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"Physics bullets v2.0" mod problem


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This is the mod:



It adds tracers and creates real FPS rates and bullet physics on all guns. The only bug I found was that it causes the sniper rifle to deal several times the damage it normally should on cars. Even though I have the sniper "damage" setting in weapon.dat set to 120, where I believe 6 or 7 shots are needed to explode a car, the sniper rifle with this mod will explode cars in 1-2 hits most of the time. This only happens with the sniper rifle, not any other weapon (all others deal the same amount of damage they should accoring to weapon.dat).


The mod has three editable files: bullet.asi, bullet_surface.dat, and bullet_weapon.dat.


bullet_weapon.dat controls the physics for individual weapons (not the source of the problem because I made the sniper's bullet physics almost the same as the M4) and bullet.asi mostly concerns the overall physics and effect settings, but bullet_surface seems to control impact settings. I can hardly make sense of any of it since there's no form of description available, but one of the settings is "CAR". I've tried substituting different numbers for CAR, but it doesn't seem to have any effect.


This is the bullet_surface.dat provided with the mod:



; Type	RecoLim	RecoMul	RecoAdd	Scatter	HardnessNONE	0.25	0.5	0.0	0.3	750.0SPARKS	0.25	0.5	0.0	0.3	750.0SAND	0.15	0.25	0.75	0.6	200.0WOOD	0.0	0.25	0.75	0.0	300.0DUST	0.1	0.25	0.75	0.7	250.0CAR	0.15	0.25	0.75	0.4	-1.0PED	0.0	0.25	0.75	0.0	250.0



And these are the settings for my bullet.asi, which are similar to the defaults:



[bULLET]MaxBullet=4096; Max number of bullet structure.MaxWeapon=38; Max ID of weapon in bullet_weapon.dat[PHYSICS]RangeMult=10.0; Weapon range multiplierGravity=1; Enable gravity effectGravityMult=1.5; Gravity effect multiplierAirResist=0; Enable air resistance effectRicochet=1; Enable recochet effectPierce=0; Enable pierce effectMaxLoop=4; Max count of loop for one bullet in one frameMinSpeed=0.004; Bullet will be destroyed if speed is less than this valueColBias=0.01; Distance from surface of recocheted, pierced bulletSolidBias=0.1; Distance for piercing solidSolidLoop=50; Max loop count for piercing solid[GRAPHICS]TracerType=1; 0 = Legacy Tracer, 1 = PS2.0 Tracer, 2 = PS2.0 Tracer with warp; This value MUST BE 0 for LEGACY f*ckED VIDEOCARDS!!!AfterEffect=1; Tracers will remain after hitTracerBloom=0.00165RefractSize=0.100AmRefractLen=2.0TrRefractLen=1.5AmTailBias=-0.5TrTailBias=-10.0



For everyone that's familiar with this mod, what settings need to be changed to fix the problem if it's possible to do so?

Edited by Triangulum
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I really have no idea if this would work, but try disabling Pierce in Bullet.ini? I think if the mod makes bullet once hit the car, it's kind of "piercing" the car while damaging it.

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I tried that, but I didn't notice any change. I also tried disabling ricochet (I thought maybe it was ricocheting into the gas tank?), but that had no effect either.

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