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New Character Screenshot


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user posted image


better quality


user posted image


Tekst on the page (thanks Money over Bullsh*t):


Kiss your free time goodbye - Grand Theft Auto V is approaching


There will be other games next year. Many of them will be good. Some will sell well and garner glowing reviews. But none matter more than Grand Theft Auto V.

That was all a bit serious, wasn't it? But the fact is, GTA isn't a brand with yearly updates, it's one that it's maker Rockstar puts time and care into. In the time between GTA IV and GTA V we'll have played five different Call of Duty titles.

So what news is there on this game (illustrated by our exclusive picture)? Well it's set in and around Los Santos (Rockstar's take on LA and Southern California) last seen in 2004's GTA San Andreas. The protagonist is an East Coast gangster who moved there for a fresh start. But as in The Godfather Part III - just as he thought he was out, they pulled him right back in. It would be a pretty boring game if they hadn't.



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The twitter account holder (https://twitter.com/stavrosph/status/266279271549530113/photo/1) says the magazine is http://www.shortlist.com/

Here is link to the website article:




according to this:



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Interesting. Even though I am not 100% sure this is legit, it looks good. What magazine is this from?

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hmmm... Looks kinda real smile.gif IDK anymore anythings possible right? Scan the page for videos (boner)

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It's probably from the December issue (the physical copy) of GameInformer. I'm sure retailers will be getting it very soon.

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Inb4 this gets moved to official?


Looks real to me, It's a SWEET pic. :]

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