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The Forum Musicians' Commune


Recommended Posts

Yeah, okay.




Username Artist Name Talent(s) Genre(s) Social Profile
moonshield Grey Host Guitar/Vox Stoner/Doom/Sludge/Drone myspace

Right now we've just got a drunken improv session up there recorded last year, but we're getting some legit demo recording soon.

Edited by Moonshield
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I'm new to making music as you can probably tell, I made this in about half an hour. If anyone could give me tips on how to use FL Studio more efficiently I'd be grateful.

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  • 2 weeks later...


Afro_PainguinChris ChenaultGuitar, ProductionExperimentalhttp://www.myspace.com/chrisplaysguitar123



Not sure if I did that right, but I'd like to contribute to the topic.


I've only recently started to dabble with FL Studio, so I'm still trying to get better.


What I'm really proud of is a symphony my friend and I composed while at school. We ran East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra VST through FL Studio.


If anyone is interested, here's the direct download: Link

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CLoWnnSkuLLVen-WedeDoing everything on my ownrock and metal with progressive influenceshttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Ven-Wede/329621676535?ref=mf



I'm currently working on my second album, An Inscrutable Binary, which will be two discs; one of death metal the other of rock. You can also hear four songs from my first album, Pros + Cons, which was a concept album split into two halves (or 'acts'). Pros + Cons is much lighter in tone to the new stuff. I do play the drums, which I am using for An Inscrutable Binary, but I am using a drum machine on Pros + Cons.


I am grateful to anyone who has a listen, and would love it if you could like the Ven-Wede Facebook page; I am trying to increase my exposure.

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@Candarelli: Thanks, man! I'd check out your stuff, but MySpace doesn't like me and never plays music that's on it.

@massrcor: Thanks smile.gif!

@Afro_Painguin: That's some amazing work! I'm not a fan of music of that type, but you've done an amazing job. From a technical viewpoint, you can hear, that you use a soundfont, which sort of makes it feel less powerful. But anyway, great job!



I have no ideaMay 17th, 2010Edmachine
^^^June 2nd, 2010


I made a 3D Robot Logo in 3DS Max. What do you think of it? More importantly, what do you think of the songs? Also, if I ever make an album, 59 would be an intro track and it would continue into 60 as the second track. Sort of like in Pendulum's Hold Your Colour album with Prelude and Slam.



You be the judge... Trance-ish, I guess.June 8th, 2010



Mv8 ft. T-Brain
It might qualify as trance, I have no idea.June 8th, 2010


Edited by Edmachine
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Well, let's post my stuff here too:


Artist Data:


Flitskikker Mv8 / MvB Music Production / Creating Radio Edits for existing tracks / Little bit remixing Electro, Techno, Trance, House, Hardstyle YouTube


FlitskikkerMv8 / MvB MusicProduction / Creating Radio Edits for existing tracks / Little bit remixingElectro, Techno, Trance, House, HardstyleYouTubeTwitter



Songs Data:


Mv8 & T-Brain Singular Track (Remix)
House April 26, 2010
Mv8 ft. T-Brain Singular Track
Techno/Trance March 13, 2010
T-Brain ft. Mv8 Singular Track
War style March 13, 2010
T-Brain ft. Mv8 Singular Track
Techno February 12, 2010
Mv8 ft. T-Brain Singular Track
Techno January 27, 2010
Mv8 ft. T-Brain Singular Track
Techno December 4, 2009
Mv8 & T-BrainSingular Track (Remix)
HouseApril 26, 2010Mv8 ft. T-BrainSingular Track
Techno/TranceMarch 13, 2010T-Brain ft. Mv8Singular Track
War styleMarch 13, 2010T-Brain ft. Mv8Singular Track
TechnoFebruary 12, 2010Mv8 ft. T-BrainSingular Track
TechnoJanuary 27, 2010Mv8 ft. T-BrainSingular Track
TechnoDecember 4, 2009



My Radio Edits aren't listed, because there are too many of them to put them in a table. tounge.gif


Hope you like it, comments are welcome! smile.gif

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  • 2 weeks later...


DanManUtd DJ Tb Production, hopefully vocals Dubstep? I don't know tbh YouTube


DJ Tb Single Track
Don't Know June 19, 2010

Please tell me what you think. I have many on my PC I just need to add and polish off.



Thanks, Dan

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Techno?June 14th, 2010KavinskyNightcall (Edmachine Remix)ZombieJune 27th, 2010



I hope it's not asking too much, but could you guys please vote for my track? All you have to do is click the heart Save to Favorites. Unfortunately, you have to register to 'vote', but you can use a GuerrillaMail address, if you don't want to use your primary address. Just register, click, forget (optional).


Thanks in advance! smile.gif


Edited by Edmachine
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Voted wink.gif



I'll probably upload some stuff as soon as my shipping arrives at the end of July.

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Thanks a lot, man! smile.gif


Shipping? What, are you shipping a studio or something? Or a new PC to make music on or something?

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Thanks a lot, man! smile.gif


Shipping? What, are you shipping a studio or something? Or a new PC to make music on or something?

Haha, no. I just moved from India, back to Finland, my home country. So like, the shipping for everything that we can live without for awhile.

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Thanks for keeping this topic alive. Please refrain from posting content until you have filled out the form, this is to try and prevent random users just coming in, advertising and then f*cking off again. You know who you are.


However, don't feel like you can only post updates in the form of tables, I want this topic to be sociable too. So if you have any questions, help, opinions or suggestion feel free to converse about them here.


Once again, thanks.

Edited by gamesguru
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Here's 2 of my latest songs that you can add to the list GG. I haven't been active in here due to the fact I haven't had any new material lately.


But it takes a little while to record the guitar tracks, then sequence them... And I make all the backing tracks either from .mid(converted into better sounding tracks) or from scratch.


The 1st song is a cover of "Seek and destroy" by Metallica. full cover, with me on the guitar.

The backing instruments are all converted from .mid tracks off the net. This 1 turned out siiiick!!!11!1

it's like 6 or 7 minutes long (with solo!)


The 2nd song is a cover of "Sweet Dreams" by Marilyn Manson, but really by the Eurhymics.

It's the same case as SnD, but this is a WIP(work in progress) so there are some things I'm going to fix... The riff during the chorus, which is slightly out of time at parts... thats 1 thing I personally noticed.

But it still, for the most part, sounds Baddass So give it a listen!




Massrcor Seek and Destroy FULL Cover Metal 2010



Massrcor Sweet Dreams Cover Alternative/Metal 2010


Thanks gamesguru. cookie.gif


also, Anyone know why I can't get these tables to work? lol, and think, I ran my own website... blush.gif did all the html codes. basic, but still. lol.gif

Edited by massrcor
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Cool, looks good.

I have Reason 4 somewhere on my old computer, but I've yet to use it.


I probably won't in the future, as I'll be taking a course that uses Logic, and some newer Apple software. But I've heard Reason is very good (hence why I have it on my old PC in the first place), I just haven't ever got around to using it.


That Kong Drum Kit Designer seems extremely complex, but looks like it would be good for making new and unique sounds.

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  • 2 weeks later...

^^^ what DAW do you use GamesGuru?

I heard your raps on youtube and they're pretty good.


I would just suggest using some more vocal effects, maybe a vocoder at times or some stuttering and panning effects too. a touch of Chorus always helps too. But that's just my 2 cents.


but other than that, nice. biggrin.gif

Edited by massrcor
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  • 5 weeks later...

Good call, guys.


In an on-topic update, we've been recording our practice sessions now that we have a few solid tracks down as an ensemble. We just need a bassist/I need to record bass tracks and vocals, and we should have a decent demo ep ready.

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@massrcor: I don't have any software at home, however I'm going to a College where they use Pro Logic and a newer Apple software. I went to a studio and just did the verses, the producer there used Pro Logic I believe. The songs aren't mastered though, plus I still need to get better in regards to flow when reading my written lyrics. Freestyling I'm fine with. Thanks for the feedback as well, I appreciate it icon14.gif .

@Moonshield: Thanks for the pin smile.gif . Looking forward to your group's demo EP.

@Posters: Thanks for keeping this topic alive and using it. I will try to put some long overdue updates in later today (the starting up guide, and some more sources).

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Pin = Good Call, Moon.


I may get back to work on some musical things I've been working on once things slow down on the OGAsm.

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Reaver, that was brilliant. What program did you use to produce that?

Ahh thanks a ton! Please subscribe. I used FL Studio, and the plugins I used to create the wobbles was Massive, you have to download them separately. I downloaded a few sound packs as well including kicks etc.

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