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The Forum Musicians' Commune


Recommended Posts

  • 2 weeks later...

Your MW2 song reminded me of Waiting on a n00b by Chris Smoove. Yours is better though me thinks.


Why are your videos unlisted btw? They're good.

Edited by rhyn
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Your MW2 song reminded me of Waiting on a n00b by Chris Smoove. Yours is better though me thinks.


Thanks biggrin.gif



Why are your videos unlisted btw? They're good.


Because they're not that good and I don't want anyone I know to see lol.

Edited by macorules94
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  • 2 weeks later...

Long time no post guys x) been experimenting with some synths in the hope of making Dubstep (which failed but oh wells). Made a small mash up of a few of them. At the moment they're only instrumentals hence why they're kinda boring. Enjoy!




Alternative Dubstep19/12/10


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I don't know if this counts, but some guys used a beat I made for a song and asked me to spread it around the net, told me I can spread it wherever I want to, so I figured I'd come here, too...

Here it is:



Phillip Knop & Sam EntzenbergerSingular Track
(prod. by NJSBeats)Rap16th December 2010


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Be gentle, it's the first song I've ever written.



I still think that you're unreal

Because your love is true.

I don't know how to feel,

Because are lips are sealed, too


Your body makes me feel good,

You make me want to,

But I don't know if I should

What am I gonna do?


You represent all that is perfect,

And I don't know if I'm worth it

Your sole image makes me go crazy

What am I gonna do?


Listen to me now, as I'm under your spells,

For your love, I would go trough hell.


I miss the times when we were friends

If our love does fail,

The world won't end,

I'll still love you, no matter what.


Listen to me now, baby!


Our ways, won't last for such a long time,

I don't want us to do anything wild.

My life, until you, was awful grime.

My love, I want us to have a child.

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My first song in quite a while, as well as my first attempt at Drum and Bass. I actually dont think this turned out as bad as I was expecting it.




DJ Dingle Singular Track Reaction Drum and Bass January 2, 2011
[tableb]DJ DingleSingular TrackReactionDrum and BassJanuary 2, 2011[/tableb]


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Brief description of me:


Born in Italy, raised in East London (Hackney), i've always loved Rap and started writing my own stuff 5 years ago (at the age of 13), now, living in Lugano (South Switzerland), i'm spreading my words across various Swiss cities, keeping the English language wink.gif Enjoy smile.gif


Loving this thread, some real talent in here, keep it up guys smile.gif



tony-restaTony RestaMC / VideoMakerRap/HipHop/GrimeFaceBook




Tony RestaMUSIC VIDEO"All The Time"Rap/HipHop/Grime3.1.11


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Yo the King Tiger, is it on the prowl

It's strollin' through the rubble of a burned out town

It is to feared, you better watch your rear

Your mother will shed a tear but the K.T kills with cheer


K.T, is raw

K.T, is strong

K.T, is gone

K.T, is rollin' on


Better have eyes on the back of your head

Better have legs cause you soon will be dead

I hope your dreams weren't about livin'

Cause the K.T's gotta knack for leaving you all bleedin'


K.T, is raw

K.T, is strong

K.T, is gone

K.T, is rollin' on


I wonder what is was like so long ago

Out on the European battlefield

I wonder what it was like to try to fight

Only to find out you're the one that's in the sights


Sort of Sublimey kind of reggae song about the German WW2 super tank. I have more songs by me and my buds on our youtube page and we'll be uploading more when we feel like it.


'Around the Clock'




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Sorry for neglecting this topic guys. However it is nice to see that many of you have been sharing knowledge, help, material and criticism. Thereby keeping the community alive. I have updated the front page, and all of the information is now up to date. Apologies also, as I currently haven't got the time to indulge in all of your creations at the current time. But my best wishes and support goes to those working hard and creating/being involved in music.


Concerning my own prerogative, my birthday is next week and I hope to get, or at least get the money for a MIDI Keyboard and some decent speakers for mixing. Which should set me back roughly £250 maximum. Then I hope to use the money I have saved up to get one of these bad boys. I should be buying a guide/manual for it too. Hopefully I can then start getting into music production.


College has been great too. I've been picking up things here and there so far. I'm really hoping to be able to use the MPC in my own time however, to get a real feel and groove; and then I can hopefully go from there. Again, nice to see you guys, I'll be sure to try and pop in more often.

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I really suck at writing music, so I leave that to others.. but here's some sh*t from me playing covers.


from piano



from Guitar


pardon the singing, please smile.gif



Edited by TheCacti
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  • 2 weeks later...

@TheCacti: When I first took a listen to the piano cover, I instantly knew I had heard it somewhere. Though, I never knew the artist or name of the song. Now I'm crazy to find sheet music for it, so I can play it on my keyboard, although, I got the chords from another video. But I digress. Very nice cover, man, thanks for posting it. smile.gif


Attention, my music fans (the whole 0 of you)! I have released my very first album. Yes. It's nothing special, nothing new, but you can get it from Jamendo and SoundCloud (I recommend the former, because you can actually download it as an album).

user posted image

Yes, it's 1.

(clicky to get to Jamendo)

SoundCloud link: http://soundcloud.com/edmachine/sets/1-2011/


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I hope you don't mind I updated the OP, guru.


I set us up a BandCamp, which can stream all of our recordings we have right now, including two new ones that have as of yet been too large for our myspace page. Still no tracked vocals, but we're getting a bassist soon and a dude to do keys and auxiliary percussion.



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@ Ats.: Not quite dubstep, but nevertheless it's still great! smile.gif



New song biggrin.gif



PyroManiacSingular Track
Alternative Dubstep08/02/2011


Edited by DanManUtd
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  • 2 weeks later...
Can't wait till May because then this comes out and I'm so buying it!! smile.gif

Neat. But what is it like $5000? notify.gif It doesn't look like a thing you'd need unless you're like one of those pro guys from that video..

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$3499 for 73 key. In Australia it'll probably be like 9000 so I'll buy it from the gigasonic website.


I was going to get the Roland Fantom G7 but I might aswell just wait 3 months for something using 2011 technology.


By the way, I play by ear, come up with the best stuff in my head that I can straight away produce onto a keyboard, but currently I just express my stuff on a crappy Casio. All I need is a professional machine and you'll see what I can do tounge.gif


By the way all the music I've posted in this thread is sh*tty crap I made on the most n00bish program: Fl Studio. I can make 999999x better things on a professional workstation.

Edited by macorules94
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