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GTA V character switch system


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In tried to picture,how is look this system character switch in GTA V.

So i had created this video,what is would be look like smile.gif

What do you think?





link fixed

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Rockstar should hire this guy! icon14.gif

– overeducated wonk who fetishises compromise

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I used standard video editor and AE Effects CS4 smile.gif

At first i wanted to create Google earth effect,but it was more difficult


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Really good work!!


This is what I imagine is R*'s aim. I would personally still prefer taking control of one character per mission, but this video does hype up the system for me more!

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I'd imagine that's how it will work, but in a larger scale when free-roaming, i.e. it will zoom out in a Google Earth style camera and then zoom back into which ever character you picked.


Also, a neatly done video, here, take this cookie.gif

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Now i think i'll go the RG.com and post this video in the last news,what do they think? confused.gif

maybe they will add it on newswire wink.gif

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