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Make your own achievement/trophy.

Recommended Posts


"Blow Your Brains Out"- Shoot someone in the face and have their face blow up.


"Turf Gangsta"- Survive 1 Gang War


"This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is My Land"- Survive 10 Gang Wars


"Journey Complete"- Complete the game's story line.


"Ultimate Gangsta"- Complete the game 100%.


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I think there was a topic like this before, but anyways...


"Breaking the Rules" - Obtain, and save in a garage a comprehensive proof Maverick.

"Enemies are history" - Take over 100% territories.

"Gambler Freak" - Win at least $10000000 by gambling.

"Mafia is looking for you" - Get a budget of -$500000 or less.

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Top Gun - Shoot down 10 enemy migs


Sprunkaholic - Drink 100 cans of Sprunk


Pimp my Ride - Transfenderize 10 cars


1 Hour Photo - Complete all 50 photo Ops


BMX Bandit - Complete the bmx challenge in under 1:10


Hopping Mad - 50 bunny hops in a row


Rain Man - Win 5 casino games in a row


Tag Master - All 100 tags without losing health


Rocket Man - Travel from Verdant Meadows and land in Grove St with jet pack


I Can See my House from Here - Go to the top of Mt Chiliad, on foot

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Towmaster - Using a tow truck, tow a tow truck towing a tow truck that is towing an RV to the top of Mount Chiliad. (YES, I have infact done this many times. I've even towed a tow truck towing a helicopter to the top of the mountain.)

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"Pool Master"- Win a game of pool


"Way to early"- Going into one of the restricted cities before unlocked


"Grand Theft Auto" - Importing all 30 cars


"That cant be legal" - Taking a Police bribe


"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer" - Killing Big Smoke


"You've got gills"- Collecting all Oysters without losing health.


"Flying Enthusiast" - All Golds in Flying School


"Road Perfectionist"- All Golds in Driving school


"Dare Devil" - Complete Kickstart


"Intruder" - Complete Robbery missions

Edited by shoumic
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"No time for love"- kill all the girlfriends


"A close shave"- evade jealous girlfriend


"The Shootist"-reach hitman level in all weapons


"Good ol' Liberty"-visit Liberty City in Saint Mark's Bistro mission


"Family trip"- take your homies from Los Santos to Las Venturas


"We didn't start the fire"-burn all the weed on Truth's farm


These needs to be included in SA's remake. tounge2.gif

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Ant Air Craft Cock: Shoot down 10 NPC driven planes down.


Take That and That: Learn all Gym moves in San Andreas.


The High Roller: Win $100000 in Four Dragons Casino


Good Job: Complete all storyline missions


RC playa: Complete all Zero's missions


Bitch Pilot: Achieve all gold in Flying School


The Driver: Achieve all gold in Driving School.


Grove4Life: Complete the mission End of Line.


Oyster Sauce Trophy: Collect all Oysters


Horse-sense: Collect all horse shoes


Snap-A-Lot; Take all snapshots


Nobody Messes with me: Kill 10000 pedestrians.


You Have Done your Homework: Complete the game 100%.

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FAT ALBERT - Achieve 100% fat level

ARNIEFIED - Achieve 100% muscle 0% fat

AHOY THERE - Spend 100 hours boating

THE MARKSMAN - Kill 1,000 peds with sniper rifle

BOB THE BUILDER - Complete Quarry missions x2

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Mission Achievements - Los Santos


Home, Sweet Home - Complete "Sweet & Kendl".

Lethal Weapon - Acquire the pistol from "Nines and AK's"

Low Rider - Complete "Cesar Vialpando" without failing it once

Just Business - Complete Big Smoke's missions without failing them more than three times

Silent - Collect all the crates from Colonel Fuhrberger's house in "Home Invasion"

Streetracer - Complete the mission "High Stakes, Low Rider" without failing it once

OG - Complete OG Loc's missions without failing them more than twice

Taking Over - Take over all the gang turfs after you unlocked this feature in "Doberman" (before "The Green Sabre")


Mission Achievements - Countryside


Photo Shoot - Complete the mission "Badlands" without failing it once

I'm Rich! - Rob all the places with Catalina without failing once

The Badlands Badass - Win both races in Countryside without failing them once

I And High - Try not to get high in "Are You Going To San Fierro?" (yes, it's possible)


Mission Achievements - San Fierro


The Number is Zero - Complete Zero's missions without failing them more than three times

Welcome to the Syndicate - Complete Loco Syndicate's missions without dying

Chinese New Year - Complete Woozie's missions without dying

Something Fishy - Complete "Amphibious Assault" without losing health

Boom-Boom - Complete "Yay Ka-Boom-Boom" without failing it once

God Speed - Collect all the cars for Wang Cars without failing once


Mission Achievements - Desert


Monster - Be the first in "Monster" mission

I Believe I Can Fly - Buy Verdant Meadows and complete the flying school with bronze

Black Project - Complete both "Black Project" and "Green Goo" without dying


Mission Achievements - Las Venturas


Old Friends - Meet Kent Paul

The Plan - Complete the Heist missions (without the heist itself)

The Trusted Man - Complete Caligula's Casino missions (Ken's and Salvatore's)

Catching a Star - Complete "Madd Dogg" without failing it once

Two Down, One To Go - Complete "High Noon" without failing it once

Robbery Of The Century - Complete "Breaking The Bank At Caligula's" without failing once


Mission Achievements - Back to Los Santos


Hello, Brother - Complete "Home Coming" without dying

Taking Over... Again - Retake all the 4 hoods in "Grove 4 Life"

Hasta la Muerte - Complete "Los Desperados" without failing it once

The End - Complete "End of the Line" without failing it once


Other Achievements


Taxi Driver - Complete the taxi driver side-mission on both cars

Firefighter - Complete the firefighter side-mission in all cities

Cop - Complete the vigilante side-mission on all vehicles

Medic - Complete the paramedic side-mission in all cities

King of the State - Acquire all assets

Collector's Edition - Collect all collectibles and try not to die while doing it

Getting all the ladies - Find and meet all girlfriends and make them all date you at the same time (that means that you must not kill Millie)

The Underworld Boss - Take over all the gang turfs and do not save game if your turf is attacked

King of San Andreas - Obtain the "King of San Andreas" criminal rating

Fast Food Lover - Eat in all of the fast-food restaraunts in San Andreas (does not include World of Coq)

Better Be Safe - Buy all the safehouses around San Andreas

Golden Gun - Complete the Shooting Range

Best Pupil - Complete all the schools with Gold

Special Car - Find and complete all of the vehicle side-missions

The Real End - Complete the game (Get 100%)


Misc. Achievements


1st - Win all the races

Wanted - Attack all the police stations, make sure you've been everywhere there and get away safely

Edited by SatournFan
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Big Remi

You Weren't Supposed To Be Able To Get Here- Access the hidden interior universe without the use of a cheat device.

F**k The Police- Kill at least 1000 police officers.

Graffiti Artist- Spray over all 100 tags in Los Santos.

Womanizer- Successfully pick up at least 75 prostitutes.

Lucky Star- Collect all 50 horseshoes in Las Venturas.

Delivery Boy- Complete all the Courier missions.

Free Fallin'- Jump from a plane at maximum height and land safely.

Rescue 911- Complete the Paramedic, Firetruck, and Vigilante side missions.

Master Evader- With a 6-star wanted level, travel from Ocean Docks to Bayside Marina without the use of a boat, aircraft, tank, jetpack, or cheats, then successfully get rid of the stars.

Graduation- Complete all schools.

The Fast and the Furious- Finish 1st in all street races.

Valedictorian- Complete all schools with golds.

Show Me The Money- Obtain maximum cash in game without the use of cheats.

I Love Strippers- Spend at least $5000 in the strip clubs.

Rocket Man- Fly the jetpack for at least 1 hour.

God Of San Andreas- Obtain "King Of San Andreas" criminal rating, 100% control of gang territory, and maximum cash without dying, being busted, or using cheats on a "Master Save File."

You Really Weren't Supposed To Be Able To Get Here- Access Liberty City outside the "Saint Marks' Bistro" mission without the use of a cheat device.

Mass Murderer- Obtain at least 15,000 legitimate kills.

Car Collector- Fill the garages with unique and rare vehicles.

Edited by Big Remi

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An Echo of the Past - Complete "Farewell, My Love..." - 10G/Bronze Trophy

Damage Limitation - Complete ALL races with damage of 25% or less - 100G/Gold Trophy

Speedrunner - Complete all Story Missions under 35 hours (real-life hours) - 60G/Silver Trophy

Still Madd - Complete "Cut Throat Business" - 10G/Bronze Trophy

Underwater Sherm (Secret Achievement) - Kill Ryder - 10G/Bronze Trophy

War Veteran - Take over 100% Gang Territory Twice - 100G/Gold Trophy - (Note:Take over ALL Territory before Green Sabre and after Home Coming)

War Bird - Destroy all pursuing Hydras in "Vertical Bird" - 15G/Bronze Trophy - (All Hydras that will chase you so you cant destroy any on the ship)

Near-Miss Stuntman Pilot - Fly very low in every City with Stuntplane with smoke deployed without crashing once - 60G/Silver Trophy

Going Deep - Dive under water for the first time - 5G/Bronze Trophy

If it a'int broke, dont fix - Complete "Reuniting the Families" - 10G/Bronze Trophy

The Aliens are Real - Complete "Black Project" - 10G/Bronze Trophy

Where you off to? - Fly a Plane out of Las Venturas boundaries after "St. Mark's Bistro" - 5G/Bronze Trophy

4GEDIT - Try to enter parked Sentinel during "St. Marks Bistro" - 5G/Bronze Trophy

Grove Street is King! - Complete the game 100% - 80G/Gold Trophy

I want to end this! - Jump off Los Santos Tower and die. - 5G/Bronze Trophy - (Jump off the highest building)

Why me? (Secret Achievement) - Destroy a Dodo - 10G/Bronze Trophy


More achievements will be posted

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EDIT: << 'new' topic merged into Existing Topic. >>


Create your own custom achievements for GTA SA like it had some like GTA IV.


In the beginning - Complete a sidemission before starting "Big Smoke"

For the Grove - Get all territories.

San Andreas war - Get a kill with every weapon ingame.(including the special attacks and fists.)

Edited by lil weasel

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These are things to do, and this is achievements. different.

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Im to old for this sh*t, achievement unlocked at "Hey i can see my house from here", hear the cop say it atleast 100 times.

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I Remember This Place - Complete "A Home In The Hills".

Here We Go Again - Complete "Home Coming".

Hitman - Reach Max Skill Level On All Weapons.

The New Tanner - Reach Max Skill Level On All Vehicles.

Grove 4 Life - Takeover Every Territory.

ET Was Here - Complete "The Black Project".

Pilot Of The Year - Fly Across All Of San Andreas.

No Licence Needed - Get Into Every Airport Without A Pilot Licence.

Gone In 60 Seconds - Complete All Garage Missions.

Knock Knock - Complete "Cleaning The Hood".

Nice Wheels - Customize A Vehicle.

Gangster Military - Drive All Military Vehicles And Fly All Military Aircraft.

Still A Better Love Story Than Twilight - Kill Millie To Get The Keycard.

The Godfather - Reach Max Respect Level.

Tag Em - Spray All 100 Spray Tags.

Just My Luck - Find All Horseshoes.

Swimming Athlete - Find All Oysters.

Sight Seeing - Take All Snapshots.

Knife To A Gun Fight - Take Down All Soldiers Outside In "The Black Project" With Just A Knife.

Hold The Line - Defend Every Territory Being Attacked Successfully.

Ninja - Compmete All Stealth Sequences Without Being Spotted.

Who's Cash? - Kill An Enemy In Madd Dogg's Mansion With The Chainsaw.

Manhunt - Kill An Enemy Each With Every Melee Weapon.

Join The Midnight Club - Compkete All Races.

Feel The Payne - Kill 20 Enimies With Dual-Weild Weapons.

This Ain't 86 - Stop All Of Big Smokes Drug Runs.

I've Been Here Before - Complete "Saint Marks Bistro".

Legends Never Die - Complete The Story Without Dying Once.

Back For Good - After "Home Coming" Never Leave Los Santos Until The Story Is Completed.

I Got More Than Just A T-Shirt - Complete 100% Of The Game.

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EDIT: << new topic merged into existing topic >>


My ideas:


Shutterbug; Complete 5 snapshots within one in game day.


Original Gangsta; Win a gang war with 3 homies surviving.


Survivalist; Defeat 5 gangsters while having 20% health.


Pimped-up; Spend over $500 on clothing at once.


Hot Wheels; Spend over $25,000 on car mods in one sitting.


Star Evader; Get rid of 3 stars by running away.


SWAT/FBI Champion; Survive a 4/5 star wanted level for five minutes.


Stuntman; Win over $500 in a single stunt.


Ace Pilot; Shoot down 5 incoming aircraft without dying.


Expert pilot; Fly under 5 bridges without crashing.


Suicide; Die within 60 seconds after being wasted.


Big Boom; Kill 4 pedestrians with one shot from any weapon.


No more Summer; Put out 15 fires using a Fire Extinguisher within 2 minutes.

Edited by lil weasel
new into olde.

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Busta - Kill Ryder from friendly fire

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"Last Stop" - Follow the damn train.

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"Noob like"- Die 2 min after cutscene after start game.

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Some of these are already used, but I'd like to name them myself!


"Straight Busta" - Complete Pier 69

"Two Number 45s..." - Complete Drive Thru

"You Talkin' To Me?" - Complete the Taxi missions

"Or Die Tryin'" - Make $1,000,000

"Graffiti Novice" or "Say It, Don't Spray It" - Spray 50 tags

"Graffiti Arist" - Spray over 100 tags

"What Am I Gonna Do With These?" - Collect all horseshoes

"The Ultimate Aphrodisiac" - Collect All Oysters

"All You Had To Do..." - Complete Wrong Side of the Tracks

"I Can't Be Touched!" - Complete End of the Line

"Green Street" - Take over an enemy territory

"Green State" - Take over all enemy territories

"Don't I Know You?" - Complete Farewell, My Love

"Party Crasher" - Complete House Party

"Carl Johnson, World Traveller" - Unlock all islands

"I Love The Countryside" - Complete Badlands

Edited by MrPeteyMax

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"Mythbuster" : You spent a total time of 2 hours in Back O' Beyond.

"Vacations Souvenirs" : You took the 50 photos in San Fierro.

"This is insanity" : You have passed all Zero missions.

"Elvis Has Left the Building" : You have killed an Elvis impersonator in Las Venturas

(^It's a GTA 2 easter egg for those who didn't understand ;-) )

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"Snake got your tongue?"- CJ knocking out Claude :cool:

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"Being a busta" - Leave Ryder to die


Edited by Yankow

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"Rain of Bullets"- Fire 10000000 Bullets

"Hitman"- Get all weapon status to hitman

"Headshot"- Get headshots 100 times

"Assassin"- Make 1000 Stealth Kills

Edited by HackerDetected

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"Master of Pain"- Die 100 Times "F*ck the Whole World"- Kill Big Smoke

Edited by HackerDetected

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"Most Wanted"-Get a 6 stars wanted level then survived 30 minutes

"Newbie"- Complete Big Smoke

"Die Police"- Kill any cops who gets in your way

"Buff me Up"- Have max muscle

"I Live in the Moon"- Reach the clouds

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"Smoking Smoke"- Watch Big Smoke Smoking

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To Die or Rise in Los Santos - Take over all territories and complete all back to LS missions

I'm clean officer! - Respray any vehicle when having wanted levels

It's all legit! - complete all assets

Ghost rider - spend 100+ hours on bike

Cheating is fun! - got spotted by another gf on a date and then run away.

Jason Kills - kill 100+ Peds with knife or katana

Welcome to the Jungle - Watch the intro

A few hundreds bullets back - kills 1000+ ballas, vagos, Danang boys, mafia and cops

Make it rain! - fire over 1000000+ bullets

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"Follow the damn train, CJ!" - Fail "Wrong Side of the Tracks"

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