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Der Grobmann


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user posted image



A game created by Parsec Studios and teamed up with 2k Games.









1944, WWII. The U.S, China, France, Germany, and many other countries of the world are in a war for mightiness and control. Meanwhile, Adolf Hitler is leading an army of Germans who call themselves Nazis, the army doesn't try to nourish themselves for the safety of their country, for they only try to harm the others who are not FROM their country. And the U.S, some troops stay in America, fighting off the other forces coming to them, hitting them hard. And some other troops come to Germany to fight and invade them.


One of the first troops, Squad 5th Armor, an army of Americans who sneaked into Germany to conquer and invade Berlin end up in a small "ghost town" named, Truburg, found in the middle of the Grunewald forest. The town itself is already being invaded, not by soldiers, but wildlife and nature. Forest land may surround the German ghost town, but something also. The disappearance of the town is strange enough, but the missing children before that is more strange. The troops that once came to fight, now stay to live and stay away from the local legend of the tall man. The big man. The slender man. DER GROBMANN.





Parsec Studios presents...


[Text fades away]


a 2K Games production...


[Text fades away into burning transition]


Narrator: They say it's just a legend. They say it can never die. Legends don't die. Not this one, not this time. Some say it started a long time ago, since the ancients roamed our land, creating our realm, building empires, structures, and other things they've left behind. They say it's been stalking humans for centuries since the beginning of time.


[A bony arm jumps into screen and transforms itself into a tree branch, later the branch fades into a screen showing a mountain, possibly from China]


Narrator: It's been stalking people for as long as anyone remembers..


[A hooded person walks the snowy mountains, walking through the woods, and the camera rises up to see a giant palace at the end of a trail. The hooded person walks up to a door, and knocks, giving a code]


Hooded Person: 现在是时候


[The door opens up, letting the Hooded person reveal himself as an elder Chinese male]


Elder: 我在这里给你的字。他是在这里。


[A group of young Chinese men stand up from their pose, an unnatural thing to do in their ways]


Group: 谁在这里?


Elder: 不露面的天使。他从天上下跌。他来这里警告我们,他来这里把我们从我们的厄运,从我们的命运。我们的时间。每个人的时间。


[A strong man, walks up between the group and walks towards the man]


Man: 你们这些愚蠢的人。不露面的天使会看不起你的坟墓。不露面的天使会来你的坟墓。不露面的天使会燃烧你所有的土壤,你不值得严重。


Elder: 但我严重不建。对于农民的女儿已经有她的。但无论怎样,强大的李,她的身体是没有出路的。


[The lanterns all over the palace are wiped out from a strong wind that blows them all out. All the Chinese males look around, frightened]


Elder: 强大的李先生,他在这里,你无法阻止他。你不能 -


[What seems like a tree branch goes through the elder man's chest, is later seen as a tentacle. The elder's body falls to it's knees, and 'the faceless angel' seen in an ancient cloak, revealing some of his bony body is standing behind the body, as the group looks upon his face, and one of the faceless angel's arms comes towards the camera, with "Der Grobmann" appearing in the screen. The opening credits roll in, showing more ages where the faceless man lived and took the lives of many]


Hope you liked that intro, sorry if you hate having to translate the Chinese subtitles.

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Bellic 4 life

Ok, first of all, I like the idea, however, I need to nitpick.


Why are Chinese elders being mentioned in a game that takes place in WW2 Germany?


Other than that, I like the idea, as it's been touched on in the series, TribeTwelve.

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Ok, first of all, I like the idea, however, I need to nitpick.


Why are Chinese elders being mentioned in a game that takes place in WW2 Germany?


Other than that, I like the idea, as it's been touched on in the series, TribeTwelve.

Trust me, the Chinese elders will play an important role later in the game.

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Bellic 4 life

Okay, just wondering. As I said, the series TribeTwelve touched on this, so here's the vid to prove it.



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