kill everyone inside a fast food joint

I'm Innocent!: Get busted

Karma: Get wasted/busted within 5 seconds of killing someone

Am I In Hell?: Get wasted

Menace 2 Society: Kill 1000 pedestrians

Well Hello There...: Get busted by a jealous girlfriend

I'm Tired Of Your sh*t!: Kill a girlfriend

Started From The Bottom: Climb up Mt. Chilliad on foot

You're Not Supposed To Do That Yet: Kill Ryder or Big Smoke in one of the LS missions

Right Back On Top Of Things: Complete 'Cut Throat Business'

CJ & Co.: Obtain every single asset in the game

Slippery Roads: Crash on your bike and fall for more than 5 seconds

Novice Stuntman: Complete 10 Unique Stunt Jumps

Amateur Stuntman: Complete 30 Uniqie Stunt Jumps

Professional Stuntman: Complete all Unique Stunt Jumps

Ultimate Thief: Steal every kind of law enforcememt car at least once, steal at least 10 cars in front of police and get away, steal 10 cars from the Impounds, and complete the Burglary missions

Prince of San Andreas: 100% Completion

King of San Andreas: Prince of San Andreas achievement and King of San Andreas criminal rating

Emperor of San Andreas: King of San Andreas achievement and maximum money

God of San Andreas: Emperor of San Andreas achievement, having collected every single pickup at least once, destroyed every car spawn at least once, killed 9999 or more soldiers, destroyed 100 News Choppers, a Longest Flight Time stat of 420:00 or more, and every other achievement

Trollface: Steal someone's car and run them over with it

Takin' A Wet Dip: Jump into the water while inside a car

Taking An Air Dip: Drive off a cliff and fall for at least 3 seconds

Taking A Space Dip: Fall thru Blue Hell

What They Don't Want You To See: Fall from the Interiors Universe into the normal world

Rage Against The Machine: Cause enormous amounts of lag

Welcome To The Family: Create a CJ clone

Encore: Redo any side mission

Billy The Black Kid: Escape a 6-star wanted level

Mr. Johnson: Buy a whole suit of the same color

Cannibals: Freeze to death in the big refrigerator during 'The Meat Business'

When Cars Fly: Complete a full 360 flip on a car

Atomic Bomb Survivor: Place down the maximum number of Satchel Charges possible, blow them up within your view... And survive

Fish Fillet With A Touch of CJ: Blow up your car with you inside of it and have the wreck fall into the sea



Sorry for horrible formatting xD

Edited by DragonpokeZ
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  • 5 months later...
Algonquin Assassin

-Buster, straight buster: Purchase 100 buster meals.


-You followed the damn train: Completed "Wrong Side Of The Tracks".


-Road trippin: Revealed the entire map of San Andreas.


-Truck you: Complete the trucking missions.

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"Straight Busta" - Kill the Pizza Worker with the Shotgun.

"Look at what you've done!" - Crash into the destructible part of the bridge above Grove Street.

"No, not that colour..." - Use a Pay-N-Spray 10 times in a row.

"Seriously? Use a mod shop!" - Use a Pay-N-Spray 25 times in a row.

"Emmet DOES have sh*t." - Recieve the gun from Emmet 20 times.

"Addicted" - Go into debt after heavy gambling.

"Just my luck." - Find a horseshoe.

"Jokes on you; It's not Easter!" - Find an Easter egg on a bridge.

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  • I hate gravity! - Fall to your death 10 times.


Balla Killa' - Kill 200 Ballas in 2 minutes.


Claustrophobia - Kill a clown.


Gifted - Gift your girlfriend 50 times.


CRASH- Crash into a police cruiser.


I need a new house - Purchase all safehouses.


Riot Shield - Survive for 1 in-game day during the riots.


Trial by Fire - Set yourself on fire.


Curse of the Four Dragons - Lose $500,000 in the Four Dragons casino.


Buuuurp! - Throw-up after eating.


Hood Janitor - Kill 100 drug dealers.


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"I forgot to pick up the parachute" - Jump off of Los Santos Tower without a parachute.

"Where the f*ck am I?" - Spend over an hour on foot in Flint County without looking at the map.

"Are you wearing a diaper?" - Walk around San Andreas for 10 minutes while wearing nothing at all.

"Low Rider" - Play with a cars hydraulics for over a minute.

"Following that damn train" - Follow a train around the entire map.

"What's this tank doing here?" - Get 100% completion.

"Capital Gains" - Recieve money from an asset.

"Under-Licensed Pilot" - Sneak into Los Santos International Airport before doing flight school.

"It's just a mod" - Spend an entire games day at Back-O-Beyond.

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  • Shoe Addict- Collect all horseshoes.


Danger Zone - Evade a SAM.


Smoke got smoked - Kill Big Smoke.


Graduate - Pass all schools.


Fatboy Johnson - Fail a mission for being overweight.


CJ Kart - Drive around the map in a go-kart.


Still have nothing to wear - Purchase all clothes and unlock all outfits.


OG - Recruit 7 gang members.


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Drive around main highway system around the entire map without damaging your vehicle - Diamond Trophy


Complete Photo Opportunity without flipping the Savannah - Diamond Trophy


Find Bigfoot - Priceless


Use a motorcycle to enter Area 69 - 69 Diamond Trophies

Edited by Xiled
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Take Everyone's Breath Away: Survive a 6-star wanted level for 20 minutes in a Hydra.

Edited by Ivan1997GTA
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Achievements with spoilerless captions as if they were available at release:


All-Seeing-Eyes: Take a perfect picture of the Rockstar constellation.

Firefighting: Finish the last mission.

Sayonara Forelli: Complete "Saint Mark's Bistro".

King of Chaos: Take over all gang territories after a certain crucial point in the game.

The Green Sabre: (self explanatory)

In the Brink of Madness: Meet Catalina.

The San Andreas Connection: Complete "Photo Opportunity".

Trial Triad: Meet Woozie.

What the f*ck is a GPS?: Meet Mike Toreno.

Horse With No Name: Fully reveal Tierra Robada on your map.

Infidel: Spend more time in Ballas territories than GSF territories, without conquering them.

The T-Files: Complete all The Truth missions.

Original Gringo: Complete "A Home in the Hills".

Taking Out the Trash: Take over all territories after unlocking them.

My Exes Lived in Texas: Kill all your girlfriends.

Pimp-Boy: Kill Millie using a dildo.

The Sunny Empire (secret achievement): Have Rosenberg mention Tommy during The Meat Business.

Easy Way Out: Fail "Madd Dogg".

Triad Blood: Complete "Lure" with minimal damage.

History Maker: Don't skip any cutscene in the game until 100% completion.

King of San Andreas: Attain 100% completion.

Raider of the Lost Ark: Collect all oysters.

Luck of the Irish: Collect all horseshoes.

Seen Some Sh*t: Complete all photo-ops.

Mark Territory: Complete all tags.

A Massive 2 Megabytes: Read the Bridge Facts sign.

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"The real customer" - Fully Mod One Lowrider



"I hate gravity" - jump from mount chilliad

"Welcome to the america!" - kill 200 cops

Edited by HeySlickThatsMe
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I REALLY do not see any point to Achievements/Trophies, for Doing What has to be done to complete the game.

These awards should only exist to drive a Player to do something out of the Ordinary game play. Like side missions, or alternate methods from those the game implies must be used.

  • Master Explorer, for finding all the free pickups.
  • Professional Driver, operating All the different vehicles.
  • Master Mariner, operating every watercraft.
  • Flying Ace, Flying every aircraft without crashing.
Edited by lil weasel
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  • 2 weeks later...

"I hate gravity!" - Die from fall damage

"Ow! My head!" - Reach the height limit

"Who would leave this here?" - Collect a hidden weapon

"Who would leave these here?" Collect 85 different hidden weapons

"Who would leave ALL of these here?" - Collect all different hidden weapons

"The carjacker" - Carjack 100 cars

"A rather unsuccessful diet" - Eat 20 times in a row

"Jogger" - Run 1 kilometers

"Runner" - Run 5 kilometers

"Marathonist" - Run 10 kilometers

"But first, exlproring time!" - Don't enter the Big Smoke mission for 10 minutes

"Don't worry, I can wait" - Be idle for 5 minutes

"Want a good time, honey?" - "Invite" 10 prostitutes

"Come on, you can do it!" - Win at least 30,000$ from horse betting

"Most wanted man in the state" - Get a 6-star wanted level

"Hey! This is a restricted area!" - Reach Area 69

"Where do you think you're going?" - Reach the end of the game world

"Huh, looks diferrent when I first got here" - Get to Liberty City

"You have been a busy boy" - Earn the maximum amount of money

"Why don't you go outside?" - Have 100 playing hours


Sorry if some of these are already mentioned.

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  • 2 years later...
  • Ghost Town Don :Find pedestrians and cars while doing Beat The Cock Races
  • Betraying Boss :Kill Sweet,Kendl,Cesar,Catalina,The Truth,Zero and Wu Zi Mu at least once
  • The Messiah :Pass 30 levels of Paramedic Missions
  • Collector's Edition :Collect every special vehicle available in the game
  • King Of SA :Reach "King Of San Andreas" criminal rating
  • The Completionist :Complete every available thing in the game at least once
  • Coffee Addict :Accept coffee from your girlfriend at least 50 times
  • Hola Marco :Kill Marco Forelli in Saint Mark's Bistro
  • State Slicker :Roam aroud the state of San Andreas
  • Killing the future :Kill Claude using *all cars explode* cheat to prevent GTA III from happening
  • God Gangsta' :Jump from the LS and SF towers without dying
  • Stake in a Casino :Complete the mission "Fish In A Barrel"



And finally:


  • Pirate's Plassey :Get all the above trophies
Edited by yuvraj6122
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  • 10 months later...

Brown diarrhea streak: Complete the Freight train challenge in the level 2 with all the maximum rewards


Slumthief millionaire: Earn 1 million $ during your various Burglar sub-missions


Hell's angel: Kill at least 666 criminals during the same vigilante sub-mission by mostly using the HPV-1000


Molotov victory: Conquer a territory by burning all the 3rd wave enemies with one single Molotov cocktail


The 4 corners of the state of troubles: Get a 6 stars wanted level and go in Ocean docks, Angel Pine, Bayside and the KACC military fuels by all the possible means without being busted or wasted.


Through the streets of rage: During the riots start in East Beach and go until the lighthouse by only walking or using road vehicles without getting busted or wasted.



Full ammo and full money: Don't spend any dollar in the ammu-nation shops until you reach the 100% completion

Inside the golden track: Earn a minimum 100 million dollars in the Inside track offices


Pimp my San Andreas rides: Apply the maximum number of available modifications on all the customizable vehicles


The drug crime doesn't pay: Earn at least 1 million dollars by killing dealers


The god of sex: Earn 1 million dollars by making bedroom sports with prostitutes


The Mount Chiliad insane stunt: Take a sports car equipped with nitro, go on the top of Mount Chiliad and reach the road level by using the nitro

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