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Wrong Side Of The Tracks [PS2]

Arsen Vitiuk

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So I was continuing my GTA SA playthrough on PS2, and yesterday I was doing the "Wrong Side Of The Tracks" mission. There was nothing wrong with that until...


The moment I hopped on the Sanchez, I decided to adjust the camera view, and accidentally pressed the select button more times than needed, and entered the Cinematic View mode. Upon pressing the select button once again, all the Vagos members that were on train, were instantly killed, thus triggering the 'Return to Smoke's home' part of the mission.


What I actually wonder about is: is this bug exclusive to PS2 version, all versions in total or to my game only???

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Yes, quite successfully. I reloaded the save game (and that was from before "Running Dog") only to see if that works...

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maybe it was secret and Rockstar didn't tell anyone that you can do that to pass the mission easily. LOL






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I wonder if this happens in the PC version.



No, it does not, unfortunately.


Hovewer, a funny thing happened, which I never noticed before: as the train is taking a left turn one of the Vagos members is hit by the low metal beam and remains trapped in it! biggrin.gif Just hanging helplessly from it!


7 years... I still discover new things in SA!


Also, the second time I did this mission I had a little information box on my screen, saying "Press X to skip the trip to Unity station". However, this message doesn't come up any more. Do you know which key it is by default? I wanted to try it but I never remembered what key it was!

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This is interesting because I always adjust the camera to zoom in a bit on the bike. The camera by default is zoomed out so you can see the train more but it makes it a bit harder to control the Sanchez. I will try this today

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  • 10 months later...

Upon getting on the Sanchez, I changed the camera angles to the cinematic view, pressed select once more (as the OP said to do) and the NPCs atop the train were still alive. Seeing as our experiences appear to contradict each other, I'd appreciate it if someone else would offer their input.


Just to specify some game traits, assuming they might matter: PS2, v1, & NTSC player.

Edited by King Andreas
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So you play same version but trick wont work anymore? i think i got a save close to the mission i can try if you want ( ps3 version ) but say exact when, like i need change camera view as fast as possible or wait a lil before hit select ?. Let me know. ( also you need start with certain view or doesnt matter ?, like once select or twice select etc. before you get cinematic view ).

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It is quite possible that since he has a Version One game, that the 'glitch' has been repaired in the later versions.

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