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DYOM V7 - Beta release


Recommended Posts

DYOM V7 - Beta release



For months we have been working on a new version of DYOM, as you all know because of our recent reports in the DYOM forums. We created a lot of new functions and other improvements as well as bug fixes. Much of the code has been optimized to create more space to implement the new stuff. That's why we decided to release a beta. This will allow you all to test out all the new functions, as well as make sure that all the old stuff still works.This way, we will be able to release a "final" v7 without too many annoying bugs.




The installation is the same as you are used to, except now a MPACK6 directory is created (instead of MPACK5). You will be able to choose which version you want to use when you select "New Game", so you can both create missions (in version 6) and test the new version.



Please report your bugs in the Bugs Beta V7.0 topic. Here in this topic, we would like more general comments on the new version (to keep it clean in both topics).



There are quite a few important remarks:

  • This beta is not for general use. This version is just for testing and debugging.
  • Missions created with the beta version will NOT work in the final version.

So, you can design missions and -of course- save them, but you can't release it. What now? We would like you to make a video of your mission! In the trailer for DYOM v7.0, we want to mix some missions made by designers, so people can see 1) how creative you can be with DYOM, 2) this is a really nice community and 3) the (new) features of DYOM. So if you guys upload your video, we would be very thankful. And of course we will give you full credit in the trailer if a fragment of your mission is used!


DYOM V7 ReleaseNotes


New Features

  • Moving cutscenes

    For cutscene objective, you can now choose between four options:

    Static: Identical to the old (v6) cutscenes

    linear: Camera moves with constant speed from the previous position to the selected position.

    smooth: Camera moves with acceleration and deceleration from the previous position to the selected position.

    Follow actor: After you position the camera, you will be able to select one of the available actors ( with Y and N), that the camera will follow during the cutscene

  • Sound Support

    This version support custom sounds during your mission, by means of mp3 files.

    Each mission is assigned a random "audiocode" when created (or saved for the first time with V7)

    This code determines the directory where the mp3 files for the mission must be placed.

    The audiocode can be viewed in the missions menu.

    mp3 files must be stored in my documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\SD\XXXXX\

    where "XXXXX" is replaced by a random 5 character code.

    Two types of mp3-files can be placed here:

    am.mp3 : file with ambient-sound, that is looped during your entire mission

    01.mp3, 02.mp3, 03.mp3, nn.mp3: sounds that will be player once at the start of each objective.

    If a objective doesn't need a sound, you can just skipt the mp3 file for that mission.


    The directoryname: SD\XXXXX is in uppercase.

    The filenames: am.mp3, 01.mp3, .. are in lowercase

  • Teleport to car as passenger with option to enable drive-by

    For Teleport to car the menu is extended with 'seat selection' and driveby. This allows you to put the player in a passenger seat, and assign another actor as driver.

    If you switch-on drive-by, the player can shoot from the window.

  • Moving object on approach

    When placing an object, a menu is shown, in which you can select "move on approach". You are than enabled to select another position for the same object. The object will normally at the first position, but is the player approaches the object, it will move to the second position. You can configure the distance at which the player triggers the movement as well as the time it takes the object to move between the two positions. This can for example be used for gates.

  • Moving objects along path

    In the new menu when placing an object there is another entry to let an object move along a path. You can choose between three speeds, and you can define a number of positions/orientations for the route. This works similar to defining a walking route for an actor. You can choose between a single movement or a repeated loop over the route.

  • Ammo configurable

    For player, teleport, actors, objective actors and weapon pickups.

  • Healthbar option for 1 actor

    The actor menu has the option to display a healthbar for that actor. Note that only one healthbar can be display at a time. If you have multiple actors with healthbars, only one of them will be shown.

  • "must survive" option available for all actors

    This is now a regular option in the actor menu, and can be used for any actor, not just for friends.

  • A second enemy gang

    There are now two enemy gangs for actors and objective actors, which will not only fight the player and friends, but also eachother. Note that "kill all enemies" has been changed to "kill whole gang", thus refers to all actors of the same gang as the objective actor.

  • Pickup all similar pickups (optional with counter), for Pickup objective

    Similar to "kill all enemies/kill whole gang" this option for an objective pickup, makes you have to pickup all available pickups of the same kind as the objective pickup itself.

  • "Sprint" route animation

    Walking a route with a speed above "running"

  • "crouch" route animation

    Walking a route in a "crouched" walk.

  • "Multiple locations" animation. Chooses randomly from set list of possible locations

    An "animation" for an actor. You can select several positions for this actor, and when playing, one of those positions is choosen at random, and the actor is positioned there. The orientation of the actor will be such, that it faces the original location, where the actor was defined.

  • "Random" option for actors

    When choosing actor-models, you can now choose "random". In game, a random skin will be choosen.

  • "Random" option for weapons

    When choosing weapons, you can now choose "random". In game, a random weapon will be choosen.

  • New objects

    stairs, houses, walls, bridges, loopings, trees, furniture, roadblocks

  • New Animations

    swat-moves, stances, etc

  • Camera movable during object placement

    To make it easier to position objects, during object placement you now have the option to move the camera. BY holding the capslock lock, you can use the cursor keys to reposition the camera.

Minor Improvements
  • Shift-6 gives ":" instead of "="
  • display model-id during actor, object and car model selection
  • Better camera placement during carselection
  • Display during routepoint now indicates and checks maximum of 64 points per route (existing limit)
  • Turn of CJ's voice when not in CJ's skin
  • Space during cutscene skips "all in a row"
  • Route edit improved (faster, more stable)
Bug Fixes
  • Several stability issues solved
  • Health regeneration fixed
  • Phone model shown during "talk on phone"
  • Display bug during editing pickups fixed
  • Error in timelimit handling fixed
  • Fix handling of secondary color during "edit vehicle"
  • Fix messages referring to 'ENTER' key for cancel
We really hope you like this version and would like to hear any comments and bugs. smile.gif


Dutchy3010 & PatrickW

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Amazing.. just... amazing... thanks... thanks for everything.


I'll try to make an example mission so I can report bugs I encounter.

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That is a lot of stuff! Going to Download now!


Thanks alot Dutchy and Patrick cool.gif

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This is awesome. Gonna try first ! cool.gif Thanks a lot !

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I will test it as soon as I can! I am really surprised how fast you released the beta, I am also surprised how many more things you have added besides the things you said will be added!


Good job! icon14.gif

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just looked at the new features... HOLY MOLY lol

great new features!!

im looking forward to the "Teleport to car as passenger with option to enable drive-by", "A second enemy gang" and the "crouch" route animation biggrin.gif

thanks a lot for this Dutchy and Patrick !!!

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I've tested and played the mission I've made and happily, no bugs or crashes occured.

I'm just overwhelmed by the fact that not just the moving cutscene is added, but many things, such as sounds,new animations, new objects, drive-by's, new gang type, ammo amount. And now, I'm really really really wanna say this. THANK THANK THANK THANK THANK YOU DUTCHY AND PATRICK, YOU GUYS ARE REALLY THE BEST!!


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I f*cken LOVE YOU BOTH biggrin.gif THANKS FOR THE BETA xD is the DYOM one is V6? cause it has two selections one is dyom and one is V7 beta confused.gif

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Can we combine a moving camera with other moving camera? So, we can create a moving camera to move in a round/circle.

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Please remember: missions you create now, are not going to work in the final v7 version!! Don't upload them to the DYOM website smile.gif


Of course, you can place your mission in this topic, with a download link to an external download website. So other people can try your mission. But don't upload it to the website!

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I CANT BELIEVE THIS!! FInally my dream came true! CUSTOM SOUNDS!

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Finally, i checked the new features and they were awesome! Can't think of all the possibilities i can do with this DYOM. In my opinion, this better than mission coding. Expect a mission from me soon!

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nn.mp3 is a place-holder for the files you can use to add sound to a particular objective: 00.mp3, 01.mp3, 02.mp3, 04.mp3, etc

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A smooth (and linear) cutscene lets you define one camera position. In game, the camera will move to that position from its previous position.

Just experiment with it a little, and it will become clear.

Most of the time it's wise to start of with a 0 seconds static cutscene, to give the camera a defined startpoint.

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Shift-6 gives ":" instead of "="

I will use this from now on instead of (Name)

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Just something I've done now:


Just some beta experimenting I've done with the new wip version of dyom.

I was just goofin' around when I suddenly noticed it was not that bad, and decided to upload it.

Point is, there are so many options from which you can choose, so many

creative designs you can do with this version,

and that's an idea for ya guys.


DUTCHY & PATRICK, my gods.

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