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Who am I?


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  • 2 weeks later...

You're going to make us say it, aren't you?


Fine. A coin toss makes it Roman. 

Edited by Lance Mayhem
Needed comma, comma, down, dooby-doo.
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  • 3 weeks later...

I think @Giantsgiants should post clues on another character. 


Both because he stumped us on the last one, and because of the outside-of-the-box answer he provided above. 





EDIT: Well, crap. How are you folks doing that thing where you mention another poster here and it notifies them?


Let's just assume (hope) he's following this thread. 

Edited by Lance Mayhem
Insert lame pun about editing here
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@Lance Mayhem You do write @ the poster's name like that but you have to make sure that when you write it a link to the poster pops up underneath (sometimes you have to wait a moment or try again) and you click it which causes the name to look bold/highlighted and become a link. @Giantsgiants look at the post above lol




Edited by billiejoearmstrong8
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  • 2 weeks later...

Okay then, I guess I'll take it. 



1: Broker 

Edited by Lance Mayhem
Oh, spelling counts?
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If only wishing could make it so...


But, no. 



1. Broker


2. Works in the hospitality industry



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12 hours ago, Utopianthumbs said:

Wild guess but John? (The doctor who is flirting with the nurse in the mission Flatline?) 



Wow, that's an impressive knowledge base you're working with. 



But, no. 




Also, a shortcoming on my part: Hospitality Industry may be a North American term. It doesn't necessarily mean hospitals, but working where customers are considered Guests, such as businesses that provide shelter, food, entertainment, or care, (so hospitals may fit in there). 



And, since it's been close to 24 hours, another clue. 



1. Broker 


2. Works in the hospitality industry 


3. Female

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Not Bluesy. 




1. Broker 

2. Works in the hospitality industry 

3. Female 

4. Wears a necktie 


5. Name is not known 




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You are correct! 


And I am relieved, as I was starting to have a hard time coming up with clues. 


You win momentary* respect from some anonymous person on the Internet! 








*Okay, a momentary spike in the respect level that had already been steadily climbing. 

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2 hours ago, Utopianthumbs said:

Frankie Garone

Got it! 1 he's in the mafia (Ancelottis) and 2 he tries to escape from Niko on a fast bike.

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8
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